Marbles from Merle: Spirit Communication with Physical Objects

Hello, my friends!

I first published the following post in October 2011, but it continues to be the most popular post I’ve written with 3,940 views since then. Why? Because the often sudden and inexplicable appearance of marbles is apparently something Spirit is pretty good at manifesting for us Earthlings. I regularly receive emails asking if there’s a connection between marbles and Spirit, and if so, what does it mean? What is Spirit trying to communicate? To be honest, I don’t think there’s a single answer, but the phenomenon, when it happens to you is nothing short of miraculous.

I never associated marbles with Spirit until my brother Merle (in Spirit since 1971) brought me a “bowl of marbles.” You can read the amazing the story below. I wonder though, if each person’s experience with Spirit-delivered marbles isn’t unique, and is simply our Loved Ones in Spirit saying, “Hey, I’m here. I love you and I’m still with you.” It’s a nice thought, isn’t it?

If you have a Spirit-marbles story to share, please do so in the comments section below. If enough people share their stories of how, when and where they got their marbles, and what each person believes is the meaning…we might just find a thread of connection and understanding!

MESSAGES FROM MERLE (first posted in 2011)

I have so many fascinating examples of the ways in which Spirit communicates with us by manipulating physical objects, and today I’m going to share one of my all-time favorite experiences.

A Message during Spirit Circle

On a December night in 2008, I was holding a Spirit Circle at my home, and received a message from Merle, my brother in Spirit, which proved to be quite significant—in physical terms! The Medium bringing the message was Phyllis Brown, a gifted medium who was familiar with my brother’s energy having “brought him through” before. After the evidential validation and I had acknowledged that she did indeed have contact with Merle, she proceeded.

My brother in Spirit, Merle
My brother in Spirit, Merle Buck

“He’s showing me a bowl of marbles, and says you have them,” she said.

“Well, I don’t have any physical bowl of marbles, but we did play marbles often as children,” I offered.

At this, Phyllis shook her head. “It feels very physical, and I want to hand it to you—this bowl of marbles. Anyway, he’s adding that ‘You’re finally getting your marbles together…’” At this, everyone around the table snickered. I rolled my eyes—it was so Merle to phrase it that way.

“Well, that’s good to know!” I laughed.

“He’s saying that the marbles represent gathering insight, and making progress toward your goals, ” Phyllis went on. “He says, ‘It’s time to put the marbles to use for yourself.’”

“Ok,” I answered. I understood what he was getting at. “I will. Thank you, Merle.”

“Good, he’s satisfied that you understand. He’s finished and is stepping back. I leave you with his love and blessings,” she said, in the usual way of closing a message.

Interpreting the Message

After circle, I read back over my notes and reflected on the message. I knew that Merle was referring to my recent insights into my own personal physical healing. I was in the process of making a radical shift in my diet (to mostly alkaline foods) in hopes of healing an inflammatory condition I had developed a year prior and was having trouble getting under control. I had just read two very enlightening books: The Cure and The PH Miracle, and believed—now more than ever—that they held the prescription for good health. I was happy about Merle’s apparent validation of my direction, and thanked him again.

As it turns out, however… that wasn’t the end of Merle’s validation.

The (Amazing) Physical Validation

About a week after Phyllis brought me the message, I went down to the basement of my 110-year old Victorian home to do laundry.

The first marble
The first marble

There, in the middle of the laundry room carpet was a blue and white marble. I picked it up and studied it. It was definitely an antique marble. Where had it come from? I looked around but didn’t see any more. I stuck it in my pants pocket as I recalled the message from Merle and interpreted this as an exclamation point to his message. Although Merle had talked about a “bowl of marbles,” one was good enough for me.

