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Happy New Year, my friends! To start the year, I have a very special story to share with you – one of deep love, inspiration, and enlightenment that I’m certain you’ll enjoy.

Sally’s Story


My dear friend, Sally.

In early November, my college friend Sally kept popping into my head. We hadn’t checked in with each other for a while, so I wrote a quick “How are you?” email. To my surprise,  Sally responded with an extraordinary story of Spirit communication! And the wonderful news is that she has generously agreed to let me share it with you.

Sally has had one of those years. You know what I mean: when the Universe throws everything at you all at once. Sink or swim in the deep end of life. But just as the Universe takes away, it inevitably gives back in unexpected ways, often accompanied by the realization that all is as it’s meant to be.

Here is Sally’s incredible story that lies at the intersection of love and faith.

The Pact

Last winter, Sally moved in with her elderly mother, Donna. At 81, Donna was becoming increasingly frail and needed some loving assistance. The blessing in this arrangement was that for the first time in decades, Sally


Sally’s mother, Donna

and her mother were able to spend leisurely evenings and weekends together, exploring all manner of topics in a way they had never done before. One evening, the conversation moved to the topic of “what happens after we die.”

Mother and daughter decided to make a pact: whoever died first would try to communicate across the veil to the other. Sally and Donna didn’t go so far as to set up a code word or even a specific means of communication; they just decided they would try, because they believed it was possible.

Donna passes into Spirit

In March, Donna took a fall that put her in the hospital. It was a fall from which she would not recover, and Sally’s mother passed unexpectedly, yet peacefully into Spirit. Donna had  often said over recent years that she was happy to go on to the realm of Spirit, that she was ready. For Sally and her siblings however, it wasn’t so easy.  The experience of losing one’s mother can leave one feeling like a ship without anchor on wind-tossed seas, but one miraculous event in the midst of Sally’s grief gave her strength she didn’t know she had.

Breaking through the Veil

It was 10 days after Donna’s passing, and two weeks before a larger memorial service was to be held. Sally got into bed that night, leaving her laptop within reach. Normally, the laptop spent the night on the dresser, but this was no normal night.

In the wee hours of the morning, Sally was woken by her mother’s voice, “Wake up, Sally! Wake up! Sally, wake up!” The voice got louder and stock-footage-hands-typing-on-a-laptop-keyboardlouder until it pulled Sally out of a deep slumber. At the urging of her mother, Sally felt compelled to turn on her laptop.  She opened a blank document and just started typing and then her mother took over. The words flowed rapidly through Sally’s fingers and onto the page. The awaited contact!

Now, if this were to happen to me, a trained medium, you might think it wasn’t anything particularly out of the ordinary. But Sally is no “traditional” medium. In fact, despite being a good friend of mine for over 30 years, Sally wasn’t yet to the point of feeling comfortable sitting for a reading with me. I just waited for the day she might be. And never did I imagine, and certainly nor did she, that Sally would be her own medium!

Below is the dialogue that ensued between Sally and her mother, Donna (in Spirit) on Sally’s computer. Ellipses (…) represent comments personal to Sally that I removed.

April 2, 2015 – 3:18am 

Sally: OK, here’s some weird stuff. I feel like Mom is channeling through this computer to me. I feel like she is keeping me from falling asleep. She is trying to tell me…

Mom: I love you all so much. I know you did your best for me. I tried to do my best for every one of you, but I had to go. Take care of Tom (Sally’s brother). … You and I said that we would try to contact each other once I was dead, so this is what I’m trying to do. I am happy. My soul is happy, but I’m trying to do what I can for all of you. Just take care of Tom. You will know how to do it when you have a question, because I will speak to your soul. I love you all.

Sally: What else can I do mom? What should I do?

Mom: Know that I am watching you, all of you. Don’t fight. Keep everyone together. Know that I am here. I love all the grandkids, every one of them the same. Help them all, trust your instincts.

Sally: Mom, help me give you the best eulogy I can.

Mom: I will and you can do it well. You can be a writer if you really want to be. I am with you. I will help you.

Sally: What was it like to die?

Mom It was weird. I went on a journey through a tunnel. I am on The Other Side but I can try to communicate with you once in a while, if you are hearing me. And you are hearing me, Sally. Sally, you wanted me to try and communicate with you, so I am.

I am excited to go to the next step. It is so great not to hurt anymore. I hurt more than I told any of you I did. 

I am not your mother anymore. It is wonderful here. It is wonderful where I am going. I’m still not all there yet.

Sally: Can I go to sleep now? What else do you want to say?

Mom: Just that you should do your best by everyone. Don’t forget. Now go to sleep.

Did you just say, “Wow”? Because that’s what I said when I read it. It’s a fabulously clear communication filled with love — and it provides us a rare insight into what happens to a Loved One after so-called death.

There are many lines of communication from Donna that support, in surprisingly candid terms, much of my own work as a medium and Life-Between-Lives hypnotherapist, reaffirming the work of Dr. Michael Newton, as shared in my favorite metaphysical book, Destiny of Souls.

So, let’s break this conversation down a little bit, and see what Donna is really saying.

On Spirit Communications

“You and I said that we would try to contact each other once I was dead, so this is what I’m trying to do.”

“You will know how to do it when you have a question, because I will speak to your soul.”

“I am on The Other Side but I can try to communicate with you once in a while, if you are hearing me. And you are hearing me, Sally.”

Contrary to the premise of the once popular TV show, Ghost Whisperer, where Spirits finally cross over to The Other Side never to be heard from again, this message from Donna makes clear that our Loved Ones in Spirit are as near as we need them to be, for as long as we need them to be. In truth, our Loved Ones speak to us often in response to our needs or prayers. All we have to do is to find the quiet within and listen when they speak to our souls.

Did you notice the time? 3:18am. Spirit is most active between 2am and 4am,when the ambient noise and Earth energy is at a low, so it’s not surprising that Donna chose this time to communicate. Meditating in quiet and calm nature settings may also bring you the same ease of communication.

On Spirit Presence

Know that I am watching you, all of you…Know that I am here.”

When we call on our Loved Ones, when we grieve them or just think of them, they are immediately at our sides with love and support for all we do.  Have you ever experienced the sudden shift in emotion when you think of a Loved One? One moment you’re fine, and the next you’re crying, and you say to yourself, “Where did that come from?” It’s the energy of pure love that those in Spirit share with you when they are close – it opens and softens our hearts, and tears often follow.

Now, there is what mediums refer to as a “black-out” period, which extends somewhere between 2 weeks after one’s passing to as long as 6 months, when the Spirit is less communicative. Why? Because they are busy reintegrating their current life soul-energy into the whole of their soul, and moving through life review and reflection with their Spirit Guides and counselors. Don’t be dismayed; he or she will be back and around as soon as their own energy is whole and healed again. When they come back, however, they will be communicating with you from the a much higher perspective, and undoubtedly with greater knowledge of your soul’s goals in this lifetime. The personality may persist, but the level of spiritual awareness and light energy is significantly heightened.

