From Françoise T. in Paris:

My reading with Renée was very accurate, she gave a dozen of evidential details, some very specific and absolutely impossible to guess by chance; a number of deceased relatives came, and these specific details about their life and death allowed me to identify them without a doubt. Renée has also a very pleasant personality, compassionate and caring with a nice touch of humor. I give her my highest recommendation.

Françoise – I very much enjoyed connecting with you and your Loved Ones in Spirit. I will always remember the cousin with the interesting history! I look forward to learning more about her! ~ Renee

From Susan in Pleasant Hill, California:

Thank you again for the amazing reading today.  I took such comfort from the heartfelt, authentic messages from my loved ones.  Every question I had in my mind for them prior to the reading was answered. Before your reading, I had an intellectual understanding of the afterlife, Spirit and higher consciousness, but now my heart is truly open and filled with light and love.

Susan – it was such a delight to bring your parents in today. The love was powerful!

From Ysette in New York:

Renee’s style as an Akashic Record reader is so vivid, colorful, and visual that I find myself swept up in such loving energy. I have approached her with some very challenging issues, and she always transports me to a place where I can view my life from a higher perspective. Some of the guidance may be more surprising than others, but her readings always resonate and leave me feeling either excited to tackle my problems head on, or peaceful and assured that everything is working out as it should. Renee is also very supportive pre- and post-reading, to help ease any other concerns.

Ysette – our journeys into your Records are so fascinating and illuminating for me as well! Thank you for enlisting me as your guide in this important work. Sending love and light! ~ Renee 

From Angela in Southern California:

Both my granddaughter and I will never forget the experience of connecting with her mother and my daughter thanks to the amazing session we had with you.  Also connecting with other loved ones that have passed on was extraordinary.  You were so accurate with everything that we talked about it for days.  Thank you ever so much and, hopefully, we can again visit with you and, of course, our loved ones who have crossed over. June 2015

Angela – it was such a delight to work with you and your granddaughter. Your energy and that of your Loved Ones in Spirit was so uplifting. I felt wonderful for a long time afterward! Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you again. ~ Renee

From Cathy in Minnesota:

I had my reading with Renee on May 3, 2014.  Renee described a male relative who had passed about 20 years ago.  I recognized him as my uncle.

A Hidden Message

Renee asked if there was something by the wall directly next to where we were sitting that connected to my uncle.  I insisted there was nothing. She said he is pointing at the wall and saying, “Look!” We moved some things out of the way, and there, partially hidden, was a poster I had made a few years earlier for a family get-together.

Hello, Uncle Harvey!

I lifted it up, pointed to a name on the poster and stated, “That’s the uncle you are speaking with.” Renee said that my uncle was laughing and saying “See, that’s me!”   I knew then without a doubt that Harvey was with me, watching us, communicating with Renee and playing his old tricks just as he did over 20 years ago. It was a gift to sit in Renee’s presence and feel the love of Spirit as they shared their messages!

Cathy – how fun it was to unearth the poster with Uncle Harvey’s name on it! He was quite the character, that’s for sure. Thank you for introducing me to your family! ~ Renee

From Shaun in Maryland:

 Just recently, I had an overwhelming urge to contact a medium — something I had never done before.  I went to the Forever Family Foundation to research certified mediums and found Renee.  I had two issues I was struggling with:  1) My husband was troubled by some family issues and 2) I was feeling a bit “stuck” and wasn’t sure which paths to follow for career and personal growth.

As soon as my reading with Renee began, my husband’s grandfather (who he was extremely close to) came through.  Renee definitely had him right — the things he showed her were exactly on point with his interests/habits.  She mentioned one particular letter of the alphabet — the first letter of my husband’s last name.  It became clear that my husband’s grandfather was the one who had compelled me to contact Renee and his messages explained the urgency I had felt — he wanted to make sure my husband took action right away.