The following week, again while doing laundry, I looked down and there in the middle of the carpet, in the very same spot, was a blue and white marble! I picked it up and examined it. It looked just like the one from the prior week. I recalled that last week I’d pocketed the marble but couldn’t recall what, if anything, I’d done with it. I had just thrown some jeans in the washer, so my logical mind told me that last week’s marble had probably just fallen out of my jeans moments before. So once again, I put the blue and white marble in my pocket, and continued with my day. A few hours later, while cleaning my bedroom, I spotted a blue and white marble on my dresser. ‘Wait…when did I put that there?’ I thought to myself.  I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out the marble I’d found that morning. “Oh my gosh!” I said aloud to an empty room. “They’re not the same one. I now have two blue and white marbles!” I suddenly had goosebumps up and down my arms; I knew Merle was close and enjoying my reaction. Thank you, Merle…I hear ya, but how do you do that? I was so excited by my find. I called my friends and sisters to tell them about the marbles from Merle, and the message that preceded it.

But that still wasn’t the end of it.

A week or so later, I noticed some ceiling plaster had fallen in a dark corner of my basement, so I turned on some lights

They just kept appearing!
One by one…they just kept appearing

and got the shop-vac going. I had just begun, when I spotted something round and whitish shining through the pile of plaster dust. I picked it up and I dusted it off – well, what do you know! A beautiful white and clear swirled marble! Then, the very next day, again in the basement, my heel spun on something hard when I went to get paint, and it went spinning across the floor–this time a black marble with white swirls. Ha! Merle, you’re certainly having fun with this. I had a distinct feeling he wasn’t going to stop until I had a “bowl of marbles.” Sure enough, later that week, a large jade-colored marble appeared near a pile of floor tiles in my basement workshop room.

I flew to Minnesota for Christmas soon after that, and brought the five marbles with me to show family. It felt like a collective Christmas present from Merle, and we all felt blessed by this amazing display of Spirit communication.

When I returned to Massachusetts, I found that Merle had continued to be quite busy in my basement.


I had just boxed up my Christmas decorations, and was storing them back in the basement. When I turned around, I saw something that made me gasp. There on the countertop in the middle of the basement’s main room were five colorful marbles – one bright yellow and the rest shades of green. Now, one of the rules of

Spiritualist-style mediumship is to check all possible explanations before resorting to the mystical; we need our evidence to be irrefutable! I knew that one of my tenants, Chris, had been re-organizing his stored boxes earlier in the week in that very room, so I thought that perhaps he had found them and placed them on the counter. When I asked Chris and his apartment-mate where the marbles had been found, neither had ever seen them before. And no other human, besides the three of us, had been in my basement in months.

Let me note here that in alternative healing circles, green is considered a healing color. Also, our body is often represented by a house in mediumistic and dream symbology, and the “basement of our house” typically represents the lower chakras, or energy centers. It just so happens, that it was in the area of my second chakra that the most healing was needed. You see, Spirit never wastes an opportunity for symbolic connections, because these analogies stay with us longer.

So, in the end, five different rooms in my basement offered up one or more marbles. What’s more, I now have a bowl of marbles—ten in all—all shapes, all sizes, all gifts from my brother, Merle, in Spirit. In the photo below, you’ll see how each marble is unique and beautiful!

A “Bowl of Marbles” from my brother Merle

Parting Thoughts

It’s always fascinating to me when the message from Spirit is prophetic and when the validation is physical. Beyond the primary message, which in this case was for me to stay the course on my healing path, it tells us two things: that spirit can see into our futures—at least the most energetically probable path, and that they can manipulate the physical. Where Merle got the marbles from, I’ll never know. They look antique, like they would have belonged to the children who lived in my house a century ago, and maybe they did, but where were they? I have cleaned my basement end to end many times over the ten years I’ve lived here, and never, ever found a marble; nor have I since, I should add.  If I hadn’t gotten Merle’s message through Phyllis, I wouldn’t have understood what the marbles were all about–a physical reminder that our Loved Ones are there for us. I  would have simply filed it under “mysterious and inexplicable things that happen to me.” But because a medium  was able to deliver Merle’s message in words prior to the extraordinary appearance of the marbles, the mysterious became the mystical. Every day, when I walk through my dining room and I see my “bowl of marbles,” I think of Merle’s active participation and loving guidance in my life, and I am profoundly grateful for it.  And I am reminded to take good care of my body, i.e. to stick to my alkaline diet!