On Spirit Support

“You can be a writer if you really want to be. I am with you. I will help you.”

All we need to do is ask for our Loved Ones to help us, and to be very specific with our requests. They happily volunteer their time and work in tandem with our band of Spirit Guides for our benefit. All those synchronicities that happen to you…give thanks and gratitude to your Loved Ones and Spirit Guides for lighting your way!

On the Process of Passing into Spirit

“It was weird. I went on a journey through a tunnel. I am on The Other Side… I am excited to go to the next step. It is so great not to hurt anymore.

Donna, as all souls, went through the tunnel of light to The Other Side. The next step she refers to is the reintegration of her current life energy and personality with her Oversoul or Higher Self, the greater part of her energy body that always resides in the realm of Spirit.


Donna holds Sally in this 1962 family photo. Sister Sue and their father hold baby Tom.


She comments on the physical pain being gone, now that she’s out of the body, which served as the vehicle for her Spirit while on Earth. Donna chose the family she would be born into, her husband, her children – all prior to this life. They would provide her the opportunities she sought for spiritual growth.

On Soul Re-integration

“I am not your mother anymore. It is wonderful here. It is wonderful where I am going. I’m still not all there yet.”

I was especially excited to see this concept shared by Donna. It’s another reference to Donna reintegrating with her Oversoul – the larger and complete soul that recalls all lifetimes lived, including time lived on The Other Side. Since it had been several weeks since Donna passed, she was already mid-process and therefore cognizant of this fact as she speaks to Sally. Donna clarifies that she “is still not all there yet” meaning, the re-integration is not yet complete, but she shares with Sally that it’s a wonderful process and place to be.



Donna would be known on The Other Side by her soul name. That said, the love she feels for Sally and her other children in this lifetime does not reduce, but rather grows as she goes through her transition. Mostly likely, Donna and Sally lived many lifetimes together, and have loved each other through their various roles, relationships and experiences. We don’t choose our family members lightly prior to birth;  there’s history and deep abiding love developed for other souls through millenia. We enter into Sacred Contracts with these souls to play various roles in our Earthly lives, roles that help each member learn and grow spiritually. Donna is now again privy to all this hidden knowledge.

Donna’s State of Being

Just look at the various adjectives Donna uses to describe her current experience of transition: happy, excited, wonderful, great.

Joyful, indeed! 

Sally’s State of Being

I asked Sally if she remembered typing the document. She replied, “I remember opening a blank Word doc, then started typing. I only remember writing the first entry, then I was suddenly SO tired. I do recall typing, ‘Can I go to sleep now?’ Then I closed the computer and fell into a really deep sleep. Not until I opened my computer the next day, did I remember I’d had this experience. Usually I have my computer on the dresser, but that night I had it on the floor before I went to bed.”

Best guess? Donna had a hand in guiding Sally’s decisions before bed and keeping the computer nearby — all so that Sally would stay in a semi-conscious state while typing. The simple action of Sally getting out of bed to get her computer from the dresser could have brought her too close to full conscious awakening and thereby less effective as a Spirit channel.

“It was the only thing that kept me going.”

In the initial email from Sally, she spoke of the role her mother’s communication played in her own healing process:

I would read the message over and over. It was the only thing that kept me going. I don’t even know why it kept me going, but it did.

Sally keeps a copy of the channeled dialog with her mother on her phone and pulls it up whenever she needs a little  extra dose of the strength and inner peace it brings. Works every time.

There haven’t been any more late-night chats with Donna, but I won’t be too surprised to hear from Sally that Donna has come through again. When I was home for a family Christmas last month, Sally and I finally sat for a reading. In the reading, Donna came through and offered some suggestions on various means of more conscious communication. I’ll let Sally share any updates in the comments section below.


Sally and Donna

Granddog Rainy knew…

On the last day that Rainy, the granddog, would see Donna, he refused to leave Donna’s side. And much to the amusement of all, he insisted on sitting very close to her on the sofa, protecting her. Did he know Donna was headed for a fall? Perhaps. Our animals have a second sight that goes beyond the average human, and Rainy is clearly no exception.


In closing

Despite the “sink or swim” string of events of early 2015 (of which Donna’s passing was just one), I am happy to report that Sally has swum to shore and has found firm footing once again.

Sally, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story with me and my friends around the globe. It is filled with love and hope and strength for us all. And it reminds us that there is no death, only a transition to a “wonderful” place, where our lives continue with great purpose.

Love and light to you all, my friends~








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Greetings my friends,

scosThe following is a lecture I delivered while serving at the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism (in Swampscott, Massachusetts) a few years ago. I’d forgotten about it and just today found it on a thumb drive. I’d like to share it with you because these themes are coming up often in my readings. It’s rather long…so don’t feel like you need to finish in one reading!


As I pondered my topic for today, I kept coming back to this question: “Why does Spirit take time to communicate with us?” Besides the healing of grief and the proof of continuous life, I was wondering about the higher purpose in it all, and how this communication serves our spiritual development. Here we have a religion formed around the phenomenon of Spirit Communication, but with only 10 guiding principles, and no dogma or creed. As a result, we don’t often delve deeply into  the “why” of it all.

I thought to myself, ‘If I can identify the primary themes that come through again and again from Spirit, then perhaps I can put my finger on the “why” of it.’ So Thursday night, I grabbed a notepad and pen, settled into a comfortable chair, closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. I allowed my mind to relax and trace back over the years of mediumship studies and of receiving and recording messages, seeking common and significant themes. I let myself be “inspired” to work in league with Spirit. Very quickly, themes began flowing in and I wrote them down, and as I did, I would ask, “Why is this theme important? Why does Spirit focus on this? How does it help us? What are we to do with these messages?” And in response, a thematic hierarchy emerged that would form the basis of today’s lecture.

At the very top of this hierarchy a very specific, and somewhat surprising expression was impressed upon me. It’s one with which you are probably all familiar, but may not have understood or even considered in the context of Spirit Communication. It’s just two words: “Know thyself.” That’s it. “Know thyself.”

KnowThyselfAre you surprised as well? It doesn’t seem at first blush to encompass all that we consider to be the goal and purpose of Spirit communications or communion with the Divine, so further research was clearly needed. To begin, I had no idea to whom I should attribute this expression. Googling revealed that it was so much more interesting and certainly more relevant than I had anticipated. It all began to make sense, particularly in light of my recent studies in Mexico, but I’ll get to that in a moment.  So let me share with you why this simple phrase, “Know thyself,” can be offered up as supporting affirmation  and benefits for Spirit Communication in our lives.

