BLOG: We are the Hand of God

Hello my friends,

I have never before brought politics into this blog, but as I reflect on this past year, I felt there was benefit in sharing a personal story from election night, a year ago.

A destiny met…
November 8, 2016 is a day that will be forever etched into the memory of many of us. Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. And Hillary Clinton, despite having a popular lead of over 3 million votes, was not. The reasons for this are still being debated around the world, and I have had plenty to say about it, but again and again, I am reminded by Spirit that I was shown the reason for Donald Trump’s “win” on election night, and must trust that all is unfolding as it is meant to do. Yes, as hard as it is for me to say it, destiny played a significant role in the election of Donald Trump. He was indeed meant to be our president, and will ultimately serve to bring positive and long-needed change to our government.

The night of…
The slate of emotions I felt as the election results came in may sound familiar to the Democrats among you: slight concern early in the night shifted to worry, then to fear, then to palpable anxiety, and ultimately to shock and crushing sadness with a healthy side of anger. When Hillary conceded, I cried. I wondered what would happen to our country in the hands of a man like Donald Trump, whose hateful rhetoric, predatory behavior, and sheer ignorance of history and key issues both stung and appalled. What would happen to all the people I loved who were of color? Of non-traditional gender identities? What of the immigrants and non-native English speakers? Those who are not Christians? Would the war on women’s rights get worse? What about healthcare? The poor?

My mind was reeling. How could this happen? Here, in America? In 2016? 

Honestly, I didn’t just cry. I sobbed–for all that had already happened, for all that was sure to come. I felt vulnerable, a witness to the rape of our strong beautiful country at the hands of hateful, corrupt, and powerful men. I felt suddenly a stranger in my own land: half of my country was happily complicit in allowing hate and greed and sexism and racism and xenophobia and corruption to find a place in the highest seat of the land. Complicit.

After Hillary’s concession speech, I turned off the election coverage and sat quietly, contemplating a reality I never anticipated. I closed my eyes, slid into meditation and made my heartbroken appeal. “Spirit, how could this happen? What ever could be the point?!”

Immediately, into my mind’s eye came a violent black tornado, spinning with filth and grime and debris. And as it grew and moved, it gathered even more to it, creating a wide swath of destruction. This tornado, Spirit made clear, represented our new government (how apt an analogy, in retrospect!). As I watched, a powerful light in the form of a great hand dipped into the top of the tornado, and as the black cloud swirled, white fingers of light began to pierce the sides of the tornado, and I could see the refuse that was hiding inside. Once visible, it was cast out. In time, as the fingers of light continued combing through the blackness, the tornado government became more and more exposed, until it finally lost its power and ultimately disappeared.

My whole body sighed. “All right, Spirit. If this is about uncovering and dispelling darkness, I get it. I understand it and I accept it,” I said out loud. A pledge. But I knew in my heart, I would still be resisting the new administration every step of the way and with every fiber of my being. And so I have. And realize now, was meant to do.

The Women’s March – just the beginning

The fingers of light…
The Women’s March, held the day after the inauguration, was the first time after the election that my heart felt lighter. I was not alone. Millions of women and men around the world felt what I felt, and we would not be quiet about it. We could not be quiet. We would all resist. And…so we have. And were meant to do. For we all would be the fingers of light, the vehicles through which God, or the Universe, would work. Using our minds, using our voices, using our telephones, our petitions, our marches, our votes, we would carry the torch.

It’s been a long, sometimes painful, often frustrating year of reflection and resistance. But whenever I have felt especially disillusioned by the actions of our current administration, actions that chip away at what is truly good about this country, actions that hurt those I love and care about, actions that harm our environment, I take myself back to that moment of clarity, back to the Hand of God clearing the darkness from our governing bodies. I renew my trust in the process, and keep going.

Robert Mueller, Special Investigator

Today, a full year later, never could I have imagined the scope and scale of the corruption in our government, nor the force of that light which is just beginning to shine upon it. The Universe is indeed conspiring as it works through each one of us, and through the men and women in Central Intelligence, investigative journalism, political and environmental activism and education, the ACLU and like organizations. These combined forces of light are together rooting out greed and corruption and criminal activity on a scale never before seen in this country. It will take time, but I have no doubt that this destructive black tornado of a government will be fully laid bare and its power destroyed, paving the way for a new government built again on the core values of our country and guided by the laws and civil rights laid out in our constitution.

Results are already coming in…
Last month’s local and gubernatorial elections across the country saw democrats winning back seats, while women, minorities and members of the LGBTQ community made significant inroads in the fight toward equality and representation. Many of those running had never run for office before, but were energized and driven to seek office in efforts to maintain a fair and reasonable system of governance. And I am personally grateful to them all.

Beyond politics…
Explosive revelations of long hidden patterns of sexual assault and harassment by men in positions of power from Hollywood to Washington D.C. are being made by brave women and men across the country. This is most certainly a spillover reaction to our current president, and all a part of this country’s destiny.

It is ironic that the election of Donald Trump will ultimately advance our society, but not without every one of us doing our part. The election result was a destiny point, and only that. Working in the light of goodness, we will raise our country up and out this long dark night.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

7 thoughts on “BLOG: We are the Hand of God

  1. Very well said, I pray all the time for the darkness to be cleared. We have many people in agreement, thank you for your post.


  2. I hope you are right. Although I do see signs of a swing back to SANITY, I also see more and more horrible things being done by Congress. Just today, Trump endorsed a sexual predator for Senate.


  3. hi Renee, an interesting read. I admire ( and envy) your optimism as it surely must make it easier to get through the days. I hope you are right, but how much damage has and will be done before the “hand of god” is effective and how much longer will it take to repair the damage?


    1. Hi Sharon! I don’t know how I missed this one. Well, it’s a few months later, and I remain optimistic that WE will win over the darkness at hand. I cast my ballot today and it felt great. I actually thought of this blog post, the years of resistance, the fatiguing and yet relentless drive for good. I read in neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander’s book, “Proof of Heaven” that Free Will and Evil are inherently connected.

      He wrote, “I could see that Earth was a place where good and evil mixed, and that this constituted on of its unique features. Even on Earth there was so much more good than evil, but Earth is a place where evil is allowed to gain influence in a way that would be entirely impossible at higher levels of existence. That evil could occasionally have the upper hand was known and allowed by the Creator as a necessary consequence of giving the gift of free will to beings like us.”

      His Near Death Experience (NDE) confirmed to me what I have believed. We are here to RESIST evil, to overcome the darkness within and without. These past four years have been a tremendous test of the fabric of our country, our world, our humanity. I do see good winning, though hard won for sure.

      Thank you for reading and commenting! I miss our long conversations.

      Much love to you, my friend!


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