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  1. Good Morning Renee. I lost my husband of 20 years in December 2015. I am grieving so much and miss him. Are you able to contact him with your gifts? I live in Yucca Valley, CA and would be able to come to you if you are able to help me.
    Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Thank you


    1. Hello Brenda, Thank you for writing. Yes, I am able to make contact with your Loved Ones in Spirit. I offer 30min and 60min readings. You may make an appointment by submitting the form on the APPOINTMENTS page. I look forward to working with you and your Loved Ones in Spirit. In love and light, Renee


  2. My mom passed away a little over a month ago and the day before she died i asked her to come back as a butterfly so i would know she is with me. Now whenever i need her the most or im singing her favorite song a black and orange butterfly appears and often sticks around for a long period of time. Could that be my mom sending me the message i asked her to or am i just crazy thinking people can come back as butterflys? Also how much do u charge to do a skype reading? Ive been missing my mom more and more as time has gone on. The fourth of july was the first major holiday we spent without her.


    1. Hello Shayla,
      That’s a very good question. It’s not likely that your mother’s spirit IS the butterfly, however it is very common for our Loved Ones in Spirit to work through butterflies, birds, animals, children, and many other avenues to bring comfort and the message that “I’m here. I love you. I support you in all that you do.” You can find information about my services on the SERVICES page. All readings can be done in person, on phone or via SKYPE. I hope that helps, Shayla – Love and and light, Renee


  3. Renee..it’s beth fuchs..where can I find the part about marbles on your page. And I also looked up delphinium…aka larkspur. I’m thinking that that description maybe was my daughter? Is that posssible?


    1. Hi Beth!
      The marbles story is now on my front page. And yes — if you understand a connection with your daughter, it could well be her. You and your daughter can decide the connection, and then you can ask her to bring you the flower or image of it to let you know she’s around!
      ~In love and light, Renee


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