The expression, “Know thyself” is attributed to Pythagoras, Socrates and many later philosophers, but it has its earliest-documented appearance in the ancient Egyptian Temple of Luxor, which dates20120214-LuxorTempleEgypt_2007 back 3400 years ago. I happened to visit this temple in 1981, and I can tell you it is magnificent. Sacred teachings are inscribed on walls and pillars all around the temple. There are two parts of the Temple of Luxor; the outer temple where the beginning initiates were allowed to gather, and the inner temple where one could enter only after being proven worthy and ready to acquire the higher knowledge and insights.

One of the proverbs in the Outer Temple is, “The body is the house of God.” In the Inner Temple, we find inscribed, “Man, know thyself … and thou shalt know the Gods.”[21]

So that was ancient Egypt. Now let’s jump over to Mexico for a minute. I recently spent 3 weeks in Mexico completing my yoga teacher training at Present Moment Retreat. I went there very focused on the yoga postures, on the idea of teaching and integrating this teaching meditationinto my understanding of healing through the chakras. What I didn’t anticipate was how Sadhana Yoga, or the yoga of spiritual practice—one of the 8 limbs or areas of yoga— would so capture my attention. Sadhana Yoga is the Sanskrit term for spiritual discipline, or “The Path to Realization.” The Path to Realization? Hmmm. That sounds a little like, “Know Thyself,” doesn’t it?

The Yoga Sutras are the core teachings of Yoga, and discuss among many things, the importance of releasing distractions of the intellect, emotional self, and the ego, to find equanimity in our lives, and once achieved, to find greater connection to the Conscious Absolute, to God, the Divine–or Infinite Intelligence, as we Spiritualists say.

What does it mean?

To “Know thyself,” as the ancient Egyptians proclaim or to “Practice the Path to Realization” as the ancient Indian sages teach, both represent the soul’s journey toward inner knowing. It is acknowledgement that we are a spark of the Divine, and that we carry this God light within us at all times. The purer we can be in thought and action, the closer we can follow our soul’s goals in this lifetime, and not be derailed by fear, grief, addictions or other negative influences. The human race, and the human body itself, has reached a point of evolution in this millennium where connecting with our higher self, our God self, is increasingly possible. We are indeed in the age of enlightenment. Through meditation, through spiritual music and mantra, through mediumship and prayer, we may attain our connection to Spirit and to our inner spiritual selves much more readily.

Each of us has a purpose in this lifetime, and if you are here, in this church today (or reading this on my blog today), you have been called upon to ignite your light, to know thyself, and to illuminate and find your purpose.

What’s the process?

And how does one come to “Know Thyself?” The answer with which Spirit inspired me was also simple:  “Be Present. Live in the Present Moment.” To know thyself requires full attention to the present. I used to wonder a lot about this idea of “Living in the Present” because we need to learn from our past, no? And if I’m not planning my future, it will surely be a mess. So, I didn’t really get it. But what I’ve learned through my spiritual quest is this:

  • Yes, we need to learn from our past but Spirit encourages us not to dwell there.
  • And yes, we need to attend to our future, but to not dwell there either, longing for things we don’t have in our lives today, and missing out on what today offers us. How we live today has a tremendous impact on the success of our tomorrows, and this is a message that comes through often from Spirit.

Now, back to my brainstorming. Under the category of “Be Present” emerged a list entitled: “How to live in the present.” From there, it was easy to see the connections to our lives and practices as Spiritualists. Certainly, none of these are exclusive to Spiritualism or any religious philosophy for that matter, but it’s very comforting to think about how much Spirit works with us in this task, and how the practices of Spiritualism promote “being present,” so that we can “know ourselves” and evolve spiritually toward that best expression of ourselves.

  1. The first strategy to living in the present is to release negative emotions that tie us to the past. In Principle No. 4, we affirm that the existence and personal identity of an individual continue after the change called death. Connection to Spirit allows us to ease our grief, to heal the pain of loss, to more easily detach from wanting to live in the past and to gradually find joy again in living in the present. In pursuing this goal, Spirit utilizes many means of communicating with us: the most obvious being through message work, but then it broadens dramatically from there to communication in meditation, in dreams, via hypnosis, everyday inspiration, physical signs, music lyrics, energetic promptings to follow one path or another—and even through the mouths of young children and strangers.
  2. The second strategy to living in the present is: Quieting the mind through meditation or meditative practices. Every week in our service, we have the opportunity to be guided through meditation, to let go of everything we are thinking and feeling, and to just BE. The Yoga Sutras tell us that “the Practice of Meditation is direct knowing (of thyself) through intuition” It’s a window to our higher self and Spirit. It also teaches that “when the mind is busy with thought, it cannot know itself, and so cannot know the God within.”
  3. The third strategy is Being Fully Present with Others: I first came to the church in Spring of 2002, and in the summer of that year, I and several others from the church headed to Camp Etna for a long weekend. While there, I sat for my first long reading from a gifted medium, who is now the pastor of the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism, Rev. Mary DiGiovanni. I recall only one aspect of that entire reading, and it was about being present. My grandmother Irene, in Spirit, presented a model of communication that contained a wheel within a wheel. I was the inner wheel, but there were many colors of me, each representing my various roles in my relationships with others. The outer wheel contained all the key people in my life, colored to the counter role. My grandmother taught me that when I align myself, or my inner wheel with another, it should click into place, and I should not be continuing to spin the inner wheel, even in my mind.Irene’s wise advice was this: when you are present with someone, you are not checking your phone, or ruffling through papers, or watching TV, or browsing the internet, or thinking about what you are going to eat for dinner, or all the things on your to-do list. Find the purpose in your conversation, in your meeting, in your relationship with them. Know that person, respect that person, and give that person your undivided attention. Get your ego out of the way, and be yourself. Know them and let them know you. It is in these moments of presence that our energy is whole. Give yourself over to that moment, and learn who you are in it—as a mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, friend, employee. Who are you? Know thyself.
  4. The fourth strategy to being present is to focus on a task, event, or happening without distraction: Who was here last week when Troubadour Shawn Madden played with our musicians?  The joyful energy was so compelling that we were all really PRESENT in that experience, together. We were alive in that energy—and I don’t know about you, but I carried that with me for days. How many of you sang, “Lighten up…whoa…lighten up. Don’t take yourself so serious!” Talk about a message of Being Present, and knowing yourself, right?  That joy, that bliss – that is our souls’ natural state, that is the state we are meant to live within, and when we create these opportunities for ourselves, we tap into that inner Divinity, that light within; we connect with our higher self, and we remember who we are. Yeah…that’s being present. Being present is also when we are really focused on a single task in solitude – that’s when we tap into our purpose, into a stream of inspiration from both our own higher self and from Spirit. We get in the ZONE, we listen, we co-create our futures with the Divine Intelligence, and come to better know ourselves.
  5. Become the watcher of your life: One of the spiritual practices I took away from my yoga training was learning to rise above and detach from external drama around me, and to become an observer so that I may maintain my equanimity and sense of personal purpose. It’s so much easier to think and to just BE when you are not involved or implicated in difficult life dramas around you, dramas that you didn’t start and have no way to control. How many of you have gotten messages from Spirit about exactly that? “Release,” says Spirit.” Allow. Step back. It’s not your battle, not your decision, not your life. Let go.” Right? Sound familiar? Become the watcher of your life, the impartial witness; give yourself permission to step away and detach from negative dramas unfolding around you.
  6. Discover and embrace your life purpose: Many of the messages from Spirit have to do with overcoming current challenges in our lives, and offering words of encouragement, love and support. But there’s a bigger picture to your life, a strand of purpose that threads itself through all your life experiences. If you practice being present in all these ways, sit quietly in meditation, releasing negative thoughts and emotions, and listen carefully to the promptings of your soul, you know what your purpose is. And if you’re not sure, in your meditation just ask Spirit to show you. Then, follow the signs that Spirit puts before you. Listen for messages. Pay attention to your dreams and to the sychronicities that occur in your life. And don’t just say, “Oh, that was cool,” but rather, “Oh, that was cool. Now what does it mean? What is Spirit saying to me? What can I do and learn from this?” Sometimes the message is just, “We’re here, so relax. Things are going to be fine. You’re on track.” And we then allow ease to displace anxiety and dis-ease.

