Have you ever visited a place for the first time, but could swear you’ve already been there? Have you ever felt an immediate kinship toward a new acquaintance? Have you ever exhibited an inexplicable talent for music, art, writing, engineering, or something else that seemed to come from deep within? Have you ever felt an attraction to a religion other than the one in which you were raised, or to design, architecture or clothing from another era?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” then consider that the source of this intuitive knowing or attraction could be from one or more earlier lifetimes on Earth. Or if not Earth, then from your life between lives on The Other Side.

Have YOU lived before? If you are seeking answers to questions of a spiritual nature, and the mere fact that you’re reading these words qualifies as such, then you have most certainly lived before. You’ve likely lived tens, or hundreds, or even thousands of lifetimes on the Earth Plane or in other dimensions.

Your role in your Soul’s Journey through lifetimes: You’ve spent millennia on The Other Side processing and learning from your most recent lifetime, learning new skills, and planning your next life. Yes, planning your next life. This comes as a surprise to many, but you are the primary architect of your soul’s journey, the one and only who determines its rate of learning, growth and spiritual evolution. Time after time, with guidance from Spiritual Masters, you write the Life Plans during which you mature as a soul through human and other experiences. The degree to which you succeed in real-time, in “lifetime” — well, that’s a much larger topic involving the complex and intricate interplay between pre-destiny and your free will. That said, if you don’t completely learn your lessons here on Earth, don’t worry. There’s plenty of time on The Other Side, and in future lifetimes; it just becomes a greater challenge with each attempt.

How does it work? Through Past Life Regression Hypnosis, we move into that part of the unconscious brain that holds the information about these lifetimes, and at the same time, we open the pathway to communication with Spirit. Your Spirit Guides and Masters help to determine which parts of which lifetimes you’ll be shown in any particular session–with healing, enlightenment, and personal clarity being the driving goals of each regression experience. I never know where my clients will be taken in their sessions–to what time period, to what age, to what event, but I do know that when I bring them back out of the regression, a learning of significance has occurred, enabling the soul, in its human incarnation, to take another step forward in life and learning.

My personal experiences in Past Life Regression (PLR), and Life Between Lives (LBL) Regression have been vividly clarifying in relationship issues, career goals, and life purpose. In LBL experiences, high-level soul themes and objectives threading through multiple lifetimes are exposed and studied.

Is your curiosity piqued? I hope so, because the capacity for learning through this experience is extraordinary.  If you’re local to Minneapolis, I’ll be happy to be your guide into an exploration of your past lives. If you’re not local, please refer to the International Board for Regression Therapists to find a practitioner in your area.

In a past life regression, the client is brought into a hypnotic state through a process of hypnosis, which involves guided imagery, direction, and suggestions. The client is brought to those past lives that shed light on current relationships, or life themes. Past Life regression has been known to help heal both physical and emotional ailments.  Read more >

  • Initial session:
    • 15-30 minute phone consultation, intake form review
    • 90 minute in-person hypnosis session personalized to your interests
    • US $275
  • Subsequent sessions:
    • 15 minute phone consultation
    • 60 minute in-person hypnosis session personalized to your interests
    • US $200

These sessions may be arranged as:  in person only (Minneapolis Metro, Minnesota, USA)

Process: (!) NOTE: These sessions are currently on hold due to COVID.

  • Please submit an Appointments Request Form to begin the process.
  • Renee will respond as soon as possible, answering any questions about process, and possible dates and times will be offered, unless a waitlist is active.
  • Once the appointment is scheduled, you’ll receive payment instructions via email.
  • NOTE:  A $50 nonrefundable deposit will be required, due to the time invested in the session preparations. The balance may be paid in advance or on the day of your session.

How to prepare for your sessions:

  • Think about what issues in your life need healing or resolution.
  • Think about what relationships in your life require a deeper understanding.
  • Is there a particular dream sequence that repeats, upon which you’d like further clarification?
  • Think about particular periods in history for which you feel a strong connection or interest, and want to know if you’ve been there in a past life?

Come with any and all questions and issues, and we’ll see where we land…literally!

More Resources
If you’re interested in reading more about PLR or LBL, here’s a start:

Books on Past Lives
Messages from the Masters, Brian Weiss
Many Lives Many Masters, Brian Weiss
Only Love is Real, Brian Weiss
Same Soul, Many Bodies, Brian Weiss
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Past Life Regression, Michael Hathaway
Your Past Lives, Michael Talbot

Books on Life Between Lives, or Life on the Other Side
Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton (This is my favorite!)
Memories of the Afterlife: Life Between Lives Stories of Personal Transformation, Michael Newton

5 thoughts on “Exploring Past Lives via Regression Hypnosis

  1. This is random I guess. I’m not religious and have never considered myself spiritual in the slightest. I’m looking for answers or at least a pathway…maybe I’m not even sure. I’m a 29 year old Englishman and from the age of around six I’ve had an interest in JFK the slain president. As I’ve got older that interest grew which is now an obsession but I don’t know why!? I have such a strong burning passion about the man and his life and I can’t explain why? I have no link or family tie or any such thing. I have no reason to be obsessed but feel like I’m mourning the man and feel such a loss for the world…..he died 52 years ago what the hell is this about? I watch YouTube videos of his speeches to pick me up etc…this all sounds so horrendous and strange but with no explanation I’m left thinking to myself- is there such a thing as a past life and if so did I know jfk? Did his death affect me so bad it still touches me now? It’s crazy.


    1. Hello Jamie,

      Thank you so much for sharing that personal story. No, you’re not crazy, and you are certainly not alone in your experiences. It is entirely possible that you have a connection to and/or relationship with the late President Kennedy either here on the Earth plane in a your past life (during JFK’s life) or a completely different past life that the two of you shared, and/or on The Other Side. One of the things I tell my clients and students is to pay attention to what or whom draws you or fires your passions, as these things are most certainly clues to past life experiences. Another possibility is that you’ve lived a life very similar to JFK, and his words and example stir these memories within you; you see a kindred spirit in him. If you recall dreams with JFK in them, carefully record them – as there are further clues there. Ask your guides to help you recall your dreams, and even ask your guides to show you the connection you share. I would be happy to be your guide on a Past Life Regression journey to explore this link, if we happen to be in the same physical space — are you currently in the UK? Feel free to connect via email to see if there are any opportunities over the next year that find us in the same physical space! My email is renee@whispersfromthelight.com

      In love and light


  2. Hello when I was approximately 9 or 10 years old I seen a photo of JFK in a magazine. Had never seen his face up till then but felt an instant deep connection and the moment I read of his death I took myself off to my room and sobbed and would sob every night for months after. I have never understood why I felt such a deep connection just from one look at a photo or why I have always felt comfortable referring to him as Jack. I would also have strange mixed up dreams of spending time with him and in the dreams we were close romantically and as friends. Hearing his voice also comforts me. I have felt this connection for over 30 years and appears to be getting stronger at times. Would gladly appreciate any insight you may have on this


    1. Hello Angie – It is very possible that you are connected, at a soul or energetic level to John Kennedy. It might have been in this life, or an earlier life, or even life on the Other Side. It’s good to pay attention to such emotional “soul-based” connections, for there are lessons within them. Take some time to ask yourself: What does this connection mean for you? How does it make you feel? How has feeling close to JFK helped you in this life? How has it shaped your belief systems or values or who you are today? Thank you for sharing your story, Angie!
      ~Love and light, Renee


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