BLOG: The Story of Tiffani and Tiara

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As the energy of the holiday season swirls around us, we are reminded that our Loved Ones in Spirit have been busy working with us and through us to bring love and joy and comfort to those especially in need. Today, I bring you a special story about a daughter in Spirit who put her mother on a (challenging) mission of love.

In October, I met for the second time with Tiffani, a client whose daughter had passed into Spirit in January of 2015.  While our second reading was chock full of interesting evidence and inspiration, it is the remarkable story of our first reading in September 2016 and the events which followed it, that Tiffani and I have collaborated on for today’s post. We hope you enjoy it!

All about turquoise

As with most readings, I seldom recall many details (as they are not meant for the medium to hold), but with Tiffani a few things stood out so strongly that I’ve never forgotten them.

RB's jewelry_sm
Renee’s jewelry

Often, as I get myself ready for the reading, I will be inspired to wear certain colors of clothing or jewelry or even to set out something special for my client. At that moment, I never know the “why” of it, I just follow the energetic promptings of Spirit and learn the significance later. The morning of my first sitting with Tiffani, I was reaching for my favorite silver earrings, when my hand was literally redirected in favor of  my turquoise Buddha leaf earrings. I honored the “request” for it was more than a little nudge, and then happily dug out my turquoise bracelet as well.

Tiffani’s necklace on the day of the reading

When I went to greet Tiffani at the front gate, the first thing I noticed was her beautiful turquoise jewelry.  “Aha!” I exclaimed. “I knew there was a reason I was inspired to wear turquoise today.”

Surprised, Tiffani responded, “I wore this in honor of my daughter. She loved turquoise. In fact, when she died, we buried her in a custom turquoise casket.”

TurquoiseCasket_croppedWow! So it had been Tiffani’s daughter  who’d already been working with me and turquoise was a powerful  piece of evidence. We agreed to not speak any further about her daughter, as I wanted to be able to bring the information through as evidence during our reading.

The Reading

One of the things I always admire about Spirit communicators is how creative they can be in their attempts to get a medium like me—who works primarily as a clairvoyant—to say what they need me to say. In this case, as Tiffani’s daughter came into focus, she was wearing a sparkly headband, and it seemed to have things sticking out of it. It surprised me a little, as I had the strong sense that Tiffani’s daughter might have outgrown such

Tiara in one of her “goofy” headbands

headbands, but Tiffani validated the message. Her daughter’s name is Tiara and Tiara loved to wear goofy headbands. Apparently, she still does! So we were off to a good start.

Now, the rest of the reading gets pretty fuzzy for me, so I’ve invited Tiffani to recount from her notes and memory this part of the reading and then, most importantly, what happened as a result of “the mission” Tiara set her upon.

Tiffani’s story

“I started a home staging business about 6 months after Tiara passed away.  I would spend a significant amount of time with each homeowner, helping them get their property ready to sell.  I would declutter and then add new accessories, candlespillows, art, etc.  During my first reading with Renee, it was clear that Tiara was aware of my staging business. Renee said that Tiara went with me to all the houses I worked in and saw how I helped change the energy for the homeowners.  She said I made people happy and she was proud of my work. 

The mission

During this part of the reading Renee said that Tiara wanted to talk about my male client. When she said this, I knew exactly about whom she was talking. She said that Tiara wanted me to return to his house because he needed more help from me.  Tiara instructed me to add some candles and live plants, to change the energy further.  UGH! Now, this client, David, was a very difficult man and I did not want to return to his home. He was in the middle of a divorce and was devastated. He was also intense and opinionated, a perfectionist with a bad temper—a temper that actually scared me on several occasions.

FatherDaughterDespite all these qualities, I could see he did have a good heart. While working with him, I learned he had a daughter.  She was a freshman at college and played sports.  He had coached her throughout her high school years and had been very involved in her life, despite his intense work schedule. His daughter was clearly the light of his life, but sadly, at this point, they were not speaking. She was siding with her mother and according to David, “she didn’t want anything to do with him,” which hurt him deeply. He took a leave of absence from work.  Prior to the divorce, he worked 12- 14 hour days, negotiating deals for a major company, but now he moped around his house all day wondering what he had done wrong.  He began to confide in me about his life while I worked in his home. In time, he became very attached to me, to the point that I was a bit concerned and now Tiara wanted me to go back and talk to him!  I tried to have Renee convey to Tiara that I couldn’t go back.  But Tiara was insistent. I needed to go meet with him. 

