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Hello, my friends!

I first published the following post in October 2011, but it continues to be the most popular post I’ve written with 3,940 views since then. Why? Because the often sudden and inexplicable appearance of marbles is apparently something Spirit is pretty good at manifesting for us Earthlings. I regularly receive emails asking if there’s a connection between marbles and Spirit, and if so, what does it mean? What is Spirit trying to communicate? To be honest, I don’t think there’s a single answer, but the phenomenon, when it happens to you is nothing short of miraculous.

I never associated marbles with Spirit until my brother Merle (in Spirit since 1971) brought me a “bowl of marbles.” You can read the amazing the story below. I wonder though, if each person’s experience with Spirit-delivered marbles isn’t unique, and is simply our Loved Ones in Spirit saying, “Hey, I’m here. I love you and I’m still with you.” It’s a nice thought, isn’t it?

If you have a Spirit-marbles story to share, please do so in the comments section below. If enough people share their stories of how, when and where they got their marbles, and what each person believes is the meaning…we might just find a thread of connection and understanding!

MESSAGES FROM MERLE (first posted in 2011)

I have so many fascinating examples of the ways in which Spirit communicates with us by manipulating physical objects, and today I’m going to share one of my all-time favorite experiences.

My brother in Spirit, Merle

My brother in Spirit, Merle Buck

A Message during Spirit Circle

On a December night in 2008, I was holding a Spirit Circle at my home, and received a message from Merle, my brother in Spirit, which proved to be quite significant—in physical terms! The Medium bringing the message was Phyllis Brown, a gifted medium who was familiar with my brother’s energy having “brought him through” before. After the evidential validation and I had acknowledged that she did indeed have contact with Merle, she proceeded.

“He’s showing me a bowl of marbles, and says you have them,” she said.

“Well, I don’t have any physical bowl of marbles, but we did play marbles often as children,” I offered.

At this, Phyllis shook her head. “It feels very physical, and I want to hand it to you—this bowl of marbles. Anyway, he’s adding that ‘You’re finally getting your marbles together…’” At this, everyone around the table snickered. I rolled my eyes—it was so Merle to phrase it that way.

“Well, that’s good to know!” I laughed.

“He’s saying that the marbles represent gathering insight, and making progress toward your goals, ” Phyllis went on. “He says, ‘It’s time to put the marbles to use for yourself.’”

“Ok,” I answered. I understood what he was getting at. “I will. Thank you, Merle.”

“Good, he’s satisfied that you understand. He’s finished and is stepping back. I leave you with his love and blessings,” she said, in the usual way of closing a message.

Interpreting the Message

After circle, I read back over my notes and reflected on the message. I knew that Merle was referring to my recent insights into my own personal physical healing. I was in the process of making a radical shift in my diet (to mostly alkaline foods) in hopes of healing an inflammatory condition I had developed a year prior and was having trouble getting under control. I had just read two very enlightening books: The Cure and The PH Miracle, and believed—now more than ever—that they held the prescription for good health. I was happy about Merle’s apparent validation of my direction, and thanked him again.

As it turns out, however… that wasn’t the end of Merle’s validation.

The (Amazing) Physical Validation

About a week after Phyllis brought me the message, I went down to the basement of my 110-year old Victorian home to do laundry.

The first marble

The first marble

There, in the middle of the laundry room carpet was a blue and white marble. I picked it up and studied it. It was definitely an antique marble. Where had it come from? I looked around but didn’t see any more. I stuck it in my pants pocket as I recalled the message from Merle and interpreted this as an exclamation point to his message. Although Merle had talked about a “bowl of marbles,” one was good enough for me.

The following week, again while doing laundry, I looked down and there in the middle of the carpet, in the very same spot, was a blue and white marble! I picked it up and examined it. It looked just like the one from the prior week. I recalled that last week I’d pocketed the marble but couldn’t recall what, if anything, I’d done with it. I had just thrown some jeans in the washer, so my logical mind told me that last week’s marble had probably just fallen out of my jeans moments before. So once again, I put the blue and white marble in my pocket, and continued with my day. A few hours later, while cleaning my bedroom, I spotted a blue and white marble on my dresser. ‘Wait…when did I put that there?’ I thought to myself.  I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out the marble I’d found that morning. “Oh my gosh!” I said aloud to an empty room. “They’re not the same one. I now have two blue and white marbles!” I suddenly had goosebumps up and down my arms; I knew Merle was close and enjoying my reaction. Thank you, Merle…I hear ya, but how do you do that? I was so excited by my find. I called my friends and sisters to tell them about the marbles from Merle, and the message that preceded it.

But that still wasn’t the end of it.

A week or so later, I noticed some ceiling plaster had fallen in a dark corner of my basement, so I turned on some lights

They just kept appearing!

One by one…they just kept appearing

and got the shop-vac going. I had just begun, when I spotted something round and whitish shining through the pile of plaster dust. I picked it up and I dusted it off – well, what do you know! A beautiful white and clear swirled marble! Then, the very next day, again in the basement, my heel spun on something hard when I went to get paint, and it went spinning across the floor–this time a black marble with white swirls. Ha! Merle, you’re certainly having fun with this. I had a distinct feeling he wasn’t going to stop until I had a “bowl of marbles.” Sure enough, later that week, a large jade-colored marble appeared near a pile of floor tiles in my basement workshop room.

I flew to Minnesota for Christmas soon after that, and brought the five marbles with me to show family. It felt like a collective Christmas present from Merle, and we all felt blessed by this amazing display of Spirit communication.

When I returned to Massachusetts, I found that Merle had continued to be quite busy in my basement.



I had just boxed up my Christmas decorations, and was storing them back in the basement. When I turned around, I saw something that made me gasp. There on the countertop in the middle of the basement’s main room were five colorful marbles – one bright yellow and the rest shades of green. Now, one of the rules of

Spiritualist-style mediumship is to check all possible explanations before resorting to the mystical; we need our evidence to be irrefutable! I knew that one of my tenants, Chris, had been re-organizing his stored boxes earlier in the week in that very room, so I thought that perhaps he had found them and placed them on the counter. When I asked Chris and his apartment-mate where the marbles had been found, neither had ever seen them before. And no other human, besides the three of us, had been in my basement in months.

Let me note here that in alternative healing circles, green is considered a healing color. Also, our body is often represented by a house in mediumistic and dream symbology, and the “basement of our house” typically represents the lower chakras, or energy centers. It just so happens, that it was in the area of my second chakra that the most healing was needed. You see, Spirit never wastes an opportunity for symbolic connections, because these analogies stay with us longer.

So, in the end, five different rooms in my basement offered up one or more marbles. What’s more, I now have a bowl of marbles—ten in all—all shapes, all sizes, all gifts from my brother, Merle, in Spirit. In the photo below, you’ll see how each marble is unique and beautiful!