Savor Life’s Sweetness!

lollipopLet me close today by sharing a message that I brought to another in circle recently. It began with the image of child and a large lollipop—one of those big flat round ones that spiral with color, and take a very long time to finish off. Firstly, it was interesting that it was this type of lollipop, for the spiral represents the journey of the soul and is found on antiquities around the world. But the message itself was simple, “Just as children so easily do, take time in your busy life to savor its sweetness. All the sweet moments that come to you—be present with them, take in all the joy they offer and  live those moments fully.”

Be present, know thyself and through this, know God.

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Hello my friends!

Last week, I promised to tell you a little bit about the increasing frequency of Spirit phenomenon I’ve been experiencing here at my new home on an icy lake in Minnesota. There’s a lot of open space in the area—the large lake of course, farm lands, forests and forest animals. A small fraction of the area is populated actually—all lending itself to a lovely balance of natural  energy and the perfect setting for Spirit connections.

There’s been so much activity, I’ve had to start a list so I don’t forget anything. And rather than try to tell each story in one post, I’ll be rolling out the stories over the next few weeks, like a series, so I hope you enjoy them. First up….the mystery of the porch glider.

Who’s out there?

Porch glider

Porch glider

A few Sundays ago, I was on the phone catching up with Sally, an old college friend. It was a beautiful winter’s day, and while we talked, I was warming myself in the sun near a sliding glass door.  On the other side of this door was a small balcony and a bench glider. Hmm…key words there might be “the other side.” But I digress. So, just as I was telling Sally about some exciting plans I have for the next year, the glider started moving back and forth. I looked around to see if there was wind enough to make it move, but the day was calm. I finally stopped mid-sentence and told Sally what was happening. Sally’s response was, “Well, someone in Spirit must be saying ‘Yes, your plans are a good thing.'” No doubt that was the case, but I didn’t try to connect with Spirit to see who it might be, as I wanted to stay focused on our conversation. The rocking continued off and on for another few minutes, then stopped. We finished our call shortly thereafter, and I headed into Alexandria with my sister, Connie, for a late lunch, completely forgetting about the moving glider.

During lunch, Connie and I were recounting the time our sister Laura just popped in (as Spirit) when we were having brunch with my friend and fellow medium, Adrienne, shortly before we left Massachusetts. Adrienne brought us an encouraging message from Laura about the transitions that both I and Connie were facing. It was the last other-validated communication we’d had from her.

The very next morning, I received an unexpected call from Nancy Strickland, my mediumship teacher and mentor back in the Boston area. She had called to tell me that during her mediumship development circle on Sunday afternoon (the day before), she heard a Spirit say, “Laura!” Nancy knew right away that it was my sister because she recognized Laura’s distinctly husky voice. Laura had participated in several circles at Nancy’s home while visiting me in Boston, so they knew each other. “There was nothing further – just her name,” said Nancy. “So I thought I’d call you and see if there was any particular reason she might be coming through.” [For those new to my blog, my sister, Laura, passed into Spirit in July 2011. You can read a little bit about her and her facility with Spirit communication in an earlier post.]


Laura, Connie, and me

Sisters Forever: Laura, Connie, and me

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Nancy’s circle began about 30 minutes after the moving porch glider, and we figured out that Laura’s self-identification with Nancy occurred right about the time Connie and I were talking about Laura over lunch. Clearly, Laura wanted us to know that it was her on the porch glider, that she was equally excited about my plans, and that even though we don’t “see” her, she’s still hanging out with us, tracking our progress through the paces of our lives.  Connnie and I speak often of Laura and our other family members in Spirit, and it was quite a treat to have Laura’s presence validated by Nancy. A wonderful way to start the week!

If you’ve enjoyed this story, read Marbles from Merle, my brother or The Story of Susie, my other sister in Spirit. “Hi Honey!”, the story of my mother in Spirit communicating with my father, here on the Earth plane is also a favorite. Yes, I have a rather active Spirit family!

Have you had any experiences like this one? If so, please feel free to share it in the comments below. I’m always amazed at  and comforted by all the creative ways that our Loved Ones in Spirit make themselves known.

In love and light,

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Greetings, my friends!

If you read my last post, you’ll recall that I’ve been on the move, literally, in recent months. In mid January 2014, I sold my house on the North Shore

Farewell, Kings Beach!

Farewell, Kings Beach!

of Massachusetts, stored most of my belongings, shared tearful goodbyes with dear friends, and set out on a 5-day trek to Minnesota with my sister Connie and Jack, the cat.

I left a good life behind; there’s no doubt about that. It was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve made in this lifetime for so many reasons, but my soul was demanding change. My life plan clearly included a shift in

Our final meal in Massachusetts was in a restaurant that held a significant message for us.

Our final meal in Massachusetts was in a restaurant that held a significant message for us.

circumstance and focus at this point in my journey, and until I yielded to that demand, inner tension and turmoil would be ever present. [Side note: If this resonates with you, this post may be calling for you to do some reflecting on change in your life.]

Hello, Minnesota.

Now, spending the winter in my home state of Minnesota wasn’t exactly what I had in mind  late last summer when I finally set the wheels in motion for irrevocable change. I mean, who goes to Minnesota for the winter? Right? Nonetheless, Connie’s generous offer for me to stay with her for a while at her lovely home  in central Minnesota is enabling me to focus on those things that I’m truly passionate about, i.e., my long-neglected writing projects and my spiritual work. And of course, there’s the significant bonus of being close to family and many long-time friends, offering up the opportunity to reconnect at a more leisurely pace than the quick holiday visits of the past.

