Hybrid readings give you the unique opportunity for deep exploration of soul’s goals with the Lords of the Akashic Records, followed by the deeply personal and healing connection with your Loved Ones in Spirit (see Messages from Loved Ones & Guides.) At your request, your Loved Ones will provide personal perspective on the illumination provided by the Akashic Records reading.

Hybrid 30/30

  • 30 minutes Akashic Records followed by 30 minutes Messages from Loved Ones
  • 2 high level questions for the Lords of the Records
  • Allow for 90 minutes total for a 60 minute reading plus pre-reading guided meditation and post processing
  • US $150

Hybrid 45/45

  • 45 minutes Akashic Records followed by 45 minutes Messages from Loved Ones (5 min break between)
  • 3-4 high level questions for the Lords of the Records
  • Allow 2 hours total for a 90 minute reading plus pre-reading guided meditation and post processing
  • US $190

These sessions may be arranged as:

  • phone readings
  • in person (Los Angeles/Hollywood, CA)


  • Please go to Appointments to begin the process.
  • Renee will respond, answering any questions about process, and a date and time will be set.
  • If the reading will be in-person, payment may be made at time of reading in cash, bank check or credit card. However, feel free to use my convenient online payment system in advance, if you wish.
  • If the reading will be by phone, please use my convenient online payment system.
  • (!) International Clients: Payment is slightly different for you: After submitting your Appointment Request form, and we have settled on a date and time, you will receive an invoice from me with a payment link.