A “Bowl of Marbles” from my brother Merle

Parting Thoughts

It’s always fascinating to me when the message from Spirit is prophetic and when the validation is physical. Beyond the primary message, which in this case was for me to stay the course on my healing path, it tells us two things: that spirit can see into our futures—at least the most energetically probable path, and that they can manipulate the physical. Where Merle got the marbles from, I’ll never know. They look antique, like they would have belonged to the children who lived in my house a century ago, and maybe they did, but where were they? I have cleaned my basement end to end many times over the ten years I’ve lived here, and never, ever found a marble; nor have I since, I should add.  If I hadn’t gotten Merle’s message through Phyllis, I wouldn’t have understood what the marbles were all about–a physical reminder that our Loved Ones are there for us. I  would have simply filed it under “mysterious and inexplicable things that happen to me.” But because a medium  was able to deliver Merle’s message in words prior to the extraordinary appearance of the marbles, the mysterious became the mystical. Every day, when I walk through my dining room and I see my “bowl of marbles,” I think of Merle’s active participation and loving guidance in my life, and I am profoundly grateful for it.  And I am reminded to take good care of my body, i.e. to stick to my alkaline diet!

Response from Phyllis

When I shared the validation with Phyllis via email, she wrote back, “I always like feedback and I thank you for taking the time and effort to do so. Spirit lets you know that they are always with you in one way or another.  So, whatever we receive [as Mediums], no matter how simple it sounds, we give it out. It may not mean anything to us, but might make all the difference to the one receiving the message. And I’m glad to hear that you’ve got all your marbles!  Keep them in a bowl to remind you of Spirit. Renee, I remember that Spirit worked in the same manner before with you. It was with dimes, when you were in Boston with your nephew.” Yes…and that story can be found here.

Share your Story: Have you ever experienced the manifestation or teleportation* of physical objects by Spirit? If so, please share your experience using the comment box below. What did it mean to you? Who do you think was behind it, and what was the message?

With Love and Light ~ Renee Buck

*the transfer of matter from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them

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Happy New Year, my friends! To start the year, I have a very special story to share with you – one of deep love, inspiration, and enlightenment that I’m certain you’ll enjoy.

Sally’s Story


My dear friend, Sally.

In early November, my college friend Sally kept popping into my head. We hadn’t checked in with each other for a while, so I wrote a quick “How are you?” email. To my surprise,  Sally responded with an extraordinary story of Spirit communication! And the wonderful news is that she has generously agreed to let me share it with you.

Sally has had one of those years. You know what I mean: when the Universe throws everything at you all at once. Sink or swim in the deep end of life. But just as the Universe takes away, it inevitably gives back in unexpected ways, often accompanied by the realization that all is as it’s meant to be.

Here is Sally’s incredible story that lies at the intersection of love and faith.

The Pact

Last winter, Sally moved in with her elderly mother, Donna. At 81, Donna was becoming increasingly frail and needed some loving assistance. The blessing in this arrangement was that for the first time in decades, Sally


Sally’s mother, Donna

and her mother were able to spend leisurely evenings and weekends together, exploring all manner of topics in a way they had never done before. One evening, the conversation moved to the topic of “what happens after we die.”

Mother and daughter decided to make a pact: whoever died first would try to communicate across the veil to the other. Sally and Donna didn’t go so far as to set up a code word or even a specific means of communication; they just decided they would try, because they believed it was possible.

Donna passes into Spirit

In March, Donna took a fall that put her in the hospital. It was a fall from which she would not recover, and Sally’s mother passed unexpectedly, yet peacefully into Spirit. Donna had  often said over recent years that she was happy to go on to the realm of Spirit, that she was ready. For Sally and her siblings however, it wasn’t so easy.  The experience of losing one’s mother can leave one feeling like a ship without anchor on wind-tossed seas, but one miraculous event in the midst of Sally’s grief gave her strength she didn’t know she had.

Breaking through the Veil

It was 10 days after Donna’s passing, and two weeks before a larger memorial service was to be held. Sally got into bed that night, leaving her laptop within reach. Normally, the laptop spent the night on the dresser, but this was no normal night.

In the wee hours of the morning, Sally was woken by her mother’s voice, “Wake up, Sally! Wake up! Sally, wake up!” The voice got louder and stock-footage-hands-typing-on-a-laptop-keyboardlouder until it pulled Sally out of a deep slumber. At the urging of her mother, Sally felt compelled to turn on her laptop.  She opened a blank document and just started typing and then her mother took over. The words flowed rapidly through Sally’s fingers and onto the page. The awaited contact!

Now, if this were to happen to me, a trained medium, you might think it wasn’t anything particularly out of the ordinary. But Sally is no “traditional” medium. In fact, despite being a good friend of mine for over 30 years, Sally wasn’t yet to the point of feeling comfortable sitting for a reading with me. I just waited for the day she might be. And never did I imagine, and certainly nor did she, that Sally would be her own medium!

Below is the dialogue that ensued between Sally and her mother, Donna (in Spirit) on Sally’s computer. Ellipses (…) represent comments personal to Sally that I removed.

April 2, 2015 – 3:18am 

Sally: OK, here’s some weird stuff. I feel like Mom is channeling through this computer to me. I feel like she is keeping me from falling asleep. She is trying to tell me…

Mom: I love you all so much. I know you did your best for me. I tried to do my best for every one of you, but I had to go. Take care of Tom (Sally’s brother). … You and I said that we would try to contact each other once I was dead, so this is what I’m trying to do. I am happy. My soul is happy, but I’m trying to do what I can for all of you. Just take care of Tom. You will know how to do it when you have a question, because I will speak to your soul. I love you all.

Sally: What else can I do mom? What should I do?

Mom: Know that I am watching you, all of you. Don’t fight. Keep everyone together. Know that I am here. I love all the grandkids, every one of them the same. Help them all, trust your instincts.

Sally: Mom, help me give you the best eulogy I can.

Mom: I will and you can do it well. You can be a writer if you really want to be. I am with you. I will help you.

Sally: What was it like to die?

Mom It was weird. I went on a journey through a tunnel. I am on The Other Side but I can try to communicate with you once in a while, if you are hearing me. And you are hearing me, Sally. Sally, you wanted me to try and communicate with you, so I am.

I am excited to go to the next step. It is so great not to hurt anymore. I hurt more than I told any of you I did. 

I am not your mother anymore. It is wonderful here. It is wonderful where I am going. I’m still not all there yet.

Sally: Can I go to sleep now? What else do you want to say?

Mom: Just that you should do your best by everyone. Don’t forget. Now go to sleep.

Did you just say, “Wow”? Because that’s what I said when I read it. It’s a fabulously clear communication filled with love — and it provides us a rare insight into what happens to a Loved One after so-called death.

There are many lines of communication from Donna that support, in surprisingly candid terms, much of my own work as a medium and Life-Between-Lives hypnotherapist, reaffirming the work of Dr. Michael Newton, as shared in my favorite metaphysical book, Destiny of Souls.

So, let’s break this conversation down a little bit, and see what Donna is really saying.

On Spirit Communications

“You and I said that we would try to contact each other once I was dead, so this is what I’m trying to do.”

“You will know how to do it when you have a question, because I will speak to your soul.”