Home on a Minnesota Lake

My new waterview

As major transitions go, I’ve been blessed, really. Some days I still wake up and am surprised to find myself here in rural Minnesota. As I trace back through all the things that happened (or didn’t)  in the past year to bring me to this place, to this moment in time, to my sister’s side, I can only describe it as synchronistically spectacular and I’m pretty sure that it’s just the beginning.

Finding my balance in the present moment

This is the first time in many years that I have been without the responsibilities that go with home ownership, a stressful job, tenants. It has taken some time to quiet the constant and discordant hum of “gotta do’s” that vibrate through my mind and body. With each loose end tied up and each life-demand addressed and put to rest, the hum fades further, and quiet seeps in. I feel my consciousness shifting into a much greater awareness of the present moment. And here’s the best part: it’s in this quiet, centered state where our true potential can develop and shine.

Here are a few of my observations over the past weeks:

  • My physical balance is restored! When practicing yoga in the past year, my balance postures had gotten so bad, that standing on one leg had become downright impossible. I’d be hopping left, right, forward, backward, seeking a balance I simply could not conjure. Now, however, an oak tree would be envious of my tree pose! This simple example reminds us that our physical balance is an authentic reflection of our emotional state. Our bodies are always speaking to us, alerting us to lifestyle and relationship imbalances and asking for positive change toward a healthy mind, body and spirit. Are you paying attention? Is your body trying to reach you?
  • My psychic connections are getting stronger. I pick up mind-to-mind communications more readily than before. People I think about call or write me within hours. I’m experimenting with sending out thoughts to others to see if they pick up my messages. So, if I suddenly pop into your mind, I might just be trying to reach you!
  • My connection to Spirit is enhanced. Physical phenomenon is increasing in frequency and mental clarity is improving. I’ll share more about this next week, when I tell you about my sister Laura’s recent visit (from Spirit, that is).
  • My dreams are very vivid, and I’m remembering them better. They are complex and kinda crazy, but hold messages that are making sense to me.

So, yes, it was a big move in more ways than I can count, but I’m enjoying the journey—back to the place of my childhood, back to family and old friends, back to the seat of my soul.

The Meditation and Reading Room

The Meditation and Reading Room

I’m ready

To all those who sought me out during this period of transition, thank you for your patience! I’m ready to be of service once again. If you’re not in the Alexandria MN area, phone readings work very well. As a medium, I work through your voice vibration to connect with you and with Spirit. I also have Skype on DSL and it seems to be pretty stable, so if you have a strong connection and we can avoid peak hours, I’m willing to give it a go. We can always fall back to phone if needed.

For readings and hypnosis: Please see my services page to begin the appointment process. Once you decide what type of reading or service, please complete the form on the Appointments page. Payment can be made online, in advance.

Groups: If you have a group of friends and/or family that are interested in readings and would like to host a party, please contact me. Likewise, if you are involved with an organization or business that would like to host a day-long or weekend metaphysical workshop, drop me an email or call (978-317-4076) and let’s chat about it.

Meet me at the Lifestyles Expo!

The closest major city to my new home is Alexandria, a charming town of

Stop by and introduce yourself!

Stop by and introduce yourself!

almost 12,000 people, surrounded by a chain of beautiful lakes. To introduce myself to the community, I’ll be participating in the Lifestyles Expo sponsored and organized by the Echo Press in Alexandria. If you’re nearby, please come by my booth – I’d love to meet you!  Over 50 vendors are participating, so it should be fun.

There’s no website up about it (yet, at least), but here’s the info:

When: Saturday, March 29th, 10am – 4:00pm
Where: at the Viking Plaza Mall: 3015 State Highway 29, Alexandria, MN 56308 / (320) 763-9570

Earth Day Raffle: win a free reading

FFF-MCP-Series-sealThe Forever Family Foundation, the New York organization which first certified me as a Spirit Medium, is offering an Earth Day raffle for free readings from five different mediums, and yours truly is one of them. The raffle will be held on April 22, 2014 and $5 buys you a chance. Check it out! I’m looking forward to meeting the person who wins a reading from me–could it be you?

I plan to dedicate a separate post soon to this amazing organization, but let me offer a brief introduction. Borrowing from their website, the organization’s goal is “to further the understanding of Afterlife Science through research and education while providing support and healing for people in grief.” Afterlife science is defined as: “The study of phenomena associated with survival of consciousness after death; including near death experiences, after death communications, life after life (death), and reincarnation.”

The work of Forever Family Foundation is admirable in its scope, scientific integrity, and healing capacity, and I  am honored to be certified by them and involved with their organization. I encourage you all to spend some time on their website, tune into Signs of Life radio show, and consider becoming a member of their worthy organization.


I was first introduced to the full Sanskrit blessing of Namaste a few years ago. It struck a strong chord in me and I’d like to share it with you now:

“I honor the place in you where Spirit lives.
I honor the place in you which is of Love, of Truth, of Light, and of Peace.
When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me,
then we are One.”

Namaste, my friends!

~In love and light, Renee

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How many of you have seen the new TV drama “Awake starring British Actor Jason Isaac? It’s a story about a homicide detective who lives in parallel realities. The story begins with a car accident involving himself, his wife, and his teenage son. In one reality, his wife survives but his son does not. In the other reality, his son survives and his wife does not. He sees a therapist in both realities, who assure him that their reality is the only reality, and that the other is a dream.  Interesting premise, huh?

I’m thrilled to see one more mainstream drama explore more aspects of our multi-dimensional “reality.” I can’t say I’ve ever known or read about a soul who is aware on a daily basis of the two realities, but it’s a fascinating premise, and I look forward to see what the writers of the show bring us.

Or better yet, do you have a story of parallel realities to tell?

  • Have you ever had a vivid dream that revealed an ongoing thread of your life that was discontinued in your waking reality? Perhaps it was about a relationship that ended either by choice or by death. Is that person still in your life when dreaming, as if nothing had changed to end it?
  • Do you have a career that shifted from one path to another in your distant past, yet in your dream the path not taken is the reality?
  • In your dreams, do you live in another country or city with friends or family unknown to you in this waking life?
  • Do you connect with other realities in meditation, or other ways?
  • Have you had a hypnosis session that took you to a parallel life?

According to many who work in or study the metaphysical realm and the nature of a soul’s journey, parallel realities, and parallel lives occur for all of us. Seth (as channeled by Jane Roberts), Dr. Michael Newton, Dick Sutphen, and others describe the Universe and our activity within it, in such terms.

Were you a LOST fan? That drama also wove these concepts of multiple realities into the storyline, but didn’t ultimately provide very much explanation around the conclusion—so it was something of a learning opportunity LOST on us, so to speak.  No, life is not a TV drama, but the value of these programs is that they create an awareness of the possibility. They get people thinking, guessing, wondering about the metaphysics of our universe and their place in it. And wondering is the first step to exploring the possibilities—and that openness to a new understanding of our reality is important during this “age of enlightenment.”

