BLOG: The Magic of Marbles

Greetings my friends!

Today, I have a special treat for you. I’ve had a few extended email exchanges with two of my blog readers about magical marble experiences and would like to share their stories, as both are extraordinary.  I invite you to add your stories to the comments section for others to read as well.

Before we go there, I just want to comment that it’s a fascinating fact that the most popular search term that brings people to my blog, besides my name, is “marbles.” Also fact is that the most commented-upon post EVER in my blog is the one about how my brother in Spirit, Merle, brought me a bowl of marbles.

A “Bowl of Marbles” from my brother Merle

People are finding marbles everywhere it seems and connecting these marbles to their Loved Ones in Spirit. Why marbles? Honestly, I don’t know. I can guess that it’s the capacity for marbles to hold light or energy and therefore be more easily manipulated by Spirit, but some marbles are rather opaque non-reflecting glass, so I’m not confident that’s the whole story. If anyone out there has a theory about this, please share in the comments!

The first story up is from Joanne W. who commented on my original post. The second story from Ann came to me via email. She was seeking answers to a situation in which marble were literally dropping out of thin air!


“Gifts from Heaven” by Joanne W.

September 1, 2017

Hi Renee. During the past couple weeks, I have been finding marbles under one of our trees in the backyard. The first three times, it was one at a time, then today, two within a few feet of each other. I didn’t know if the dog was digging them up from the dirt, but they’ve all been found within the same couple square yards outside our back door. We are out there a lot because it’s near the grill, so I’m actively looking at this point. It made me worry a little because the dog could accidentally ingest one and choke, but they’re smallish and smooth.

Marbles from my Daughter

I posted this on FaceBook just a little while ago and one of my friends linked me to your site. What I didn’t post publicly is that the location is under the bedroom window of my deceased daughter. She died in that room. She leaves signs for me all the time and I make sure to collect the coins I find, but this is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing the story of Merle. It warms my heart that they are still busy on the other side, dreaming up ways to connect and affirm their love for us. It never ends.

May 25, 2018

Renee, after I wrote you, it was a few days of thinking. Then, I asked my daughter to please send me one last sign to let me know it was her. Other folks were saying it [the presence of the marbles] was just birds, raccoons, kids with slingshots, etc., so I just asked my daughter if it was her. The answer came almost immediately. I found a couple more marbles in the grass, further out in the yard, in a wide open space. They were in front of my statue of the Blessed Mother. That was enough for me.  So, I have a small wooden bowl that holds these beautiful marbles I consider gifts from heaven. Thank you for your inspiration! Happy Spring!

“Marbles Dropping” by Ann from Indiana

My father died when I was just out of high school. He and I were always close and after he passed, I felt as though he was still around in Spirit. About 15 years ago, I found a business card with his signature sitting on a table in my classroom. It was a card that had once been in his wallet (which was at home tucked safely in a bedroom drawer).  He had been gone for 22 years by then and I hadn’t touched that wallet in years. How Dad’s business card turned up at work I have no idea. I was stunned and assumed Dad was just trying to let me know he was there; I was going through a tough time in my life. I didn’t tell anyone except my husband Jim because who would believe me, I thought. The reason I’m telling you this is because it sets the stage for my story. Something happened that I never in my wildest dreams saw coming.

I heard something behind me drop and roll across the wood floor.

It all happened about a year ago now. By then, my Dad had been gone for 37 years. I was sitting in my family room having a coffee and reading, my husband Jim was already at work. I heard something behind me drop and roll across the wood floor. I stood up and looked behind the loveseat and found a black colored marble. I picked up the marble and held it under a lamp where it glowed a soft green color. We didn’t even own marbles, and I knew my grandkids had never had marbles anywhere that I knew of. But the even bigger question was, “Where did it drop from?” I looked up at our high ceilings and wondered if it fell from a rafter. Maybe someone who lived here before set one on a rafter and it had shifted and fell. It seemed to be the only logical answer. I called Jim because I was so stunned. My mind started drifting to my Dad again. Was this another sign from him? I slipped the marble into my the pocket of my robe.

We both looked down and watched a marble roll out the door and stop right at our feet.