“I am on The Other Side but I can try to communicate with you once in a while, if you are hearing me. And you are hearing me, Sally.”

Contrary to the premise of the once popular TV show, Ghost Whisperer, where Spirits finally cross over to The Other Side never to be heard from again, this message from Donna makes clear that our Loved Ones in Spirit are as near as we need them to be, for as long as we need them to be. In truth, our Loved Ones speak to us often in response to our needs or prayers. All we have to do is to find the quiet within and listen when they speak to our souls.

Did you notice the time? 3:18am. Spirit is most active between 2am and 4am,when the ambient noise and Earth energy is at a low, so it’s not surprising that Donna chose this time to communicate. Meditating in quiet and calm nature settings may also bring you the same ease of communication.

On Spirit Presence

Know that I am watching you, all of you…Know that I am here.”

When we call on our Loved Ones, when we grieve them or just think of them, they are immediately at our sides with love and support for all we do.  Have you ever experienced the sudden shift in emotion when you think of a Loved One? One moment you’re fine, and the next you’re crying, and you say to yourself, “Where did that come from?” It’s the energy of pure love that those in Spirit share with you when they are close – it opens and softens our hearts, and tears often follow.

Now, there is what mediums refer to as a “black-out” period, which extends somewhere between 2 weeks after one’s passing to as long as 6 months, when the Spirit is less communicative. Why? Because they are busy reintegrating their current life soul-energy into the whole of their soul, and moving through life review and reflection with their Spirit Guides and counselors. Don’t be dismayed; he or she will be back and around as soon as their own energy is whole and healed again. When they come back, however, they will be communicating with you from the a much higher perspective, and undoubtedly with greater knowledge of your soul’s goals in this lifetime. The personality may persist, but the level of spiritual awareness and light energy is significantly heightened.

On Spirit Support

“You can be a writer if you really want to be. I am with you. I will help you.”

All we need to do is ask for our Loved Ones to help us, and to be very specific with our requests. They happily volunteer their time and work in tandem with our band of Spirit Guides for our benefit. All those synchronicities that happen to you…give thanks and gratitude to your Loved Ones and Spirit Guides for lighting your way!

On the Process of Passing into Spirit

“It was weird. I went on a journey through a tunnel. I am on The Other Side… I am excited to go to the next step. It is so great not to hurt anymore.

Donna, as all souls, went through the tunnel of light to The Other Side. The next step she refers to is the reintegration of her current life energy and personality with her Oversoul or Higher Self, the greater part of her energy body that always resides in the realm of Spirit.


Donna holds Sally in this 1962 family photo. Sister Sue and their father hold baby Tom.


She comments on the physical pain being gone, now that she’s out of the body, which served as the vehicle for her Spirit while on Earth. Donna chose the family she would be born into, her husband, her children – all prior to this life. They would provide her the opportunities she sought for spiritual growth.

On Soul Re-integration

“I am not your mother anymore. It is wonderful here. It is wonderful where I am going. I’m still not all there yet.”

I was especially excited to see this concept shared by Donna. It’s another reference to Donna reintegrating with her Oversoul – the larger and complete soul that recalls all lifetimes lived, including time lived on The Other Side. Since it had been several weeks since Donna passed, she was already mid-process and therefore cognizant of this fact as she speaks to Sally. Donna clarifies that she “is still not all there yet” meaning, the re-integration is not yet complete, but she shares with Sally that it’s a wonderful process and place to be.



Donna would be known on The Other Side by her soul name. That said, the love she feels for Sally and her other children in this lifetime does not reduce, but rather grows as she goes through her transition. Mostly likely, Donna and Sally lived many lifetimes together, and have loved each other through their various roles, relationships and experiences. We don’t choose our family members lightly prior to birth;  there’s history and deep abiding love developed for other souls through millenia. We enter into Sacred Contracts with these souls to play various roles in our Earthly lives, roles that help each member learn and grow spiritually. Donna is now again privy to all this hidden knowledge.

Donna’s State of Being

Just look at the various adjectives Donna uses to describe her current experience of transition: happy, excited, wonderful, great.

Joyful, indeed! 

Sally’s State of Being

I asked Sally if she remembered typing the document. She replied, “I remember opening a blank Word doc, then started typing. I only remember writing the first entry, then I was suddenly SO tired. I do recall typing, ‘Can I go to sleep now?’ Then I closed the computer and fell into a really deep sleep. Not until I opened my computer the next day, did I remember I’d had this experience. Usually I have my computer on the dresser, but that night I had it on the floor before I went to bed.”

Best guess? Donna had a hand in guiding Sally’s decisions before bed and keeping the computer nearby — all so that Sally would stay in a semi-conscious state while typing. The simple action of Sally getting out of bed to get her computer from the dresser could have brought her too close to full conscious awakening and thereby less effective as a Spirit channel.

“It was the only thing that kept me going.”

In the initial email from Sally, she spoke of the role her mother’s communication played in her own healing process:

I would read the message over and over. It was the only thing that kept me going. I don’t even know why it kept me going, but it did.

Sally keeps a copy of the channeled dialog with her mother on her phone and pulls it up whenever she needs a little  extra dose of the strength and inner peace it brings. Works every time.

There haven’t been any more late-night chats with Donna, but I won’t be too surprised to hear from Sally that Donna has come through again. When I was home for a family Christmas last month, Sally and I finally sat for a reading. In the reading, Donna came through and offered some suggestions on various means of more conscious communication. I’ll let Sally share any updates in the comments section below.


Sally and Donna

Granddog Rainy knew…

On the last day that Rainy, the granddog, would see Donna, he refused to leave Donna’s side. And much to the amusement of all, he insisted on sitting very close to her on the sofa, protecting her. Did he know Donna was headed for a fall? Perhaps. Our animals have a second sight that goes beyond the average human, and Rainy is clearly no exception.


In closing

Despite the “sink or swim” string of events of early 2015 (of which Donna’s passing was just one), I am happy to report that Sally has swum to shore and has found firm footing once again.

Sally, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story with me and my friends around the globe. It is filled with love and hope and strength for us all. And it reminds us that there is no death, only a transition to a “wonderful” place, where our lives continue with great purpose.

Love and light to you all, my friends~







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Hello my friends,

Last week I told you a story about my sister Laura, in Spirit, “swinging by” to say hello on the porch glider. If you missed the post, you can still catch up here.

This week, I’m going to share another story about what happened the following Sunday.  I know, right? Sunday, again. I’ve never noticed Sunday to be more active than any other day for Spirit activity. Perhaps I should pay more attention.

The mysterious name badge

The mysterious name badge

So, to be specific, this story takes place on Sunday, March 23rd. My sister Connie was gone for the weekend, and I was enjoying a leisurely day with Jack, my cat. I had just finished yoga in the sun drenched living room and was in a very smoothed-out mental space. I walked into the kitchen to get my water bottle, and there on the tile floor, just in front of the dishwasher was an embroidered name badge with the name J. Buck on it. Hmm…I have a brother named Jim Buck, but why would his name badge suddenly appear on the floor of Connie’s kitchen? Odd. I had been in the kitchen several times already that morning and it definitely had not been present earlier.