Response from Phyllis

When I shared the validation with Phyllis via email, she wrote back, “I always like feedback and I thank you for taking the time and effort to do so. Spirit lets you know that they are always with you in one way or another.  So, whatever we receive [as Mediums], no matter how simple it sounds, we give it out. It may not mean anything to us, but might make all the difference to the one receiving the message. And I’m glad to hear that you’ve got all your marbles!  Keep them in a bowl to remind you of Spirit. Renee, I remember that Spirit worked in the same manner before with you. It was with dimes, when you were in Boston with your nephew.” Yes…and that story can be found here.

Share your Story: Have you ever experienced the manifestation or teleportation* of physical objects by Spirit? If so, please share your experience using the comment box below. What did it mean to you? Who do you think was behind it, and what was the message?

With Love and Light ~ Renee Buck

*the transfer of matter from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them

37 thoughts on “Marbles from Merle: Spirit Communication with Physical Objects

  1. This is the most amazing, uplifting story I’ve ever heard! I had goose bumps running up and down my arms the entire time I was reading it. It reaffirms everything I’ve believed my entire life….that our spirits do live on after our bodies die, and our loved ones are always with us! Merle is quite a special brother. Thank you for sharing Renee.


    1. Hi, my name is Tony and I have been working on a house in Florida Melbourne area. I redid the floor in the living room cleaned up the whole area and out of nowhere I found a green and clear Marble and I had experiences with spirit. I’m wondering if this was a message from one of them maybe my late ex mother-in-law. What do you think?


      1. Hi Tony! Thank you for sharing your story. It’s so amazing to receive a marble out of nowhere! My most recent post is about that. You’ll find it on my home page. So, Tony — I have a few questions for you. Why do you think it might be your late ex mother-in-law? And what is the experience with Spirit? Was it on the same day as the Marble appearing? Give me some more details! Thanks!
        ~Love and light,


  2. Hi. I recently have also been finding marbles. My first two in my bedroom were clear crystal ball like, the second I booted while walking my dog on the common, the third in our alleyway – white blue and green – as i was getting in my husband’s car, and lastly, the forth in our conservatory – jet black. Last Sunday, 29th dec 2015, I had gone on a motor bike ride with my husband and stopped at a country cafe and as i was standing in the queue, there on the floor in front of me by the doors was a a clear marble with a blue feather twist inside. I don’t get it.


    1. Hello Joanne! I would say that someone in Spirit is trying to get your attention. See if you can find any link between the various locations and someone you know who passed. Write all these places down on a piece of paper and see if a pattern of associations doesn’t emerge. And once you figure it out, please tell us!

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. I look forward to the next installation, Joanne.

      Love and light,


    2. Hi. I find marbles in the sand, in my yard. They are different colors. BUT, they are crackled, just on the inside. They are smooth on the outside. I found one this morning. All I saw was a glint. Dug it out, and surprise! Same thing. Crackled on the inside. I have lived here for 2 years. And have found 8 marbles.


      1. Hi Shirley!

        Thanks for commenting. How fun to find so many marbles! Do you have any sense of who might be behind the marbles? Are you paying attention to where you’re finding them? Is there a pattern? Consider the colors – is there a connection to needed healing in your body (Chakra colors)?