The next day was Saturday and Jim was outside working on our deck. I opened the patio door and stepped outside, leaving the door open. I turned to talk to Jim and he stood up and walked toward me opening his arms to give me a hug. As we embraced, I heard something drop with the rolling sound again and we both looked down and watched a marble roll out the door and stop right at our feet. Jim asked me if that was the marble that I found the day before. I told him I wasn’t sure, but it was identical to the other marble. I bounded up the stairs to see if the marble from yesterday was still in my robe pocket. Reaching in, I felt it between my fingers. Now we had two marbles! We were so surprised and shocked. We had no idea what was happening. I was starting to get afraid, feeling like this had to be some kind of sign. Was Dad trying to tell me that something bad was going to happen? The black look of the marbles made me think it might have some evil attached to it. Jim went back to working on the deck and I went inside and started cleaning.

Marbles from my Dad

A couple of hours later, it started to get dark outside and I walked over and closed our front blinds. As I was stepping back across our large open dining room and kitchen, a marble rolled right across my path stopping as it hit our kitchen island!  I became very animated and called for Jim to come inside. I showed him the marble and told him what happened. He was shocked and kind of delighted. At this point, I was getting very nervous and afraid, for now we had three identical marbles! We talked about it over and over as the day went on. I told him that I thought it was a bad sign. He believed me when I told him that I thought that this was my Dad trying to tell me something. After the incident with the business card years before, he knew that Dad would reveal his Spirit to me.

Several days went by and we saw no more marbles. But the marbles were very much on our minds. Jim had a dream that he came downstairs one morning and our entire floor was covered in marbles! I had trouble sleeping. I called our kids and told them. I even called a priest friend of mine. I was concerned that people would probably think we were making the story up, I stopped talking about it, but never stopped thinking about it.

Finally, I got on the internet to search for any information on marbles dropping from nowhere or objects appearing to people. That’s when I found Renee Buck who’d had an experience with marbles appearing to her from her brother Merle. She and I emailed and she told me that since I was afraid, she believed the marbles would stop coming. She said that if it was my father’s Spirit involved, he wouldn’t want me to be afraid and would stop sending them–that he would find another way to communicate.

Renee asked me what I was looking for from my father. I told her I wanted to know if it was him and what he was trying to tell me. She advised that if I was looking for clarity I could ask my father to give it to me in some way. I took her advice and one day when I was alone in the house I spoke out loud to my dad. “If the marbles are from you Dad, will you send just one more?” I didn’t tell anyone I did it and no marbles came to me.

“If the marbles are from you Dad, will you send just one more?”

The following weekend, Jim and I were in the kitchen getting dinner ready. I decided to tell him that I had talked to Dad and asked him to send one more marble if they were from him.  Jim turned to me and said, “I just found one more marble outside the back door!”

We now have 4 identical marbles! In the past year, we never received another one either. I believe that Dad was showing me that he was still with me after all these years but felt horrible about scaring me so badly. It was just like Dad to show me the last marble in a quiet way, through Jim. Jim had found the marble tucked inside the straws of a broom we had leaning outside our patio door. One other thing about this experience really amazed me. My father died way before I ever knew my husband, but yet Dad revealed his Spirit to him as well. I like to think that it is his way of telling me that he likes Jim and trusts him for me.

THANK YOU Joanne and Ann for allowing me to share your beautiful stories with my readers. They are both lovely and uplifting (and amazing!) reminders that our Loved Ones are always working hard to let us know they are present with us, that they are alive in Spirit and doing all they can to support us through the paces of our lives here on Earth.

COMMENTS ARE OPEN for anyone who wants to share a story of his or her own regarding physical evidence received by Loved Ones in Spirit. I love to read everyone’s experiences and I know my readers do, too!

In love and light,


29 thoughts on “BLOG: The Magic of Marbles

  1. So I found your blog about marbles because I too found a marble in a very strange spot and know that it was a sign from the beyond. On a hike through the desert outside of Phoenix last year I wandered off the path to look at the vegetation. There under a bushy sage plant was a marble. It was rather chipped up and I wandered how in the world it could’ve got there. It was a glass marble with white swirl inside. My mom who passed away in 2009 from ALZ collected marbles. I feel this the kind of thing she would use to give me a sign that she was with me that day. She was a lover of the desert & the beauty it held.