Now having been trained as a Spiritualist medium, I am obliged to take a scientific approach to possible Spirit activity, and do what I can to rule out all more conservative explanations before concluding that it was Spirit.  Spiritualists are all about proof and evidence of Spirit communication, if you didn’t know. So let me lay out the facts as I know them or learned them on that day, and you can draw your conclusions along with me. Fair enough?

  • First, I texted the photo above to my brother Jim to ask if he recognized this badge. I should note that Jim has never been to this house, but that doesn’t mean something of his couldn’t end up in at a sibling’s home, right? I also couldn’t recall a job that Jim might have had, or any club to which he may have belonged, for which he’d have worn such a badge. Regardless, I had to check. Jim responded to my text with, “It doesn’t look familiar.”  So, not Jim’s.
  • Next, I texted Connie the same photo to see if she had a clue. “No, have no idea. That is really strange,” she responded. Ok. So, also not Connie’s.
  • There was certainly the possibility that Jack—my ever-curious cat who leaves no nook and cranny unexplored—found it


    somewhere and deposited it where I discovered it. He’s always got his paws in something he shouldn’t, but if neither Connie nor Jim recognized it, where would Jack have found it? I should perhaps add that Jack is not particularly gentle with objects he finds, and this was one squeaky clean J.Buck name badge. Jack? I don’t think so…

So, if not Jim, Connie, or Jack…did I put it there unknowingly? I thought back over the hours that preceded the appearance of the name badge. I had gone shopping the day before and just that morning had swept the last empty grocery bags from the counter. Could the name badge have belonged to a grocery store worker and fallen into one of my bags? Yes, that’s possible. So, I dug out the bags I’d just tucked into the “bag of bags” (we all have them, right?). From the logo on the bags, which have no outlet stores in the area, I realized that these bags had come from Ron’s Warehouse, otherwise known around here as simply “Ron’s.” Now, Ron’s is a super fun store to poke around in because they buy large lots of unsold goods, and have something in every category of products at great prices. For my friends back East, think Building 19. Ron’s also accumulates and uses plastic bags from every possible retailer you can imagine. So that means that if the name badge came in a bag that came from Ron’s, it could feasibly have come from almost anywhere. Impossible to track. And I’m pretty sure the good folks at Ron’s don’t wear name badges.

And then, there’s that crazy coincidence of the name itself. I mean, what are the odds that someone from a store (who knows where) lost their brand new name badge with the same surname as mine, and the initial of my brother? P-r-e-t-t-y slim, that’s what they are.

So, that was as far as I could go with the information available to me. I suspected Spirit, but didn’t know yet who it was or why they would have brought this badge to me….until I smelled smoke, that is.

The clue

The clue

About 30 minutes after the appearance of the name badge, I was dissembling the coffee maker on the center island in the kitchen. I was standing literally inches from where I’d found the name badge. Just as I headed over to the sink with the coffee pot, I got a whiff of cigarette smoke. I knew there were no smokers around, but I guess it’s instinct to look about. Jack and I were alone and we don’t smoke. No smoker had probably ever been in the house in years, if ever. Did I imagine it, I wondered? Maybe. So, I went ahead and washed the coffee pot, shook it out and turned back around to put it back in the coffee maker. There it was again—the distinct smell of cigarette smoke, in the very same spot! Aha…I got it. Mystery solved.

The use of clairalience in Spirit Communication

Spirits often use a smell or fragrance to communicate their presence. Some use their favorite perfume or cologne. Some use a smell that is connected to their work. For example, a baker might bring in the smell of bread; a garage mechanic, the smell of gasoline; a banker, the smell of fresh bills. Someone with a connection to Florida, might bring in the scent of oranges, and so on. It’s like a sensory signature. You’ve heard of clairvoyance, right? Clairvoyance translates to “clear sight” of a medium, or a visual means of receiving information. By the same token, clairalience translates to “clear smell” and is one of a variety of senses that mediums can experience in communication with Spirit. In this instance, I wasn’t trying to communicate with Spirit, but having just finished yoga on that beautiful Sunday morning, I was in the perfect state of mind and body for Spirit to communicate with me.

Rich, is that you?

RichSo, where was I? Ah, yes…the smoke. Now, cigarette smoke just happens to be the Spirit signature of my brother-in-law in Spirit, Rich, Connie’s former husband, and father to her two children. Rich died young—in his early 50’s, and Rich was, as you may have guessed, a cigarette smoker. We have two documented instances of Rich coming through with the identifying smell of cigarettes. The first time was at Connie’s home, in the middle of the night, just days after he had passed into Spirit; the second time was later that year in a mediumship development circle at my house in Massachusetts. What’s interesting about Rich’s Spirit smoke, however, is that it doesn’t permeate the room like normal cigarette smoke. Rather, it lingers in one very specific spot, and unless your head (or more specifically, your nose) is right in that spot, you won’t smell it. I recall that when he came to my circle, only when I stood up from the sofa and leaned slightly forward could I smell it. I asked others in the circle if they could smell it—and they could, but only if they leaned in as well.

And so my friends, until I find further evidence to the contrary, it would appear that Rich was at least one of the instigators behind the morning’s activities. It was a timely visit for Connie, and she was comforted to hear of his visit.  Since all is going well with my brother, Jim, I’m interpreting it as just a friendly call-out to him and his family from Rich and the rest of our family in Spirit. I don’t get to see Jim and family very often, and have been feeling the nudge to get everyone together again. Connie and I spoke to Jim a few days ago, and plans are in the works to do just that. Life is good.

Oh, waitso how do I explain the physical presence of the name badge? It’s possible for such an object to materialize via Spirit energy; this is called an apport, in paranormal circles. It’s also possible that my loved ones in Spirit pushed that little badge along its way to this house. That part, I may never know…but does it matter? Not really. Spirit uses every means possible to be heard, seen, smelled, sensed. Your Loved Ones in Spirit want you to know they do check in on you, they encourage you when you need it, and they are proud of the courageous ways in which you live your lives. So when things show up out of nowhere, stop to think about timing, what it might represent, and who may be bringing it to you. Open your mind, and you’ll be surprised what emerges!

So, let’s get some sharing going. Have you ever had Spirit come to you with a particular smell? If so, please share what it was, when or how you smelled it, and why that particular smell represented your Loved One in Spirit. Or, do you believe you’ve received a Spirit-sent apport? How did you interpret it and why? It’s really much more fun when you tell me your stories!

~In love and light,

The REAL reason for Rich’s visit and the badge emerges

PS Tragically, just a month after this post, a bump showed up on my cat Jack’s hip. Despite two surgeries, Jack would succumb to cancer triggered by a 3-yr rabies shot. Perhaps Rich, an big animal lover, was telling me that he would be there to bring Jack over. A comforting thought. So, the “J” on the badge was apparently for Jack, not my brother Jim.

PS Since posting this story, so many people have been telling me stories of Spirit signatures that are connected to smell. If you write me your story in an email, I can post for you, rather than have you create an account to post.

