What are Whispers from the Light?  A whisper is a soft-spoken name, the laughter of a child, the image of a pocket watch, the smell of a cigar, the sensation of profound love and devotion. Whispers are gifts from the World of Spirit, the Other Side, Heaven — or however you understand or perceive the World Beyond. Whispers are the way in which our Loved Ones and our Spirit Guides reach out to us — sometimes directly, sometimes through people in your daily life, and sometimes via the aid of a Spirit Medium.

That would be me, Renee Buck. Nice to meet you.

A personal history: People often ask me how long I’ve been a medium, and I never know how best to answer that. We are all mediums. We are all “wired” to communicate with Spirit. Some of us simply have a strong passion for it, a talent, an aptitude, a gift — much as a natural athlete or talented musician have gifts.

Various metaphysical experiences in my life have included out-of-body experiences as a young child, nighttime Spirit visits from my sister Susie and brother Merle when I was still a teenager, and prophetic dreams (those that come true) beginning in my 30’s. It wasn’t until my 40’s however, that I began to consciously develop my gift, and learn more about the underlying metaphysical science in combination with the art of message interpretation.

A turning point: In the spring of 2002, when a prophetic dream revealed a painful personal event to me, even as it was unfolding thousands of miles away, I sought answers. “How was I getting this information in my dreams? Who was communicating with me? And why?” A friend suggested I visit a Spiritualist church just a mile from my new home in Lynn, Massachusetts. “Maybe someone there can answer your questions,” he said. And someone there did.

Swampscott Church of Spiritualism in Massachusetts

My instruction begins: On my first visit to the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism, I met Nancy Strickland, a lifelong Spiritualist, and an exceptional medium and teacher. Upon describing my dreams over coffee after church, she invited me to begin developing my gift under her tutelage.

As I explored and experimented with my abilities under Nancy’s loving guidance, I continued to study with many other teachers at various Spiritualist churches and elsewhere, steadily deepening my knowledge and application of the  science and art of Spirit Message work, or Mediumship.

The Science and Art of Mediumship: Spirit works with us through the manipulation and channeling of energy. It’s  much like tuning an antennae to a radio station, but at a much higher, finer level of vibration — a vibrational whisper, so to speak.  That is the Science of Mediumship, put simply. The messages are transmitted with the help of our Spirit Guides, and received by Mediums in a code of sorts, thereby protecting the privacy of the “sitter,” for whom the message is directed. Learning to interpret the code, or symbology, and to deliver messages with love and respect for both parties (on Earth and on The Other Side) is the Art of Mediumship.

Sharing my gift: I have been a practicing medium for 15 years now. It was in my seventh year that I decided to bring my message work to the Web. It was time to bring my gift to those who seek it and can benefit from it; time to do the work I was meant to do.

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Location: Hollywood, California.

2 thoughts on “About Whispers

  1. I looked up why marbles keep popping up out of nowhere and it lead me here, we bought a house in Hollywood Florida 17 yrs ago and I worked on the Yard and turned the soil and so on and prior to the yard work and after that for 10 yrs, marbles, specifically clearies of all colors kept showing up in areas where they weren’t in areas I passed every day 100s of times. Then we moved to a rental and lived there 8 years and not one single Marble. It’s been a year since we moved and bought a new home close to 4 hrs away from where we used to live within the first week I started finding clearies this time only one color (clear) in areas where I have passed 100s of times that weren’t there, like the average would be 1 every two months. I connect it something spiritual in nature, a couple of thing that happened in the Hollywood house was in the summer around 3 in the afternoon I saw a really bright Orb cross the yard and in to the walk of the house during day light. I walked to where I saw the orb go into the walk and there was a black singe mark like someone held a lighter or match to it. Then we felt like there was a Ghost a little girl is what we both felt. At that time our daughter was about 8 and she was on the computer in the office my wide was in the kitchen doing dishes and I was in the the bedroom when I saw at the corner of my eye a little girl running from the kitchen to the bedroom and I asked what I thought was my daughter what are you doing silly girl and saw she was wearing whir PJs lie. She had taken a bath, and my wife thought it was my daughter and I did and when we went to the office and she was busy on the computer in her school uniform. Then I used to prank my daughter when she wasn’t looking and flip her ponytail and one day my daughter was on the computer when her ponytail flipped and she thought is was me but I was asleep in our room. At this new house nothin like any orbs have show up or feeling like someone is there just the marbles. My wife said she always said she felt like someone was staring at her in the Hollywood house, nothing scary just a feeling. It was always peaceful not scary. Just thought I would share. P.A. Form Tampa


    1. Hi Patrick,

      Wow. Great story. It kind of sounds like the Spirit of a little girl was there and wanting to play with your daughter. Did you ever know if a little girl passed into Spirit while living in that house? It might be interesting to know. Sometimes Spirits don’t find their way to the light for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are disoriented and afraid to go to the light, because they want to stay close to their family on Earth. Spiritualists call helping such Earthbound spirits “rescue work” and simply open the doorway to The Other Side and encourage the Spirits to go through. One day, I’m sure she’ll find her way. As to your current house, well – that could just be your Loved Ones in Spirit getting your attention again. Enjoy!

      Love and light,


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