The heart of the matter

At that point in time, David’s home had been on the market for 3 months.  It should have sold in the first few weeks, but every offer he received, he rejected. And now there was no activity at all. The day after my reading with Renee, I emailed David fernand told him we needed to meet. I didn’t tell him why I was coming over, but he was excited to see me. I arrived at his home the next day with two ferns, a few candles and a beautiful white artificial floral arrangement I had made myself. 

Before the meeting I had spent a lot of time thinking about why Tiara wanted me to go see David. I guessed that it was because of his daughter. When I arrived, we sat on the couch and I told him about my reading and how Tiara wanted me to come back and help him.  I asked him if he had been talking to his daughter. He said they still weren’t speaking.  I felt increasingly confident that this was the mission: David needed to work on his relationship with his daughter and I told him so.  My daughter in spirit sent me to him, so he could work on rebuilding the relationship with his daughter. 

He seemed at a loss as to how to go about it, so I made some suggestions: “Text her something nice everyday, whether she responds or not.  Send her flowers, candy, anything.  She is a girl and girls love to be spoiled.  Don’t give up on her.  If she is rude, who cares?  Do whatever you can to make it right.  Set aside your pride and beg to be in her life.” 

David was being difficult and kept coming up with excuses as to why he couldn’t do what I was suggesting. Frustrated, I finally responded, “My daughter is dead; yours is not.  Find a way to fix this!”

The power of love

A week later I called David’s real estate agent to ask about his house and her response thrilled me.

“Oh my gosh! It’s crazy all of the sudden. I couldn’t even get a showing a few weeks ago and this week I received 3 offers on his house. People are fighting over it! I’ve never seen anything like it!” 

HouseSoldI laughed and told her about my reading with Renee, my instructions from Tiara and my meeting with David.

He ultimately accepted one of the offers and when I returned a few weeks later to pick up my staging items, David was a different person, a happy person! 

Father and daughter, reunited 

He had followed my advice and was now in communication with his daughter. With the help of Renee and me, Tiara orchestrated the reunion of a father and his daughter, two people who needed each other during a difficult time. I’m sure Tiara was quite excited about what she had put in motion!

Further validations

In addition to this amazing story, Tiara also provided many more validations during our first reading to confirm that she was regularly visiting us.  For example, she knew about her little sister having braces, which didn’t happen until after Tiara had passed away.  She knew about our little dog Stella who we got two months after her passing.  She also knew her sister was studying for her real estate exam.  There was so much evidence of Tiara’s presence, it was clear she was right there in the room with me.

I’m grateful to have found Renee to connect me with Tiara.  I know Tiara is always around but sometimes I need to really be reminded that she truly is with me.  Renee provides me this gift.”

Thank you, Tiffani!

HeartArtGreat story, right? I don’t know about you, but it makes me smile from the inside out.

You know, it really wasn’t easy for Tiffani to follow through on her daughter’s request. I still recall the look of unease on her face when the request came in…but she did it anyway. She understood what was at stake for David and his daughter in a way that only a parent who has lost a child can understand. And because Tiffani was willing to step out of her comfort zone and act on faithliterally on the urging of her daughter in SpiritDavid and his daughter, two people who needed

Tiffani and Tiara_1
Tiara and Tiffani

each other in a time of crisis, were reunited in love.

I am so grateful to Tiara and Tiffani both for choosing me to be the messenger in this loving mission and to be able to share their story with you. They are quite the inspiring duo, don’t you think? And, we can’t forget about David’s courage in this story. He was lost in heartbreak and rejection…but somehow, with Tiffani’s encouragement, found his way back to his daughter and the rest, as they say, is history.

We are asked by God, by our guides, by our Loved Ones on The Other Side every single day to act lovingly on behalf of others. How do you heed the call when it comes? What will it take for you or me to move out of our comfort zones to help others, to love others before ourselves?

As we move into a fresh new year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on these questions, and perhaps to follow Tiffani’s example. Pay attention to those promptings from Spirit and commit yourself to loving acts for friends and strangers alike.  And then…share the joy: report back via the comments below and inspire the rest of us.

Best wishes to you all for a blessed holiday season and a very merry new year!

In love and light,




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