Karen G. from Victoria, MN wrote:  “My mother died in January 2006.  She left me an incredible gift when she passed: the belief that the Spirit [of our Loved One] is still there and can reach out to us.  My mother used to whistle (off key!) when messing around in the kitchen, and after they took her body, as I sat in the kitchen, for well over 1-2 minutes, she whistled that crazy off key tune. It was the most peaceful, joyous experience I have ever felt, and to this day it makes me smile and feel warm inside.  I was alone, no electronics on, no windows open, middle of the day and no neighbors home to make noise.  I had the time to even walk around the kitchen to double check, look towards the front door to make sure I was hearing right.  Finally, I just sat and listened.  Then said ‘Thank you, Mom.'”

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Hello my friends!

Last week, I promised to tell you a little bit about the increasing frequency of Spirit phenomenon I’ve been experiencing here at my new home on an icy lake in Minnesota. There’s a lot of open space in the area—the large lake of course, farm lands, forests and forest animals. A small fraction of the area is populated actually—all lending itself to a lovely balance of natural  energy and the perfect setting for Spirit connections.

There’s been so much activity, I’ve had to start a list so I don’t forget anything. And rather than try to tell each story in one post, I’ll be rolling out the stories over the next few weeks, like a series, so I hope you enjoy them. First up….the mystery of the porch glider.

Who’s out there?

Porch glider

Porch glider

A few Sundays ago, I was on the phone catching up with Sally, an old college friend. It was a beautiful winter’s day, and while we talked, I was warming myself in the sun near a sliding glass door.  On the other side of this door was a small balcony and a bench glider. Hmm…key words there might be “the other side.” But I digress. So, just as I was telling Sally about some exciting plans I have for the next year, the glider started moving back and forth. I looked around to see if there was wind enough to make it move, but the day was calm. I finally stopped mid-sentence and told Sally what was happening. Sally’s response was, “Well, someone in Spirit must be saying ‘Yes, your plans are a good thing.'” No doubt that was the case, but I didn’t try to connect with Spirit to see who it might be, as I wanted to stay focused on our conversation. The rocking continued off and on for another few minutes, then stopped. We finished our call shortly thereafter, and I headed into Alexandria with my sister, Connie, for a late lunch, completely forgetting about the moving glider.

During lunch, Connie and I were recounting the time our sister Laura just popped in (as Spirit) when we were having brunch with my friend and fellow medium, Adrienne, shortly before we left Massachusetts. Adrienne brought us an encouraging message from Laura about the transitions that both I and Connie were facing. It was the last other-validated communication we’d had from her.

The very next morning, I received an unexpected call from Nancy Strickland, my mediumship teacher and mentor back in the Boston area. She had called to tell me that during her mediumship development circle on Sunday afternoon (the day before), she heard a Spirit say, “Laura!” Nancy knew right away that it was my sister because she recognized Laura’s distinctly husky voice. Laura had participated in several circles at Nancy’s home while visiting me in Boston, so they knew each other. “There was nothing further – just her name,” said Nancy. “So I thought I’d call you and see if there was any particular reason she might be coming through.” [For those new to my blog, my sister, Laura, passed into Spirit in July 2011. You can read a little bit about her and her facility with Spirit communication in an earlier post.]


Laura, Connie, and me

Sisters Forever: Laura, Connie, and me

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Nancy’s circle began about 30 minutes after the moving porch glider, and we figured out that Laura’s self-identification with Nancy occurred right about the time Connie and I were talking about Laura over lunch. Clearly, Laura wanted us to know that it was her on the porch glider, that she was equally excited about my plans, and that even though we don’t “see” her, she’s still hanging out with us, tracking our progress through the paces of our lives.  Connnie and I speak often of Laura and our other family members in Spirit, and it was quite a treat to have Laura’s presence validated by Nancy. A wonderful way to start the week!

If you’ve enjoyed this story, read Marbles from Merle, my brother or The Story of Susie, my other sister in Spirit. “Hi Honey!”, the story of my mother in Spirit communicating with my father, here on the Earth plane is also a favorite. Yes, I have a rather active Spirit family!

Have you had any experiences like this one? If so, please feel free to share it in the comments below. I’m always amazed at  and comforted by all the creative ways that our Loved Ones in Spirit make themselves known.

In love and light,

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My sister, Laura Buck Tarbox 1955-2011

Many of you knew my sister, Laura. She was the one with the ready smile, a big hearty laugh, and a zest for life. Always ready for an adventure with a mischievous look in her eye, and a “let’s do it” attitude.

I haven’t written much about Laura here on my blog. Why? I’m not sure. Perhaps her passing is still too fresh, too personal, too heart-wrenching to commit to writing. But it’s time, and the story I have to tell is a good one, so I hope you enjoy it.

Laura lived in Minnesota, where I grew up and where most of my family still resides.  Sometimes Laura and I would speak several times in a day on the phone, and then there were times when we’d get busy with our lives, and not get around to checking in for several weeks. So, it’s fair to say she wasn’t a constant in my daily life—and as a result, when Laura passed into Spirit suddenly in July 2011, it took a long time for it to truly sink in that she was no longer a phone call away. Perhaps you’ve experienced it: something exciting happens in your life, and you want to share with your sister, your brother, your parents, your friend—and you pull out your phone to call them, and suddenly you remember…oh, that’s right. She’s gone. He’s gone. They’re gone. And you feel that rush of hurt and surprise tinged with grief, all over again. That’s how it’s been with Laura and me until recently, really.

This story is an addendum to The Story of Bobby and Gail, a post from last month. I delivered the Story of Bobby and Gail as a lecture at my church the Sunday before the post went up. As I expected, it was received with love and compassion by the congregation. Afterward, a number of people approached me about helping them find a system to work with their Loved Ones in Spirit, and I realized how powerfully important that message of a personal communication system with Spirit really is.

That very night, as I was reflecting on the amazing string of communications from Bobby to me and then to Gail, I started thinking about all the various systems or forms of communications that have come through from my Loved Ones in Spirit as well—many of which I’ve outlined in various of my posts: Marbles from Merle, The Story of Susie, Hi Honey!, The Gift of Christmas Past, to name a few.

That’s when it occurred to me: I did not yet have a specific sign or system of communication with Laura! I knew she was around me, and had received messages from her through other mediums, but I decided that we needed something special, something just between us, like Bobby and Gail had. So I spent a few minutes tracing back through songs, poems, sayings, flowers, colors, etc., anything that might be significant and meaningful for us both.

And then it came to me.