Renee then described my dead mother perfectly — down to the age when she died (young), hair color, profession, cause of death, and personality.  When Renee then mentioned my oldest sister by name (which is androgynous and not terribly common), I gasped.  She then, correctly, said that I was one of three sisters and described our basic history together.  Through Renee, my mother was able to give me very specific and valuable personal and career advice.  But, the most important thing is that, through Renee, she told me she hears us when we speak to her and that she’s been with us for every significant event in our lives.

I am so grateful I listened to my intuition to do the reading.  Renee’s ability to connect has brought me and my family a real sense of peace and comfort that our loved ones are really still with us.

Shaun, I too am grateful that you listened to your intuition. It was a wonderful experience for me to bring through Pop and your mother. They couldn’t be more different in personality, but both came through with such love and encouragement for your family’s well-being. I look forward to hearing more about the journey! ~Renee

From Chuck Bergman in Florida:

Renee and I attended many mediumship classes together. It’s no surprise to me that she is now giving readings professionally. She connected with my mother and father one day (in 2004) with accuracy that I have never witnessed from any medium. Renee was able to describe my dad perfectly, including his work uniform which had a circular patch displaying one letter of the alphabet in lowercase. She told me that he was with “Kay”; that’s my mom’s name! Then Renee made a statement that blew me away, “Your mother had a hard time accepting the death of her younger sister named Maureen.” All elements were correct!

Renee is a natural at receiving and interpreting messages from our loved ones. Her smile and excitement during a reading make the event become what it should be, a few more minutes with someone whom you miss and love so much.

The reading that she gave to me I keep close to my heart.

Chuck, thank you for your kind words. I’ll always remember that particular reading as well, for I sincerely enjoyed the connection I felt with your parents in Spirit–such lovely people! ~Renee

Note to readers: for those who don’t know Chuck Bergman, he is an exceptionally talented Medium. He’s been on A&E’s TV Pilot Psychic Search, and regularly shares a platform with gifted medium, James Van Praagh (the man behind the TV show, Ghost Whisperer). Find out more about Chuck.

From Yvette in Minnesota:

I don’t claim to understand the spiritual world, but it does intrigue me. I recently connected with Renee, a good friend from high school, and she told me that she is a “messenger of spirits.” Although a bit skeptical, I went ahead with a reading – over the phone. Some classmates of ours who have passed “came through” with ideas and advice for me. They had Renee and me smiling…because it was so like them! Renee also gave me messages from my grandpa and an aunt that were so precise, it would have been impossible for her to previously know this information. I also know that a messenger will never give you bad or detrimental information. It was more like helping me to “know” things, as a confirmation for guidance and direction for choices and paths I may take. I truly felt uplifted and energized after my reading with Renee, and I’d just like to say to her, “Thank You…you have a GIFT, my friend.”

Yvette, you’re so welcome. It was my great pleasure. I enjoyed the reading, especially when our friend Susie came through and we both felt shivers at the same time! A special moment I’ll always remember. ~ Renee 

From Nancy North Strickland in Massachusetts
(My teacher and mentor in the study of Mediumship)

Renee was such an eager beaver [in mediumship development circle/class] that she quickly absorbed her new knowledge about communication with those who have passed on. In our circle, she soon was giving evidential messages that left no doubt. For example, on April 4, 2003, she stated:

“Can anyone place a Chuckie?”

“I know one,’’ I replied eagerly.

“He says before he died, his body was turning to stone.”

Everybody gasped, but I said, “Yes, he died of a very rare disease.” I later explained that  Chuckie’s doctor, a renowned rheumatologist, told me that his tissue was turning to bone and that it was being studied at Harvard. The doctor said if science could discover what was causing this, maybe they could help treat osteoporosis. Chuckie probably referred to his condition as “stone” to describe how it felt. I met him in 1969 when he was nine years old.

In the same message, Renee gave many more identifying factors about Chuckie. His birthday was just twelve days after our circle. [See note below.] I will always remember him and it made me so happy to have him come through Renee. It was the first time he had come through any medium.