        Love and light,


      2. Hi. Greetings from Ireland. Strange unexplained things regularly happen to me and only a few nights ago I was sitting watching tv with my wife and little one gone to bed. Now I was in our sitting room which has an adjoining double door which leads to my kitchen which I left partially open. I heard a shuffling/shifting noise from the kitchen which caught my attention and then a marble type ball came quickly STRAIGHT through the open door into the room that I was sitting in at high speed and just a little over the carpet. It was very colourful and revolving like it was motorized. Now I got a shock to say the least and was startled for a few seconds and I said to myself that I have to go and find this marble…but it had vanished as if it never existed. I checked my wife and little one and they were both fast asleep. What on earth does this mean?
        Denis McAuliffe


      3. Wow! Denis, that is an amazing story — a marble zipping about in the air! So, it shot out (or rolled out) of the kitchen to where you were in the sitting room and when you when to get a closer look, it had just disappeared? Did you find anything amiss in the kitchen? Tell me more about your other “strange things that happen.” Have you ever seen or felt a Spirit in your home? It seems to me that they are trying to get your attention, and doing quite a good job of it!

        Love and light,


      4. Hi. It’s Shirley again. I was out in the yard again. I looked down, and there was another marble. I really started looking. After about 5 minutes, I found a total of 5 marbles. All crackled on the inside, smooth on the outter side. What’s going on?

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been finding marbles in odd places, too. On top of a snow bank at the side of a country road, in a silverware pouch that the family silver came in, on the basement floor. Not sure if I can connect them in any way…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I found a green marble yesterday and a blue one today. Just moved to a new place it is on a farm. My children are older I know they aren’t mine. I found the other at other house by door. Not sure what to think of this I do find dimes and pennies often.


    1. Hello Tracy! Is someone in Spirit trying to get your attention? Pay attention to the various locations you find the marbles, and see if a pattern of associations doesn’t emerge. A physical house is also representative of one’s own body – consider the metaphysical energy system of the chakras, the colors. Are there messages within?

      Love and light,


  5. Many years ago after the birth of my first child we were living in a small rental looking for a home for rent. My husbands aunt called to ask us if we would like to rent her rental home because she was evicting the current tenants.

    My husband did not want to live there because it was the home his uncle had committed suicide in many years before. I discussed with him the opportunity to live in a huge four bedroom home with a large backyard for very cheap rent and we couldn’t pass it up! Finally he agreed and we went to see the house after the tenants moved.

    Well they all smoked inside and the house was a stinky mess! So I agreed to clean and repaint the house in exchange for a deposit. His aunt agreed and we got to work painting cleaning and repairing the home before we moved in.

    On the last day of cleaning everyone left the home except his aunt and myself. I was just tidying up the remaining cleaning supplies and putting it all in the garage when she came to me and handed me the new keys for the locks she just changed. She then left and went home.

    After everyone was gone I went to every room of the house and made sure they were empty and did a little prayer through the house.

    As I was leaving I grabbed a towel and wiped the kitchen counter from one end to the other and tossed the towel in the garage, looked back at my new clean kitchen, smiled and then left.

    I went back to the house first thing in the morning and walked in the kitchen to find a black shiny rock sitting on the counter.

    I know it was not there the night before it was the last place I looked at after I wiped it down.

    I called my aunt to ask her if she came back last night and she didn’t. No one had been in that house and she and I were the only two people to have keys.

    I put the rock in my pocket and went on with moving in. When my mother arrived to help I told her what happened and I showed her the rock. She told me that it was not a rock but it was an apache tear. In fact it was the largest apache tear she had ever seen. She took it outside to show me that we could see through it when held up to the sun.

    It was then that I put it together, the apache tear was a gift from our late uncle who was full American Indian and he was still there.

    In the couple years that we lived there, my mother, my son, my best friend and I had all seen him on several occasions.

    When we moved out and I had the opportunity to sit in the empty house alone once again I had a full conversation with him. He some how figured out how to turn the bedroom light on and off. one blink for yes, two for no. I thought maybe I was going nuts but the questions I asked and the answers I got I verified with my aunt. It was him.

    The apache tear is still with me, right now it sits on my desk as a reminder that I am always protected.