The last time I was in New Ulm, Minnesota, where Laura lived, was in September of 2012. I was staying in a hotel  for a few days with my sister, Connie. For the first time since childhood, we no longer had a home there – our parents had passed a few years prior. Laura had been the last remaining family link to a town that I have considered my hometown for over 40 years.  Laura’s house would fall to new owners the following week. I had an hour by myself before it was time to leave for the airport, so I did two things: I paid a final visit to the family graves, and then drove back across town to see Laura’s house one last time. The house was empty, and all of her material possessions gone, but there on the front steps were the three rocks that

Laura's Rocks

Laura’s Rocks

Laura had placed there years prior. On them were the words: Live, Love, and Laugh.  How often had I seen these rocks and never considered their relevance in Laura’s life?  Now, however, I reflected on how accurately they represented the intent and values by which my sister lived. These words,  I decided, would be our system—the sign that Laura was around and working with me, reminding me to live, love and laugh. So, I said aloud, “Okay Laura, I’ll be looking for Live, Love, Laugh from you. It’s not that easy, but I’m sure you can pull it off!”  Laura was, I should have mentioned, exceptionally psychic ever since childhood, so I was confident in our new system. I just wasn’t ready for the speed with which she would respond…

The very next morning, the contractor overseeing exterior renovations on my house alerted me to the fact that we were going to be short a few lengths of window molding…and “would I have time to go to Lowe’s and get more?” Well, to be honest, I wasn’t particularly pleased about this request. Lowe’s is about 30 minutes drive in each direction, so there goes my morning, but what was I gonna do? Stop the construction? Uh…no. So, off I went.

I quickly found the molding and was heading to checkout when I recalled that I still needed a metal floor strip, the kind that seals the floor between two types of flooring. So, I headed over to the nearest sales person, and described what I was looking for. He led me across the warehouse and left me to select what I needed from an array of products.  I found what I needed, added it to my cart, and as I turned around to head back to checkout, the display of mirrors caught my eye. Not just because I love to linger over home decor items…but because of what was on the frame of the mirror that had been hanging up directly behind me: Live, Love, Laugh.

12 hours later...

12 hours later..

Whoa!  It was less than 12 hours since my request to Laura, and there she was, delivering. It was a very powerful moment for me, to see the evidence of our pact so clearly and swiftly presented. An audible gasp fell from my lips, and then I felt Laura’s love fill my heart, and the tears flowed, and flowed, and flowed…

I hid out there in the far corner of the Lowe’s warehouse for a little while, taking in the power of the moment, and trying to pull myself together…

I thought about all the things that needed to happen for such a synchronous event…moving forward and backward in time, trying to figure out how it could have unfolded in the way it did. It’s frankly mind-boggling. I keep coming back to the realization that we’re barely tapping the potential for Spirit Communication; I believe we still have much to learn in this area.

All that really matters though, is that we simply relax into the knowing that our Loved Ones hear us, see us, and will do all that’s in their power to demonstrate to us that they walk beside us when we ask them to.

Sarah’s birthday message

Laura's daughter, Sarah

Laura’s daughter, Sarah

Last week was the birthday of Laura’s only daughter, Sarah, who is also quite spiritually “connected.” I knew that Sarah had set up her own system with her mother after reading The Story of Bobby and Gail, so I checked in to see what might have happened on her birthday.

“Oh, it was wonderful!” Sarah began. “I had determined that 3 would be our number, and I’ve noticed a lot of threes lately, but one special moment occurred on my birthday when I was cooking macaroni and cheese, like Mom used to make. When I looked up at the clock on the stove, it was exactly 3:33. I smiled to myself and said, ‘Hi Mom! Thanks for being here with me.'”

It was a perfect, really. Laura had a degree in culinary arts and loved to cook. So coming through to Sarah while she was cooking drew on the energetic connection they shared. Laura also worked at Kraft foods most of her career, and macaroni and cheese was, well,  an obvious tie-in!


“Live, Love and Laugh!”

As I write this, I can see Laura’s bright smile, hear her laughter ring in my ears, and feel her warm sisterly love surround me.

“Live, Love, and Laugh!” she says to me.  With the holidays upon us, and preparations demanding more and more of us every year, Laura’s message is a timely reminder to us all of the truly important things in life: live your life to the fullest, love with all your heart, and let laughter be your healing balm.

Happy Holidays and much love to you all!

~In love and light, Renee

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It doesn’t matter how many years one practices as a medium, the experience of bringing through evidential messages, and the healing that follows are always awe-inspiring and deeply humbling. But even so, every so often, there is a reading and related spirit phenomena that stand out from the rest, teaching us and reminding us that we’ve only just begun to understand the potential of  Spirit communication.

Waking up


Wake up to the reality of it.

Through the medium of Spirit Communication, we come to the understanding that life is continuous and our souls immortal.  We also come to the realization that communication through the veil—that dimensional split between Earth plane and The Other Side—is not only possible, but happens every minute of every day, if only we wake up to the reality of it.

I’m not talking just about those of us who have chosen the path of the Medium. I’m talking about you; indeed, about every person on this planet.  Spirit is continuously, consistently, and tirelessly working with us, communicating with us, in one way or another – whether just to say “Hey, I love you and I’m here for you!”  or via energetic promptings that we feel in our gut or in our heart to guide us in our journey here on Earth.

The truth is, you don’t need a Medium to know that Spirit is with you. You have the ability right now to receive communications, but you may need a system and an implicit agreement with those in Spirit for it to be recognizable as such. Now that I am aware of this reality, I think of the decades of my life during which my Loved Ones in Spirit must have tried to communicate with me but to no avail. I never doubted they were alive on The Other Side, and I took for granted that they could hear me when I spoke to them in my nightly prayers, but I never once considered that they could be communicating back with me. Now, it’s a matter of course that I see evidence of their communications, but I needed a clear system, with some agreed-upon rules.

To illustrate what I mean by this type of communication, I’m going to tell you a story that began with recent reading for a woman named Gail. However, of greatest significance in this story is the amazing outcome and solace that came mostly from what happened after the reading.  You see, the reading became in part, merely a means by which an agreement for further communication could be set forth between mother and son.

Gail has given me her permission to share this truly remarkable story, for the powerful lesson it holds for us all.

The Story of Bobby and Gail

The story begins on September 30th of this year, with the following email from a woman named Kay: “My sister Gail tragically and suddenly lost her only son this week and, as you can imagine, is inconsolable. He was just found dead and we do not know if it was accidental, suicide or other. They were very close and she cannot imagine he would not say goodbye. We just had the services yesterday. Would it be too soon to get any message from him as to what happened or anything else that would give my sister peace? Gail is here in Southern California, Simi Valley, for a few more weeks and could speak with you by phone as early as today. They normally live in Turkey.”

The email took my breath away – how well I understood the sudden loss, the crippling heartache, the need for answers, the quest for the truth, proof that a Loved One in Spirit is okay.

I connected with Gail via email. She said that she just wanted to know what happened and to try to connect with her son. She also shared 3 pieces of information: Her son’s name was Bobby, he was just 30 years old, and was living with bi-polar disorder, a fact she felt might be relevant to his passing.

I explained to Gail that I could not guarantee that Bobby would be ready to come through in a reading, but that I would do what I could to bring her answers if not from him directly, then from other Loved Ones in Spirit. She understood and agreed to the reading, so we set it up for a few days later.