Why? Because when we haven’t been introduced to a subject in a way that draws us in (like a TV drama or a movie), we dismiss windows to our other lives as “crazy dreams” and don’t think through what it might actually mean to us. So, let me share a few of my experiences, and perhaps one of them will jar an “aha” moment for you—a new way to understand what your soul is telling you or experiencing in parallel.

Can we really take both forks in the road? During most of my undergraduate years at the University of Minnesota, I was preparing for a career as a orthodontist. I completed the entire pre-med/pre-dent curriculum and took the Dental Admission Test (DAT) just before heading to Germany to study for a year (against my advisor’s advice—he must have known something I didn’t at the time). I knew that a study year abroad would not be possible once dental school started, so away I went, planning to apply when I got back. However…I had an epiphany of sorts while in Germany, and decided that I really wanted an international career; staring into people’s mouths my whole life suddenly sounded terribly uninviting to me. So, I returned to the U of MN, finished up my BA, and pursued an international career and graduate study in other fields.

Window to my parallel life? Twenty five years later, I had a very vivid dream, in which I sat for a reading with a psychic. She closed her eyes for a moment, holding my palm. She wasn’t really reading my palm, but rather seemed to be reading my energy, my aura. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes wide and said, “Oh, you have such a lovely life in London!”

“What? London? I don’t live in London,” I said.

“Why of course you do, dear. I see you’re a dentist, and quite well to do at that.” She sounded congratulatory.

“No, I was going to be a dentist, but –“

“Oh, and I see you have quite a handsome husband working in the finance world, and such pretty little girls. Oh, my. You’ve been quite blessed in this lifetime,” she said, as she patted my palm.

“No, really…I am not married. I have no children. I have never lived in London.” I objected.

“Oh yes, dear. It’s all very clear. You just don’t remember,” she smiled indulgently, as though speaking to a child. I don’t remember? As I was taking in this information, I woke up.  So, I never actually saw or experienced the alternate life I was apparently living in my dream, as the character in “Awake” does, and yet here was a “seer” in my dream describing my other reality—the potential reality, the probable life, I had rejected at the age of 23.

It was shortly after this dream that I read Seth Speaks, and learned about the potential for our souls to take both paths in the road, creating a new dimension of experience, so that we might learn from them both. Hmm….so was my dream just a dream, or a brief opening in the veil to another dimension in which I lived another life, or both? What do you think?

And what about Merle? In the fall of 2007, shortly after my mother passed into Spirit, I had a vivid dream in which she and my two siblings in Spirit, Susie and Merle, played a part. It was one of those dreams in which everything looks and feels very normal, nothing oddly out-of-place, no sense of the surreal—like watching a movie of one’s life. The dream begins with my front doorbell ringing. It was late afternoon in the dream, and as I came down the main staircase from the second floor, the sun was shining in the bay window of staircase landing and flowing into the front foyer.

I opened the door and there stood a tall, slender, attractive man about my age with sandy brown curly hair. He was wearing dress pants, a turtleneck sweater, and a brown tweed jacket with a leather collar and elbows. Behind him, I saw the car that dropped him off, and my sister Susie looked up at the house from the passenger seat. I ducked down to see the driver, and it was my mother. When they saw I had answered the door, they pulled the car into the driveway to park.

I looked back at the man before me, mystified.

“Nene,” he said softly, using my family nickname. “It’s me, Merle.”

“What? Merle? But you died years ago…”

“Well, yes and no,” he said. “I’ve been living in Sweden. I’m a professor there, in engineering research.”

“Really? You’re really Merle? Wha–?”

“Yeah, really. It’s really me,” he said and smiled. I knew that smile.

I pulled him by the arm into the foyer and we hugged each other tightly, the tears flowing. I pulled back and looked at him, “You got so tall. I always figured you’d be a tall man—and an engineer!” He laughed. I knew that laugh, and my heart felt full.

At that moment, my mother and my sister, Susie came up the porch stairs to the open front door. “Mom, it’s really Merle!” I said, only partly registering that both she and Susie had been dead and were also quite alive there on my doorstep. I hugged and kissed them both, and ushered them into my living room to catch up.

We began swapping stories of our lives…and then, I woke up.  It was one of those dreams you don’t want to end, and you try to get it back, for just a few minutes more, but there was no more.

I think of the dream often as I read more about parallel lives, and I wonder if Merle wanted to share his other reality with me, the “what if he’d lived ” story of Merle that I always wondered about, and sometimes talk about with my sister, Connie. Could he be living another reality in which he did not die at 14, but rather went on to pursue his love of mechanical and electrical systems? Did he become one more teacher in a family full of teachers? Could it be that I had become a married, London-based dentist with children in that reality? And were Mom and Susie still alive in that reality? If so, were they just visiting me in this reality? And why? Was it to help me understand the concepts that I was struggling to embrace as I read about parallel lives and probable lives? And if so, why is it important that I understand it? So that I can teach it to others—once I make sense of it?  Maybe.

Or maybe…it was just a dream, another opportunity for me to be with my Loved Ones in Spirit. It could be as simple as that. I won’t know for sure until I pass into Spirit, but it had all the qualities of a Spirit visit dream. Hmm…this does add a new meaning to the term, Spirit, doesn’t it? Maybe we don’t just die and go to The Other Side. Maybe we live out another reality elsewhere and still have a portion of our soul’s energy on The Other Side.

So the above discussion was about souls taking both forks in the road. Next, we’ll discuss another kind of parallel life, in which each life is separate and whole unto itself.

Parallel Lives Hypnosis:  Last summer, I attended the Annual Conference of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Dick Sutphen was presenting and is a fascinating lecturer. Dick has been researching and practicing mediumship, meditation and hypnotherapy in a variety of metaphysical areas for decades. I was looking forward to seeing what he would share with us on the topic of parallel lives. But the session was short, so he didn’t really tell us much. Rather, he took us into a deep hypnotic state which allowed us to briefly explore various parallel lives that our soul was living right now on Earth—lives completely separate from the current life. As I understand it, if our current life is not so emotionally and spiritually draining as to require all of our soul’s energy, we can learn more by dividing that energy into multiple parallel lives.

So here’s what I experienced in hypnosis.

Parallel life No. 1: I found myself in the body of a ten-year old girl in what felt like the Midwest. I was slender, yet nimble and athletic. It was summer and my skin was tanned. I wore shorts, a sleeveless plaid cotton top and sneakers. My hair was white blond and cut Cleopatra style. As I came into my body, I was crawling through a wooden ranch-style fence, and then continued walking through a field on some type of path—it might have been a cow or tractor path. It was a rural area. I didn’t see my house, but it was nearby. I was happy; I felt safe, and I loved being out in the sunshine, exploring on my own. Unfortunately, that was as much as I could discover before Dick pulled us back to our present life and then out again to another parallel life.

