This type of reading enables you to connect via a Medium* with your Loved Ones who have passed into Spirit, and are now on The Other Side or however you characterize the hereafter.  The primary goal of such a reading is to provide evidence that life is eternal and love enduring. Loved Ones often act as guides throughout an individual’s life here on Earth, and may offer insights into current situations that may be troubling you.  Occasionally, your Spirit Guides and other Light Beings step in to provide spiritual guidance and direction for those who are ready.

How does it work? A three-way communication link between you, the Medium, and your Loved Ones and Guides in Spirit is made using voice and body energy vibrations. This is possible on the phone, as well as in person.

The benefits: During my readings, I have witnessed profound healing between family members long after one of them has departed the Earth Plane. It has been deeply gratifying to see hope replace despair, surprise and relief replace fear, and love and forgiveness replace lingering questions or unresolved anger.  All souls, here and in the hereafter, benefit from healing and resolution.

The reading: All readings include a relaxing pre-reading guided meditation for chakra-clearing and healing, so allow for extra time.  Read more >

  • 30 minutes – US $95 (allow for a 60-minute session)
  • 60 minutes – US $160 (allow for a 90-minute session)
  • Group Readings (consecutive short private readings) – contact Renee for availability and pricing.
  • Spirit Circle/Seance – contact Renee for availability and pricing.

These sessions may be arranged as:

  • phone readings
  • in person (Minneapolis Metro, Minnesota, USA) NOTE: until social distancing is no longer required, phone readings only will be scheduled. 


  • Please submit an Appointments Request Form to begin the process.
  • Renee will respond as soon as possible, answering any questions about process, and possible dates and times will be offered, unless a wait list is active.
  • Once the appointment is scheduled, you’ll receive payment instructions via email.

*Renee Buck is recognized as a Certified Medium by the Forever Family Foundation.

How to prepare for a reading:  Keeping your vibrational energy high is important for greatest clarity in messagework. Remember, it’s a 3-way communication, so doing your part in the preparations is important. There are many ways to do this before your reading:

  1. Please refrain from consuming alcohol and using recreational drugs for at least 24 hours prior to the reading. Such consumption lowers your vibration significantly and makes the connection more difficult.
  2. Eat light foods only prior to a reading, e.g. fruits, vegetables, whole grains.
  3. Sing or Pray.
  4. Think about the Loves Ones with whom you’d like to connect. There’s no guarantee s/he is ready to come through; rather, you may be visited by others in Spirit who bring good tidings of love and support. Documenting your family lineage prior to your reading may be helpful.
  5. Put the questions to which you’d like answers out into the Universe by saying them out loud prior to your reading. Believe it or not…it works!

4 thoughts on “Messages from Loved Ones

  1. Hi Renee,
    I would like to do a 60 minute Messages from Loved Ones Reading with You.
    Thank You in Advance,


    1. Hi Lynette – thank you for your interest. You’ll need to fill out an Appointment Request on my website to be added to my waiting list. It will probably be a January time slot.
      Love and light,


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