October 2:  The Reading

Bobby and Gail

Bobby and his mother, Gail

It turns out that my standard disclaimer was not necessary, for Bobby came in very easily and clearly the moment I invited Spirit to come close and work with me. He explained what happened to bring about his death with clarity and specificity, how one thing led to another, all out of his control, and undetectable until too late. Gail understood and accepted the explanation. Bobby did go further and explain however, that “cause of death” aside, it was his chosen time to pass, and he took the opportunity as it came to him. He asked me to explain to his mother how pre-life planning works, and how we chose not only our birth, our body, our family and significant relationships, but also the means and time of our passing. Gail was familiar with the concept, and again accepted this information.


Bobby brings a yellow rose to strengthen and heal Gail’s 3rd chakra

Next, Bobby presented her with a yellow rose. In my mind’s eye, I could see Bobby: he was sitting to his mother’s right, facing the side of her body, and whispering into her ear (something she later told me he would often do on the Earth plane). As he did so, he held the yellow rose to her solar plexus, or 3rd Chakra, a point just a few inches above the belly button. The solar plexus is the energetic center for our sense of self, our self-identity, our personal life force or power center—and is represented and empowered by the color yellow, like the sun. Bobby said that with his passing, her identity as a mother had taken a big hit, and he was there to soothe the blow, to help her to know that she is and will always be – in this lifetime, his mother. He talked quite a bit about energy balancing and clearing – as it was a significant theme in his life, always striving to balance his bipolar disorder, and stressed the importance of his mother’s own life force being balanced as well. He urged her to take care of herself.

Toward the end of the reading, I asked if she had any further questions for Bobby, to which she responded with a crack in her voice, “But how will I know for sure he’s ok? I feel him at times, but how will I know he’s with me?” To this, Bobby showed me two things: the number 4 and again, the yellow rose. I shared this with Gail, saying that the number “4” is the number I ask my Loved Ones in Spirit to show me as a reminder of their presence and support, so she could choose another number if she wanted. Her reply was, “Actually, the number 4 is my favorite number and Bobby knows that.” Bobby repeated that yellow roses would also be a theme of communication, and so I asked her to watch for them. So there it was – the number 4 and yellow roses – we now had a system by which Bobby would make himself known. Gail still expressed some doubts about the yellow rose, not recognizing any significant link to her or to Bobby. I said, “Just watch for the yellow roses; you’ll begin to see them. He’s offering the power of yellow to strengthen you and calm you as well.”

Bobby works the system

It was time to close the reading and we said our good byes. I asked her to stay in touch and if any significant validations of the information from the reading came up or signs of communication from Bobby, I would love to hear about them. Unexpectedly however, the message validation began with me! As soon as I hung up, I looked at my iPhone: it was 1:44pm and there was 44% battery remaining. So, Bobby was already using his 4’s!  I sent off a quick text to Gail to let her know.

Yep, I really do wear this apron.

Yep, I really do wear this apron.

Two hour later, while working on house renovations, I was wearing my handy cloth tool apron. I put my hand into the apron pocket looking for a pencil, and pulled out a business card from a contractor I had met at the Home Depot a few days prior. I looked at it briefly and was about to throw it away, when the email caught my eye: gforce444@gm–l.com

Not one, not two, but three 4’s! There are also two G’s for Gail, and remember the discussion around life force balancing? gforce444. Beautiful.  So, I shot another text to Gail to let her know.

Gail’s response was, “Wow – he’s really workin’ it. That’s my boy!” The lightness in her tone made my heart skip just a bit.

“C’mon Bobby – let’s keep it coming!” I said aloud. And he did.

4 yellow paper

The 4 on the right was found face down in my foyer. The number cards on the left were upstairs in my office.

That same day, around 6pm, I walked into my front foyer (which I had just cleaned earlier in the day) and saw a bright yellow piece of paper about 4 inches square face down on the carpet. I picked it up, turned it over and the only thing printed on it was a 4. Ha! Bobby again. I assumed that it was from a stack of numbers I had prepared for a mediumship event I had run a few weeks prior, and I looked about for the folder in which the numbered papers were held. It was nowhere to be seen. I later found the folder in a bag in my office upstairs. Furthermore, when I checked the folder, the size of the numbers and the paper were different; there were no small numbers or paper of this size. There seemed to be no other explanation than Bobby.

So – wow! All that in an afternoon. Yes, in his mother’s words, Bobby was definitely workin’ it! When I shared with Gail this latest piece of communication from Bobby, I asked her again about the yellow roses. “Does yellow and/or yellow roses have any other significance for you beyond the chakra strengthening Bobby spoke of?”

She replied, “Unfortunately, there is nothing about the color yellow or a rose that means anything to us, but please continue to share with me whatever he shares with you. It brings happiness to my heart.”

October 6:  So there they are!


Photo of Bobby at the Celebration of Life

A few days later, Gail’s email held the missing piece of evidence. “Looking at some pictures of Bobby’s Celebration of Life, I realized that the flowers that I picked out for his picture were all yellow or yellow roses. Just thought I would share that.” She sent a picture of the large display photo of Bobby, surrounded by yellow roses – and I could see such light in his smile and eyes. It’s no wonder he comes through so easily.

October 12:  “Hey Mom, just calling to say I love you.”

A week later, and the story just keeps getting better. Gail wrote, “Firstly, the address of the mortuary we used for Bobby is 4444 Cochran Street! Amazing, right? Secondly, I haven’t been sleeping well. I stay up all night reading whatever I can about life after death and grieving, etc. Two nights ago I was talking to Bobby, and I said that I just wanted to hear his voice again. I wanted to hear him tell me he loved me one more time. I was lying on my couch just looking at the TV but not really seeing it and a thought popped into my head to check my deleted messages on my phone. I did and I found 4 (!) different voice mails from him all telling me ‘Hey Mom…just calling to say I love you!'” Gail went on, “I was in the best mood all day and had the best night’s sleep since I learned of his passing.” 

There are truly no words…

October 14:  I Love to Tell His Story

Gail wrote, “I received another sign from Bobby yesterday at church. At our church, they have a film screen where they project the opening song. It shows the page number and name of the song. Yesterday’s song was Road to Zion, pg 177. Kevin and I opened our book when all of a sudden, we looked up and the Pastor changed the song to I love to tell his story on pg 444. Can you believe it! I cried with joy…my boy is letting me know he is ok.”

October 29:  Bobby lights up Gail’s life

"The flashlight on my iPhone suddenly went on!"

“My iPhone was sitting on the table and the flashlight  just turned on.”

Last week, when I checked in with Gail, now in Turkey, she had one more episode in her story to share: “Yesterday was a very hard day for me. Kevin and I went out to have a drink and to just get out of the house. We were sitting outside; it was about 5:15 pm. It gets dark here very early. Anyway, my iPhone was sitting on the table and the flashlight just turned on. It took me five minutes to find out how to turn it off because I have never used it…about 10 min later it came on again. I think it was Bobby. Like I said, it was a very hard day. I thought I was losing my mind until I got that sign.”

Oh yeah.  If you haven’t realized it yet, Spirit is pretty good with electronic devices. Bobby clearly knew his mother needed a big boost and brought some lightness to her heart—literally. I have no doubt that Bobby will continue to communicate regularly throughout his mother’s life, for she is wide awake to the reality of it.