Parallel Life No. 2: In this lifetime, I found myself in the rather stout body of a 55-year-old French man, with thinning black hair and olive skin. I was a “man-servant” to the Lord of a wealthy country estate in France.  As I came into my body, I was looking out the window of my master’s bedroom. It was morning and the sun was shining. The mansion was in a rural setting, but with grand, spacious, well-tended gardens surrounding the home. I heard my master calling from the bathroom. I turned around to gather the clothing I’d selected for him for the day, thinking to myself, that I was glad that the only decisions I needed to make on a daily basis were around another person’s needs. I had been alone my entire life, and it suited me. Major responsibilities were things I avoided at all costs, and so I was very good at being indispensable to my master.

Now, it’s very strange for me to think that at this very moment in time, I’m a woman, a child, and a man in three areas of the world, with very different outlooks on life. If we are to believe this is possible, then what is my soul, my higher self, seeking from this tri-part experience? Is the little girl my insurance policy? Will she carry through on things I chose not to in my life as Renee? Is the French man-servant the antidote to taking on too much work-related responsibility in this life? What roles do they play for each other? Or is there no real relevance one to the other, that we in our limited awareness would be able to ascertain? It is a little weird that my name derives from the French male name, Rene, and that crawling through someone else’s fence isn’t something I’d think twice about as a kid, but I diverge…

Oh so many mind-expanding questions to explore… But I want to hear about you! Please, share your experiences and let’s get this conversation going.  What books or literature would you recommend for me and other readers to explore on this topic?

With love and light ~ Renee Buck

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Welcome back my friends,

As I began working on Part II of the Series on Life Plans, I was reflecting on the fact that I started the discussion of Life Plans with two stories that illustrated how the soul chooses the means and timing of its death, or more accurately, its passing from an incarnation on Earth into its Spirit life on the Other Side.  It wasn’t a conscious decision to begin the conversation there, but it was where my understanding of the soul’s influence over its own Earth-Life destiny began. I know from my work as a Medium, that it’s the same for many people. We try to make sense of the death of our loved ones, and it is this tragic event that puts us on the path of the Seeker.

It follows then, that just as a soul chooses the circumstances of her own death, so does she choose the circumstances of birth, her physical body, her family, her spouse(s) or significant others, her children, her best friends and others who play critical roles in her soul’s spiritual development on Earth, which is, in case you were wondering, why we’re all here.

The Seeker in me is always thrilled to find supporting evidence for claims and theories brought forward by brilliant minds around the world, across the millenia. I am also particularly fascinated by the teachings of Spirit entities channeled through humans while in trance. Seth, one such Spirit entity channeled by Jane Roberts in the 1960’s and ‘70’s, is particularly eloquent on the issues of soul agreements, reincarnation, the nature of man and God, the laws of the Universe.  (Source: Seth Speaks)  Other significant supporting work and research in this body of knowledge include:  Sylvia Brown, Edgar Cayce, Dr. Michael Hathaway, Carolyn Myss, Dr. Michael Newton, Dick Sutphen, and Dr. Brian Weiss, to name a few.

In simple terms, life planning on The Other Side goes like this: Broad-based sacred agreements are reached between souls prior to being born into a new life on Earth. Every soul knows (or think she knows) what she is getting into and what she is expecting to get out of the life experiences, both the good and the bad, while on the Earth Plane. While certain events in the Life Plan are pre-destined, human’s free will, however, will determine whether the agreements surrounding these events are fulfilled in whole, in part, or not at all. The degree to which a person actually follows the path her soul has prescribed in her new incarnation (for the purpose of spiritual growth), is directly proportional to the degree to which she follows her heart, her conscience, and her gut feelings. The soul or higher self is constantly communicating with the personality in human form on Earth, guiding, nudging, or cajoling back to “the Plan.” And then there’s everyone else, in the same situation, doing their own thing while impacting this soul with whom agreements were made.  “If, then…” statements are written into every agreement, and if needed, the “understudy,” steps in to help us accomplish our goals and further our soul’s development. Similarly, if one screws up a learning challenge, more opportunities are in the wings to try again—if not in this lifetime, in the next. That’s where Karma and Karmic debts and credits come into play—more on that later.

Now, keep in mind that what souls promise to do for others on Earth is not necessarily all nice and happy. For example, if I choose to experience oppression in my life, so that I may learn and grow from it, then others may agree to be my oppressors.  Here’s the key takeaway: The oppression is just the setup. My soul’s challenge is to overcome and rise above the oppression, to free myself either physically or emotionally from it, and to take responsibility for this challenge. So, yes, sometimes when life really knocks the wind out of you, you did ask for it…the bright side is that you’ve arrived at an opportunity to grow from the experience, and to apply your learning purposefully and with wisdom the next time that situation comes around. You may even find yourself in a mentor situation helping others suffering from the same type of oppression.

The first time I read about the concept of Life Plans, I’ll be honest, I was of two minds. I loved the idea that I was indeed the architect of my life (with guidance from my Master Teachers), but there was this other niggling thought, especially while reading Seth Speaks, that went something like this: “If this is just a play we’re acting out here on Earth, then how important is it? If this isn’t our ‘real life,’ because our ‘real life’ is on The Other Side, then…so what if we screw up? We’ll get another chance, right? We can come back to Earth as often as we want…so why sweat it?”

Now, Seth Speaks is probably not the place to begin exploring these ideas, as they are more than mind-bending to the novice. Seth introduced me to the concepts of multiple lives, multiple realities, probabilities of events, probable lives, reincarnating civilizations, non-linear time, consciously creating our reality, and much more. Digesting his teachings was something of a philosophical low point in my “classroom” on Earth, and I spent many hours turning them over in my mind, discussing these concepts with others and reading everything I could get my hands on to feel better about the importance of my life, here and now. Today I have a much brighter perspective, a keener understanding of karmic influences, and a renewed sense of self and purpose, so let me tell you how I got there – and I’d love to hear more about your thoughts on the topic!

When I finally retired Seth Speaks, the next stop for me was Sylvia Brown’s book, The Other Side and Back. It’s really a very good introduction to these concepts, and a much easier read. What Sylvia presents in her book is rather one-dimensional compared to the Seth material, but when it comes to re-arranging my understanding of reality, baby steps were called for! The rest of her books add incremental knowledge to this one.  I especially enjoyed her Book of Dreams. Spirit guides and loved ones regularly communicate with us via dreams, and her categorization of dreams is helpful in understanding which dreams are most likely message bearing vs. the mind simply working through and problem solving issues in our lives.

