Moms will be Moms

My mother, Elva Buck, in her flower garden

On Sunday, I received a message from my mother, Elva, in Spirit. It was delivered by Marilyn, an excellent Medium at the Spiritualist Church I attend. The evidence was spot on: her cause of death (lung cancer), how quickly she passed after she was diagnosed, her love of the holidays and how it brought family together, the way she decorated the house so beautifully, and her role as “traffic cop” in the kitchen when it came time for the big meal. (Now that would be an understatement!)

Mom came through Marilyn because she was concerned about a situation in my family that was keeping us apart over the holidays. She urged me to “reach out and try one more time.” Now, it’s not a simple thing she’s asking, so part of me wanted to dismiss it and pretend I didn’t hear that part of the message. It’s so easy to do, isn’t it?  To just hear the good parts and ignore the tough stuff, to just let things be…even if you know it’s not the way it should be? Yes, it’s a lot easier to do nothing, but that doesn’t fix the tightness in your gut, or the sadness that lingers in your heart. I talk a lot about the soul’s journey on this website, and if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s this: taking the easy way out is certainly not where the personal growth is. Uncomfortable as it sounds, we’re here to walk through the fire, folks!

Now, back to Mom. When our Loved Ones leave us and begin their lives again on the Other Side, their soul consciousness re-emerges, and they regain full knowledge of all the roles they’ve played with and for us across lifetimes. That said, however, they don’t just stop being our Moms, or siblings, or spouses, or children in this lifetime. They retain full knowledge of this life, and are in fact able to see it more clearly than when they lived on Earth. They get the big picture, and it enables them to better guide us and support us in our lives, should they choose. So, suffice to say that for now, our Mom is still our Mom, even in Spirit. She still cares deeply about the family, and will do whatever she can from the Other Side to bring the family back together for the holidays—something that has proved more difficult since she and my father passed in recent years. Therefore, after discussing with my sister, the wheels are in motion to “try one more time” and to honor Mom’s request. And with Mom at our side, anything is possible!

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza—whatever it is that you might celebrate during this special time of year—all help us to remember, and to reflect on the circle of life and the blessedness of family. It’s a perfect time to make rights from wrongs, and ups from downs. It’s a time for openness and forgiveness, for acceptance and renewal, for the expression of gratitude for all that we receive from others.

Did you know that Spirits are particularly active during this time of year? It’s true. As those of us on the Earth plane reflect on holidays past, these reflections include our Loved Ones who are now in Spirit. When we think of them, the pure energy of loving thoughts draws them to us. They’re known to participate in our family gatherings as joyfully and happily as we do. They hear what we say, laugh with us during comical moments, feel the love and gratitude we feel for each other as we open our gifts. They cook with us in the kitchen, help decorate the tree, attend our religious services with us, and even hang out for the ballgame. And remember, they’re more than ready to “inspire” us with ideas for presents, help us find long-lost family recipes, and lend support when those strings of lights get tangled!

So, take time through the holiday season to listen with your heart for Whispers from the Light…

6 thoughts on “Moms will be Moms

  1. Renee…This posting is so wonderful, and actually hits real close to home. Me and one of my family members have been on the outs for months now, but along with this holiday season came a reconcilliation and much needed healing. Your words bring me such joy, and I thank you for that.


    PS Your mom is beautiful, you have her smile.


  2. Renee,

    Thank you for sharing this post! It warms my heart knowing that our mothers are still here to guide us on our paths. Good luck with your efforts.



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