    1. Hello Maureen,

      Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. It sounds like your mother guided you directly to the marble as well. I love it! Stay open to that inner voice…

      Love and light,


    2. So cool that I found this website. I have recently received an indigo blue marble and before that, an orange/amber colored one. It was really strange, the first one that appeared was right outside my flat. I knew when I picked it up that I should hold onto it but decided in the end to just put it away and thought nothing more about it. I recently moved back to my home country from the UK and another indigo blue one arrived when I moved back and again just appeared in my path one day out of nowhere. I think you are right Renee when you say that the colours are associated with the chakras. My first one appeared when I started practicing Kundalini yoga. I am still wondering if there is further meaning to them that I should seek. I think I still have some searching to do 🙂


      1. Hi Richie! Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so glad you found this community of marble-finders! 😀 I’m not sure if there’s just one reason – it most likely varies by person. Sometimes, it’s just a simple “Hello! I’m here,” from Spirit. Other times, they are like breadcrumbs on one’s spiritual path. If chakra connections make sense to you, reflect on that and the meaning your Guides (probably in your case) are seeking to relay.
        Love and light,


  2. I found a clear tiny marble that had a beam of light through it. About 2 weeks later i found a big dark blue one with a white blue beam. Then i found a medium sized clear one. About 2 months later the 2 clear ones were like a upside down mirror and they showed what was in front of me instead of showing me, but it would show me to the person looking through the other side the blue mirrored correctly. The bigger ones had 2 beams of light; the small only one. Later i found a baby blue one. I never new that it was a loved one. i was actually afraid of them


    1. Dear Alicia – thank you for sharing your discovery! Where were you finding your marbles? Inside? Outside? In any particular pattern or similar location? I’m glad you’re now understanding that marbles are often a sign of our Loved Ones in Spirit. Have you figured out who’s behind yours? Blue and White represent higher chakras/spiritual energies. It’s lovely that you’re finding them!

      Love and light,’


  3. I started finding marbles in my garden a few years ago. They were always cobalt blue in colour. Then I found a few clear ones with blue tones. At first I would throw them away for fear that my grand children would find them. Then I began to realise that I seemed to be the only only one that sees them. I am a gardener so my garden is tended to daily. I know every corner so it was so confusing to find these marbles every few days. I started to collect them. I tried to find out where they were coming from that’s when I went online and found this site. My mother passed in 2003 and I always feel her presence but in 2014 I lost my father and two weeks later lost my love and companion. It was a very difficult time. I have had many signs from them but especially from my companion. I always wondered if the marbles are from him. I found one last week and for the first time I found two clear ones with greenish tones this past weekend. I would be interest to know what the colours mean.


    1. Joy – thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s amazing, right? To find these marbles again and again. I tend to associate the colors with the body chakras or energy centers. Green represents the heart energy – LOVE. Deep blue is our 3rd eye – our PSYCHIC


    2. Hello Joy!

      Thank you so much for sharing your marbles story. So amazing and exciting to find them, right? I think of them as gifts or messages from our Loved Ones in Spirit, and they make me happy every time I look at them. I can’t be certain of the meaning attached to the marbles, but I tend to associate the colors with our body’s energy centers, our “chakras.” Green represents heart energy – LOVE! The message here is obvious. Deep blue represents our 3rd eye, or our PSYCHIC center. Eyes wide open! Purple represents our Spiritual connection/communication with our Loved ones in Spirit, our Guides, God–however you understand God to be. Clear or Gold represents the 8th Chakra – a few inches above our heads – I think of this as our connection to our OVERSOUL or HIGHER SELVES–the greater part of us. Google “chakras” to learn more.

      Love and light


      1. Hi Renee,
        Two nights ago I had a dream i swallowed a marble. I was panicked if it was going to pass thru my body!Woke up and remembered and thought well that was a strange one! Later that morning my husband and i went to a street fair. As we approched a young lady selling sea glass jewelry he said I had a dream about marbles last night.
        We started a conversation with the lady and not a minute into it she said something about drilling into marbles! Soooo crazy!
        When I came home I Googled dreaming of marbles and your site came up. Such a good read. Thank you for the insite! I need to learn more!


      2. Hi Bonnie! Glad you found me. And thank you for sharing your mystical story about marbles. Keep your eyes out for more signs from Spirit — or even real marbles! Someone in Spirit may be trying to reach you!
        Love and light,


  4. Yesterday I found a red marble in my flower bed. It was amongst tulips popping up. My son planted the tulip bulbs last fall. He lost his life 12-11-19 in an automobile accident. I have been watching the tulips progress every day. The marble hadn’t been there the day before, I would’ve seen it. I do believe the marble is from my son. He wants us to know he’s still here with us. He and I were extremely close.