  6. Today I was at the park walking back home and I dropped my phone on the ground and right there was clear marble. Does a clear marble have any specific meaning? Just wondering.
    Thanks 😊


    1. Hello Isabel! I am not sure if I can attribute a specific meaning to a clear marble, accept that it would reflect white light, which is the highest of vibrations. Let the marble soak up sunlight, and hold it in your prayers. It might bring some extra clarity to the answer. ALSO… on Saturday morning, while cleaning my apartment, I gave my brother Merle, a task to either send me a marble or have someone say “marble” to me in the next week–as a sign that he’s around me. About two hours later, in the mediumship class I teach late Saturday mornings, one of my students said “marbles” during our discussion. And now, a day later, you have found a marble, and drawn my attention to Merle’s marble story. So, I would say he’s delivering! From that point of view, I say to you Isabel, “Thank you, from both of us!” Keep watching for marbles; perhaps you’ll end up with a bowl of marbles from Spirit just like I did! In love and light, Renee


  7. I have a green marble that keeps following me in my house. I keep putting it away and it keeps showing up randomly in my home. Today it was next to a penny heads up which represents a boy that died 8 years ago…not sure who the marble is …maybe my best friend carl who was murdered 2 years ago…


    1. Hello Charlene!
      Now that’s interesting…a marble that follows you around. Pay close attention to all the places it shows up, and see if you can draw connections, as you did to the boy who died. It could be that a variety of spirits are working together to simply let you know that they are alive in Spirit. Take it a step further, even. Say to your friend, that you’d like to find the marble in a place that connects to her – you can keep it to yourself, write it on a piece of paper, or say it aloud. Experiment and see what happens – and then report back!
      ~In love and light,


  8. Hi Renee, During the past couple weeks, I have been finding marbles under one of our trees in the backyard. The first three times, it was one at a time, then today, two within a few feet of each other. I didn’t know if the dog was digging them up from the dirt, but they’ve all been found within the same couple square yards outside our back door. We are out there a lot because it’s near the grill, so I’m actively looking at this point. It made me worry a little because the dog could accidentally ingest one and choke, but they’re smallish and smooth. I posted this on FB just a little while ago and one of my friends linked me to your site. What I didn’t post publically is that the location is under the bedroom window of my deceased daughter. She died in that room. She leaves signs for me all the time, and I make sure to collect the coins, but this is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing the story of Merle. It warms my heart that they are still busy on the other side, dreaming up ways to connect and affirm their love for us. It never ends.


    1. Joanne,
      Wow – I got shivers reading your story. Yes, it does sound like your daughter is VERY busy gathering marbles to show you she’s there with you. Life goes on and love shines brightly through the Veil! You must have a cup of marbles by now as well! If you send me a photo, I’ll be happy to share at the bottom of my post. My email:
      ~In love and light, Renee


  9. I lost my Dad suddenly last year. He was my best friend, my rock and the person to whom I was closest to in this world. I in turn was those things to him. I have been finding random dimes ever since and being a true believer in Spirit, know it is him just letting me know he is still with me. The places where I find them sometimes just make me giggle. For awhile I was finding nickels, at which time I joked with him that he was only thinking about me half as much! That was short-lived. I have had a few situations since I lost him where I certainly wanted to talk to him and hear his words of wisdom. I have been noticing an awful lot of butterflies around me these days also. Place in which butterflies normally wouldn’t be. They will actually touch me on occasion. I looked up butterflies on the internet and read about their meaning of Spirit messages and rebirth the same way a butterfly goes from caterpillar to pupa to butterfly that flies away after freeing itself from the cocoon. As I am struggling with a major decision in my life right now, which essentially would be a re-birth of sorts, I took that to mean I am on the right path. Two days ago I was moving things into a new storage locker that I am renting from someone in my condo building. How I came to even get a spare locker for one and then this particular locker and the person who owns it is in itself a very strange story (most may not even see how incredible it is) but as I am also a believer in signs and just going with things that happen I knew it was for a reason. Before I started loading all my boxes into the locker, I noticed a clear marble in the middle of the floor. It is pristine, which is amazing considering where it was. I immediately looked to see if there was a meaning for marbles and came across this story. Amazing. Thank you for sharing. I am hoping to have more marbles left for me also. I feel it is my Dad encouraging me to stay on this path of re-birth and know he will still be here for me when I need him.