Nancy–I am forever grateful for your loving guidance in the practice of mediumship, and for all the amazing messages from my Loved Ones in Spirit that I received from you over the years. You brought me my very first message ever in the spring of 2002 at the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism; it was from my brother Merle who died at age 14, 31 years prior. The message he brought through you was shocking to me in its clarity and precision, and the healing that resulted from it for my entire family was significant. Meeting you changed my life in so many ways, Nancy; I couldn’t begin to count them. Thank you with all my heart. ~Renee 

Note to readers: It’s not unusual for Spirits to come through around the time of their birthday on Earth or the anniversary of their passing, perhaps because their loved ones on Earth are thinking more about them, and that loving energy draws them to us.

From Julie in Massachusetts

I went to Renee for some guidance when I was having a very difficult time in my life. I was troubled by some deeply rooted and confusing feelings I had for someone I had just recently met. A host of emotions were springing up which seemingly had no source. I’m not sure I can explain how deeply impressed I was with Renee’s Akashic Records reading, and how helpful and mind-expanding it was (and continues to be). I learned that I had a past life with this person that was of great importance. He was once again present in my life to help me through that particular time, during which I was making major shifts in my thinking and career choices. His presence brought to light issues I was still struggling with, lifetimes later. I was a skeptic, but the emotions were undeniable, and her insights made an awful lot of sense given what I’d been feeling. It’s remarkable how many different things in one’s life “tie in,” once you begin to examine them from a higher, soul-level perspective like this. Renee is a gentle messenger as well; she has a real gift for bringing through the message and its lessons without any opinion or judgment and helped me to understand how events from long ago relate to this current lifetime and its challenges. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Julie – we sure unearthed a surprise, didn’t we? I’m so glad it brought some resolution and healing to you in your journey. ~ Renee

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hi Renee,
    My father died on 24th August of this year.I wanted to ask that If I contact a medium to communicate with him then will it be painful for him to come through? and he will not get stuck with me in this realm after the reading right?I am asking this as I do not want to hurt him .


    1. Dear Guddu (not sure if that’s actually your name…?)

      I send you love and healing during this challenging time. You are not alone in your concerns in this regard, but the good news is that there is nothing to fear. In my experience, our Loved Ones in Spirit are so very grateful to have the opportunity to speak through the veil, to let those still grieving their passing know how they are doing in their adjustment to their lives on the Other Side. I generally sense joy and excitement during the reading – that which you feel when reuniting with someone you love after a time apart.

      That said, typically between 2 weeks and 3 months (sometimes longer) after one’s passing, your Loved One is very busy going through a rigorous re-orientation to the Spirit side of life which includes a life assessment and a merging with his/her higher self. It is therefore not as easy to reach your father during this time. I call this a “white out” and it’s commonly experienced among professional mediums. Some souls are ready earlier than 3 months, some later – it depends on the level of their soul’s evolution, the difficulty of the life, the circumstances surrounding the passing, etc. Generally speaking, the reading will be clearer if you can wait at least 3 months.

      I hope this is helpful. Should you decide to book a reading with me in the future, you can go to my appointments page to begin the process.

      In love and light,


      1. Hi Renee, I find your comment on the “white out” here very interesting, especially with the period starting at 2 weeks. My wife died of suicide after suffering depression that lead to self-loathing (unable to look at herself in the mirror) and deteriorating brain function , untreatable migraines, a 16 year old son tormenting her and telling her they should kill themselves, and a business that was in debt but so busy that she could no longer cope as her mind weakened. She was very good at telling the authorities she was fine and didn’t need help when I tried to help her. It took her 5 tries over 9 months to finally complete.

        I start with that background because she came to me in a dream around 10 days after her suicide looking like she was dressed to take a trip. She told me she was going on a trip to research the sun in order to heal, and that she would be out of contact for a couple years. Because of that I have been very reluctant to try reaching out to her through a medium (she’s been gone two months), though I do still talk to her in hopes that my messages get through. Is it possible that somebody could go through so much pain in this life that it would take two years after death for their spirit to heal before you could reach them?


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