  5. Lucy our service dog died recently. Today was the first outing without her. We went to the hospital. In the middle of a busy city street in the downtown core a dark blue marble was found. Marbles were regularly found when walking along the beach with her owner. I knew Lucy was communicating her presence in spirit that she was there with us. Her owner, my partner, is devastated by her loss at only 6 years of age. The creator is all knowing and powerful and there are laws of the universe that heal our brokenness. The principles of truth and light are manifested on this earthly plane in ways that are limited humanity cannot comprehend. The marble was a sign that there is justice for all innocent lives and the cries in the deepest parts of our being are heard and seen by a greater force.
    By Adriana for Michele


    1. Dear Adriana and Michele – thank you so much for sharing your story of Lucy and her greeting from Spirit! Pets regularly come through in my readings, so I know they work hard to be noticed from the Spirit Side of Life! ~Love and light, Renee


  6. Hello! Such amazing experiences!

    I lost my son 4 years ago. His passing was really horrific and I was devastated. The relationship I had with Nicolas was pretty dicey in life.

    It is so great now. I am just a mom that was so miserable and very angry. Agnostic as well. My entire life was poor before his death. Fast forward to now…I am truly shocked and how my entire life has turned around for the better. I believe.

    I began a journey with messages from a Medium. I took some classes. I paid attention to the many signs. I started to dabble in EVP. Miraculously, I am in contact with my son anytime and anywhere through through EVP.

    Marbles? Thought I was losing mine. They started at the bird feeder for a long time. I assumed it was a crow but I did get the feeling it was Nick. Then, I was well away from my house and doing some gardening at neighbour’s yard. A whole cache! A little fairy statue as well. So beautiful. Maybe it was Spirit or a lot a crows in the area. That was last week.

    My son told me to reflect and pray. New activities for me. Yesterday, I went to the lake to do what he asked. I had awesome experiences in my time there. To end that session I thought to stroll down the waters edge. You guessed it, a smaller than usual, solid marble. A beautiful blue that I have never seen before. I new it was Spirit then. No more doubts.

    I came home and googled ..finding blue marbles and was blown away. I started a facebook group just a couple of weeks ago. Part of my journey is that. My journey continues. If anyone wants to check it out ..HERE & THERE KINDRED SPIRITS.



      1. Update. I opened a draw a found some large, antique marbles that I forgot I had. I put them on display and showed a friend. They were all fairly pale in color. The following day, hey turned electric cobalt blue and a few emerald green. They kind of glowed too. I could not believe it. I sent a pic to my friend and she said this is not your imagination. So cool to have a witness! I did a close up of the marbles and now I see a face…in a motorcyle helmut. My son rode a motorcycle and it looks like him!


  7. I have been finding marbles for years. Mostly green and blue. I have always thought they were a message from heaven. Telling me I was where I should be. I have found them in dirt walls and gardening. I even had a coworker walk up and hand me one he had found outside. ( He had no idea of my marble history ). When my step father passed I placed one in his pocket. I’m sure they have meaning. And I smile when ever I find one.


    1. Hi Susan! Thank you for sharing your experiences with marbles from heaven. I LOVE that you put one in your step father’s pocket. Did you find a similar one after that? ~Love and light, Renee


  8. The day after my grandfather’s funeral I was out in the backyard playing with my dog. His paw seemed to be bothering him and when I went to check it out I saw a marble laying next to him. I picked it up without much thought and then it registered once in my hand that it was a sign from heaven. My grandparents had a homemade marble game we played often. His death was very hard for me and I feel great comfort and appreciation for the sign. I welcome as many marbles as my loved ones are able to share. I’m happy to have stumbled on this post. Thank you.


    1. Hi Jaqueline! I’m happy you stumbled on my post as well! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely marble story. Yes, I believe too that it’s your grandfather. It’s fascinating how often Spirit actually helps us to interpret the meaning of the marbles. ~ Love and light, Renee


  9. Hi. My husband passed in the fall of 2017. Since then, I have found 4 marbles. I don’t find them when digging in the yard or anything. They are in my path. The first one was on the pavement as I exited my car in a parking lot. I almost stepped on it. The second was the same thing. I thought maybe I had accidentally dropped the first marble somehow, but when I put the new marble into the container in my car, now there were two. The third was on the sidewalk outside my home and I nearly stepped on it when going for a walk. And the fourth was on the carpet when I stepped into a room at work. I gave it to the person working in that room and she insisted it was for me because she did not have marbles there. They are ALL clear. Four marbles. All clear. It’s not like I’m finding plastic spoons, or pieces of junk mail. It makes me feel close to him. I’d like to find one every single day.