Bobby’s 30th birthday with Gail in Turkey

I hope you were able to take some comfort in this moving story of young Bobby and his mother, Gail. It is through experiences like this, that we are reminded of the extraordinary power that resides within this very personal gift of Spirit communication—the power to bring about acceptance and hope, to heal our broken hearts, to replace grief and sadness with heartwarming and uplifting comfort and joy, to shift from a sense of loss, to one of knowing that death is but a transition, and that life and love are eternal.

Gail shared this song, Dancing in the Sky, that was played at Bobby’s Celebration of Life ceremony. Lovely…

What will be your system?

If you want to become more aware of communications from your Loved Ones in Spirit, it’s simple. Take a quiet moment alone, speak aloud to your Loved Ones, envision them in love and joy, and suggest a means by which they demonstrate their presence and support in your life. It could be numbers, colors, songs, flowers, coins, birds, or some combination of things – whatever holds significance for you and them. And then just open your eyes and hold your heart in a state of positive loving expectation. Trust me, they’ll be there and will be so excited to reveal their presence in your life. And if you already have a system of communication that works—and many of you do—share it with us in the comments section below!

In love and light ~ Renee

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Greetings my friends,

I have often said that Spirit is around us more when we are in states of change and/or in need of guidance along our paths. Spirit hears our questions and our pleas, and will do all they can to help us—assuming that

Which path?

Which path?

what we are asking for is in our highest good and in [reasonable] alignment with the life plan we set in motion upon birth into this lifetime. Why do I say “reasonable”? Because we do have Free Will and may exercise it at any time. Sometimes we simply take a roundabout way to get to where we are going, and Spirit understands that. That said, if our fears are consistently driving us off track, Spirit will step in and help guide us through a variety of means.

At present, some pretty big decisions are ahead of me, and I’ve been uncertain about which path or paths to choose. Through the past few months, I’ve appealed to Spirit in my prayers at night.  I’ve spoken to them while commuting to work in the morning. I mutter to them throughout the day, whenever I get a moment to reflect (and no one is around to label me crazy. Uh hem!)  The result? Well…some pretty interesting things have been happening to tell me they are not only hearing me, but are fully participating in my decision-making process. It’s not often these things happen to me, so it’s fun to share.

foam bolster

“My bolster!? How did that get here?”

The case of the moving bolster: Last Wednesday, in the wee hours of the morning, I got up from my bed to get a drink of water. When I returned, something long and dark was lying right where I had been lying minutes before. It was too dark to distinguish it, but (oddly) I wasn’t afraid of it, either. I reached out and touched it, and immediately identified the three-foot long foam bolster that had been leaning against my headboard before I left the room.  My reaction, of course, was to mumble, “My bolster!? How did that get here?” There was no one else in the room, and the bolster is simply too large for my cat Jack to pull it around. It was then that I realized that it had to be Spirit, but I didn’t understand the point of it and was too tired to figure it out, so I just moved it out of the way, crawled back into bed and promptly fell asleep.

I reflected on this curious event over the next few days, and then it hit me. Bolster! They were communicating the verb form, not the noun, as in Spirit is bolstering my energy, self-confidence, determination–whatever it is that I need to make the right decisions. It’s the same way Spirit communicates with me mediumistically: objects or symbols are often used to lead me to a related meaning. Remember my story of the young boy in Spirit who came through all dressed up like a Leprechaun? He was prompting me to say “St. Patrick’s Day” because his name was…you guessed it…Patrick!  Well, this little prank was just another example of creative “Spirit speak.”

Merle's brown shoesThe man in the brown shoes. A few nights after the bolster incident, I woke up again in the middle of the night, and padded to the bathroom and back. As I was just settling back into bed and about to close my eyes, I saw a (Spirit) man from the knees down about a foot away from my bed. He was wearing brown shoes and brown slacks. I knew without a doubt it was my brother, Merle, and in my sleepy state, all I could say was, “Oh hi, Merle…” I felt happy and comforted by his presence, but too tired to engage further, so I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep. For those of you new to my blog, my brother Merle died in a motorcycle accident in 1971 at the age of 14. He was older than me by a year, and has been my guide and protector my entire life, first on the Earth Plane and since his passing, from The Other Side.

So why did Merle make himself known in such a way? To tell me that he

My brother, Merle

My brother, Merle

hears me, that he is beside me, helping me, offering his energy in my decision-making process. But why just his feet, you ask? Good question. I wondered the same. I believe the message is also one of “grounding.” To ground oneself is to calm the mind, to breathe, to even out one’s emotions, to remember again what is true for oneself. I was feeling stressed and unable to think clearly about my direction; I needed to find my ground again.

You see, in recent weeks, I had been passively moving down a path that my fearful mind was allowing, but my intuitive self was railing against. I was doing so mostly because a better path had not revealed itself, and I was letting my (financial) fears get the best of me. Sound familiar? Finally however, the voice inside saying, “Don’t do it,” got so loud that I’m pretty sure there was an entire Spirit chorus chiming in. So, I got off the path. Within minutes of communicating my decision to the relevant person, I knew it was the right move. A burden was lifted, my stomach relaxed, my body felt lighter, my heart happier. It was that simple.

Fear of the unknown is a tremendous motivator to take a false turn, to make an unhealthy decision, to remove yourself from your true life path. I know this, and yet, I still needed Spirit’s help, for fear is a crazy-powerful thing. And when you pursue a path out of fear, rather than because it’s the right one, you feel stuff. You know what I’m talking about, right? The knot in your belly? The spinning thoughts? The rising anxiety? Racing heart? All of these sensations are Spirit and your own Higher Self communicating with you—demanding your attention and encouraging you to rethink, and change direction. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right. Start over.

So, the very next day…a new path with exciting potential was revealed to me in the most unexpected of ways, in an impromptu meeting and from the most unexpected source.  I am reminded that if I open myself to the unknown without fear and simply trust the Universe, the positive energy generated from being true to myself draws directly to me what I need at that point in time. Yes, it’s really that simple…but sometimes, oh, so hard to do!

So the message here, my friends, is that when we ask for help from God, the Universe, the Angels, Spirit—whomever you pray or appeal to—they will work through us to amplify the thoughts or sensations that drive us to course correct if we stray too far. And if you need extra special encouragement, Spirit will send messages through moving bolsters and Spirit visits— assuming such a thing won’t freak you out. Spirit can be very subtle as well, and work with you so seamlessly that you might not even be aware of it until you look back at all the coincidences and synchronicities that simply can’t be explained any other way!

An open heart and an open mind, and a little help from my loved ones in Spirit is a powerful formula for happiness, and for manifesting the life I’m meant to live. If you need help hearing Spirit, or understanding their messages, consider a Loved Ones and Guides reading with me. Spirit always has a lot to say; perhaps now is a good time to listen. See Services and Fees. to begin the scheduling process.

Do you have a story of a Spirit visit or physical phenomenon to share? How did it help you? Please use the comments below to tell your story!

~With love and light,
Renee Buck

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