In a Life-between-Lives session, you are brought into a hypnotic state through a process of hypnosis, which involves guided imagery, direction, and suggestions. Your experience will be unique and yet have aspects in common with other clients. through this experience, you’ll come to a higher-level understanding of your current and past incarnations on Earth, potentially on other planes, and on The Other Side in keeping with our soul’s long-term goals of learning and spiritual growth.

Your journey will answer specific questions that you determine: for example, you might want to discover the goals you set forth for yourself in this lifetime, or about particular relationships, or about inexplicable attractions to people or places or things. You decide the goals of the session and a custom journey is prepared for you.

A typical session: During the hypnosis, the client is regressed through a variety of stages:

  • Childhood events
  • Invitro – in your mother’s womb
  • One or two past lives including the lifetime just prior to the current one. We will explore those lifetimes that will answer your most pressing questions in this one.  You’ll be taken through the paces of the life prior to this, and ultimately to end of that life, so that the transition to The Other Side may be experienced.
  • Once on The Other Side, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones on The Other Side. With Renee as your guide, you’ll ask them questions and relay your answers–all of which will be captured on a recording to study later.

These sessions are longer (typically 3 hours) and require more preparation by both you and Renee than a Past Life Regression. Please contact Renee to discuss goals and hypnosis experience prior to booking this type of session.

  • Pre-session phone conversation to discuss your Journey Guide Worksheet results – phone or Skype – 1 hour
  • In-person hypnosis session: 2.5 – 3 hours
  •  US $295