    1. Hi Heather! I LOVE your story. Thank you so much for sharing. It feels a lot like my experience with my brother, Merle – and it meant so much to me as well. The marbles are like spiritual breadcrumbs drawing you close. I hope you keep finding them! ~ Love and light, Renee


  10. Hi Renee,
    I moved back into my childhood home after my mum passed away. We decided to add on an extension and other improvements in the garden, the first blue marble we found was on the edge of a hole we were digging to extend a concrete base we never thought anything about it really. The second was in the middle of the drive I spotted it when leaving the house with my cousin who’s farther would shortly be digging up the drive. Another beneath the back kitchen window another under a water butt which the builders were eyeing up to take, another on some scaffolding boards.

    I asked the roofer if he had seen any blue marbles he said yes one bounced down the roof beside me, I just thought children were throwing them so I went to see the family to the back of my house with the only children around the father said they have games which have marbles in so they weren’t theirs.
    I found the next one inside the extension, my husband needed to rod out the drains so asked the neighbour if he could check their drain the following day he went to rod their drain. When he got there he found another blue marble. All in all we found 13. This all happened in 2014.

    At 11pm, on 13th December of that year as I went to bed I went through my routine switching off the Christmas lights the last two was the TV and the Wreath on the front door as I went up stars the TV came back on so I turned round and saw the wreath had also come back on I switched both off again and went to bed, I again started hearing what I thought was the neighbor’s TV but thought I would just check as I got to the landing our TV was blaring away and the wreath had come back on again I ran down the stairs to switch them both off again. In the morning I asked my husband if he thought what had happened was a bit weird. He said that that was the anniversary of his father’s death and he had died at 11pm at night.

    This year November 2020 I was putting up my Christmas decorations I found another blue marble in the bottom of a decoration box!

    I believe that my mum or My husbands father or both are letting us know they are still with us and now what we are doing.

    Is there any significance in the colour blue??


  11. Hi Renee my cousin passed away on 12-10-2019 in a motorcycle accident. This is was also the date of my sons 20th birthday. We grew up together and were very close. My aunt said she started finding marbles outside. His housemate also found marbles inside the house. My aunt said she hadn’t found any in a while. I visited her today and when I went out the side gate I found a marble at my feet that hadn’t been there when I arrived. No one had been outside and there were no children in the street. We are perplexed by where they are coming from but I do believe he sent this marble to me.

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    1. Hi Leeann – I get tingles when I read these instances of Loved Ones leaving their marble “messages.” One day, when we’re all on the Other Side, we’ll fully understand how they do this — but for now, accept the magic of these marbles and the deep and abiding love they represent. Thank you for sharing!
      Love and light,


  12. My Mum died in 1992 before google and internet searches. We were close, saw and spoke to each other every day. Dad was dying of cancer and Mum was struggling to cope. They adored each other and we believe Mum died of a broken heart a couple of months before Dad’s death. All their things were initially put in storage. I got angry one night and went to the storage facility and sat outside. I got angry and punched the wall a couple of times but didn’t go inside. When I got home my knuckles were bleeding and in the light I saw the sapphire from my Mum’s engagement ring was missing and the claws squashed. I won’t describe the shame I felt. A couple of months later when we moved their belongings out, I went through the jewelry box Dad has bought my Mum. At the bottom was a sapphire with a dirty underside. I took the stone and ring to a jeweler and asked him if the stone belonged to the ring setting which we confirmed. I started finding marbles in my path over the years. I collected them and started keeping them in a vase telling my daughters Nana was making sure I wasn’t losing them. It’s a running joke. I know if one day I’m able to send them to my daughters it will comfort them.


    1. Carmen – thank you so much for sharing this story. It gave me shivers to read it. Your mom knew how terrible you felt and wanted to ease your sadness and regret. Our Loved Ones work so hard to let us know they are around and about, always ready to comfort. When there’s a physical manifestation and reminder, it’s very powerful! And fun! ~ Love and light, Renee


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