Renee at PLR training with Dr. Brian Weiss

I eventually found my way to the works of renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss. His books chronicle client case studies in Past Life Regression and more recently, Future Life Progression. Regression is a form of hypnosis, where the trained hypnotherapist leads the client back through various life experiences, and then asks questions of the client while they are under hypnosis experiencing their past life. Dr. Weiss had no knowledge of, or even interest in past life regression in his early career—until one day, one of his clients regressed back to another lifetime without him actually leading her there. It was no accident however, as it marked the beginning his real life’s work—case studies and experiences that offer profound insights into the journey of the soul. In Dr. Wiess’ seminal works, Messages from the Masters and Many Lives, Many Masters, many of the same concepts as those introduced by Seth were explored, including messages directly from Spirit Masters who spoke through his client known as Katherine, while she was in a deep hypnotic state. I highly recommend his book, Only Love is Real for an amazing love story of two soul mates reunited in this lifetime. Dr. Weiss’ cases studies added significantly to my understanding of the soul’s journey. If you’re curious about past lives, read all of his books. They will keep your attention and provide so much food for thought regarding your present life and potential past life connections. In 2006, I was fortunate to study past life regression from the Master himself–an experience I’ll treasure always, for Dr. Weiss is a man of integrity and goodness. Now, when you are ready to explore your own past lives, I’ll be happy to be your guide.

They say we haven’t developed the capability to time travel. I disagree. Past life regression and future life progression is time travel via the mind. Chew on that for a moment…

Finally in 2007, I was introduced to the research of Dr. Michael Newton, a world-renowned psychotherapist, who has devoted his life’s work to understanding what happens to us after we die, and before we come back to Earth in another body to live again, in other words, our lives as Spirit beings on The Other Side.

As happened to Dr. Weiss—by chance (or so it seems), one of Dr. Newton’s clients, while under hypnosis, took Dr. Newton to the space between two of the client’s lives on Earth. From that point on, Dr. Newton dedicated his practice and his research solely to understanding “Life Between Lives.” In his books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls (the latter being the better of the two, in my opinion), Dr. Newton draws from his experience regressing thousands of clients over decades, to this space between lifetimes. He identifies consistent themes, symbols, activities, processes, and goals—all through his clients’ descriptions of The Other Side. He actively explores with his clients the metaphysics of The Other Side, how souls are born, how souls live on The Other Side and interact with others, the hierarchy of souls as they evolve, the many-faceted and fascinating process of reviewing our most recent lives with our Master teachers and Spiritual Advisors. He describes the detailed planning of our next life often hundreds of years later, and the various methods by which Spirits on the Other Side communicate with humans (or at least try to).

We learn from Dr. Newton’s research that in the life planning process (pre-birth), each of us enters into sacred agreements with a broad range of other souls, those in our inner circles, our middle circles, and our outer circles. We often reincarnate with the same soul group, each soul helping others in the group to reach their own development goals, and often working through Karmic relationships and debts incurred. Each of us agrees, of our own free will, to play a specific role for those in our soul circles. We agree to play out situations and circumstances through which optimal learning and growth is available to us, and as it turns out, we learn the most when the road has been strewn with obstacles. No surprise there, right? Often times, states Dr. Newton, the more advanced the soul, the more complex the human environment, the tougher the lessons, and the greater the soul’s positive impact on others. Beyond our Spiritual Masters, I imagine highly advanced souls to include such influential people as Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Dr. Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, the Dalai Lama, and Nelson Mandela, to name a few. The rest of us just keep working on our own personal evolution. With each lifetime we develop greater empathy with mankind’s plight; we develop a stronger connection to the Divine while still on Earth; we develop the ability to communicate, heal and console, and to bring light to the dark corners of our world.

I’ve given you plenty to think about, and gosh, isn’t that book list growing? With your holiday time off, pick up one of these inspiring books, and begin reflecting on your own soul’s journey.

In Part III, we’ll explore Karma further, and I’ll share my own experience in a 3-hour Life Between Lives regression (hypnosis session). To say it was enlightening hardly describes the impact it’s had on my outlook and sense of purpose in this lifetime.

My friends, I’m off for the holidays, but will be back blogging at the end of the year. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Joyous Kwanza! May all that your heart desires be yours in this holiday season and beyond. Remember, your Loved Ones in Spirit will be there celebrating right along with you, so take a moment to acknowledge them, invite them in, and thank them for their love and guidance in your life. And…with them fully participating, who knows what magic is in store?

With love and light ~ Renee Buck

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My mother, Elva Buck, in her flower garden

On Sunday, I received a message from my mother, Elva, in Spirit. It was delivered by Marilyn, an excellent Medium at the Spiritualist Church I attend. The evidence was spot on: her cause of death (lung cancer), how quickly she passed after she was diagnosed, her love of the holidays and how it brought family together, the way she decorated the house so beautifully, and her role as “traffic cop” in the kitchen when it came time for the big meal. (Now that would be an understatement!)

Mom came through Marilyn because she was concerned about a situation in my family that was keeping us apart over the holidays. She urged me to “reach out and try one more time.” Now, it’s not a simple thing she’s asking, so part of me wanted to dismiss it and pretend I didn’t hear that part of the message. It’s so easy to do, isn’t it?  To just hear the good parts and ignore the tough stuff, to just let things be…even if you know it’s not the way it should be? Yes, it’s a lot easier to do nothing, but that doesn’t fix the tightness in your gut, or the sadness that lingers in your heart. I talk a lot about the soul’s journey on this website, and if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s this: taking the easy way out is certainly not where the personal growth is. Uncomfortable as it sounds, we’re here to walk through the fire, folks!

Now, back to Mom. When our Loved Ones leave us and begin their lives again on the Other Side, their soul consciousness re-emerges, and they regain full knowledge of all the roles they’ve played with and for us across lifetimes. That said, however, they don’t just stop being our Moms, or siblings, or spouses, or children in this lifetime. They retain full knowledge of this life, and are in fact able to see it more clearly than when they lived on Earth. They get the big picture, and it enables them to better guide us and support us in our lives, should they choose. So, suffice to say that for now, our Mom is still our Mom, even in Spirit. She still cares deeply about the family, and will do whatever she can from the Other Side to bring the family back together for the holidays—something that has proved more difficult since she and my father passed in recent years. Therefore, after discussing with my sister, the wheels are in motion to “try one more time” and to honor Mom’s request. And with Mom at our side, anything is possible!

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza—whatever it is that you might celebrate during this special time of year—all help us to remember, and to reflect on the circle of life and the blessedness of family. It’s a perfect time to make rights from wrongs, and ups from downs. It’s a time for openness and forgiveness, for acceptance and renewal, for the expression of gratitude for all that we receive from others.

Did you know that Spirits are particularly active during this time of year? It’s true. As those of us on the Earth plane reflect on holidays past, these reflections include our Loved Ones who are now in Spirit. When we think of them, the pure energy of loving thoughts draws them to us. They’re known to participate in our family gatherings as joyfully and happily as we do. They hear what we say, laugh with us during comical moments, feel the love and gratitude we feel for each other as we open our gifts. They cook with us in the kitchen, help decorate the tree, attend our religious services with us, and even hang out for the ballgame. And remember, they’re more than ready to “inspire” us with ideas for presents, help us find long-lost family recipes, and lend support when those strings of lights get tangled!

So, take time through the holiday season to listen with your heart for Whispers from the Light…

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