    1. I love your story, Penny. These are perfect examples of how our Loved Ones in Spirit work with us, for desperate are they to let us know they live on, and they love and support us in all our Earthly challenges. Thank you for taking time to tell your story with my readers!
      ~In love and light, Renee


  10. My mother was my best friend and for the past 7 years, I have found marbles. My son is moving into my parent’s home. Yesterday he was pulling up the carpet He was down to the carpet pad and it stopped and said “here mom”. It was another marble. In between the carpet and the pad.


  11. This is the first time I’ve come across other situations like ours. We moved to our home eleven years ago and my eldest and I have found marbles of all kinds surfacing and some buried some just sitting on top the ground in the backyard. We also have found a few old toys including a sawdust filled lion. Now I cannot explain how something like a cloth lion would have survived outside long. As far as I know no one has actually passed in our home, however I have been told many times in my life that I have a safe passage or portal around me for comforting spirits and a healer of two realms. Different people – strangers, told me that so I think that’s interesting not many people just go around freely talking about that stuff unless compelled. We definitely are not alone. My grandma was murdered last year and my toddler has told me she is in the garden several times now.


    1. Hello Jennifer!

      Thank you for commenting here. Sounds like there’s a LOT of loving Spirit activity around you, and I would say that a Spirit left that lion for your child to play with. Could it be your grandmother? Does the timing fit? Also – a lion might represent astrological LEO (her, you, your child), so see if that fits. If so, just take it as evidence. I love that your child can see your grandmother. Many children can see Spirit when young and lose the ability after a time. Ask your child as much as you can and record it in a book or by tape. There should be plenty of evidential information if you ask specific questions. What is grandma doing? Wearing? Saying? Where does she live? Why does she visit? You get the idea. Proof that our Spirits live on, and that their love for us endures. Keep us posted! I’m so curious!

      Love and light,


  12. For the second time in 3 days I found perfect pristine white marbles close to 2 different wooded areas! I truly believe an angel s by them to me and are trying to convey a message! What could it be??? Does anyone know???


  13. Hi. I am adding my comments as ever since I was a little girl I would find random marbles . I would run inside and tell my mum that the fairies had left me a marble. As I have gone through life, 60 years this year, the gift of marbles has continued . in my case it seems that they are sent to me when I need to be reminded that I am not alone. Instances of this has been when I am unsure of which path to follow, bereavements, confirmation that I am following spirit guidance. I write today because I found a marble today. It made me smile so much and give thanks as I have been questioning my path in so much as whether to continue or retreat and I feel clear to continue. Marbles are magic and spirit .


  14. Well said, Janice! “Marbles are magic and spirit.” I too am always uplifted when I get my signs from my loved ones in Spirit. And I agree – they seem to come when we most need them…or when we ask for them!

    Love and blessing to you, Janice!


  15. Hi Renee,

    I came across your beautiful marble story just now when I was searching for “marble symbolism.”

    Earlier today I took a guided meditation tour and the leader had us walk into a small house in the woods. In the house was a roaring fire in the fireplace, and in front of the fireplace was a low table (altar) with a few objects. The objects that materialized for me were all natural (pine cone, acorn, antlers, etc) except for one thing: a bowl full of marbles.

    Marbles have not been particularly meaningful for me in the past, so I was curious as to why they showed up in my meditation. Then I read the part in your story about how Merle said that your marbles symbolized “gathering insight and making progress towards your goals,” and everything clicked for me.

    I loved everyone’s marble stories in the comment section… I hope this is the beginning of finding marbles for me too!



    1. Hi Bets! Wow. That’s very interesting that a bowl of marbles showed up on your altar. I look at my marbles every single day and am reminded of my connection to Merle and others in Spirit, reminding me of my goals…and I just keep going! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story.
      Love and light,


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