Moms will be Moms (continued)

Welcome back and Happy New Year, my friends.

I trust you all had a warm and wonderful holiday, and are now fully entrenched in your post-holiday routines. Did I just hear a collective sigh? Ahh, we do love the holiday “rush” but getting back to normal isn’t so bad either!

Now, before we dive into new material, I wanted to circle back to an earlier post and share with you what happened after I wrote it.  Remember in my post “Moms will be Moms” when I spoke about my mother’s request (from Spirit) that I “try one more time to bring the family together for the holidays,” and how it wasn’t going to be easy? Well, we all put our heads and hearts into honoring Mom’s request, and I’m happy to say that it was a very memorable Christmas season in Minnesota. It wasn’t possible to get everyone together in one place at the same time (as if any family can these days!), but over the course of a few whirlwind days, we shared the joy of the holidays with each other in every way we could.

Surprise, Jim!

One especially fun event was a late-afternoon surprise birthday party for my younger brother, Jim. The whole family (here and in Spirit) was in on the set up, and oh, was it fun! Wearing Santa hats and bearing gifts, champagne, and my niece, Sarah’s baked treats, how could we miss?

Then, Christmas Eve was spent babbling and cooing with my twin great nieces, Dottie and Lucy, born in September. Babies are so amazing, aren’t they? As I sat and held each one, and peered into their precious little faces, I wondered what big plans they

Dottie and Lucy spreading Christmas cheer!

had made for their lives as twins. I do know one thing: they’ve made a very wise choice in parents with my nephew Lance and his wife, Bree!

An extra special Christmas gift for me and Jack (my cat and travel companion) included a stop in Kalamazoo, MI on the way to Minneapolis and back. My older brother, Jim* and his wife Melody live in Kalamazoo and it was my first

Visiting my older brother, Jim.

visit. I haven’t known my older brother Jim all my life; we met for the first time in December of 2009. It’s an uplifting and remarkable story for another day, but I have a distinct feeling that my mother had such a visit in mind when she got the wheels (my wheels) in motion to get me home for the holidays.

What I haven’t mentioned yet, is that this was one of those tough Christmases emotionally. Anyone who’s experienced a recent loss among family or friends

My sister, Laura (1955-2011)

knows what I mean by that. My sister, Laura, passed suddenly to Spirit last July, and it wasn’t until I was in Minnesota with family that I realized how truly important it was for all of us to be together during the holidays. Laura’s only child, Sarah, traveled to Minneapolis to spend a few days with the rest of the family, and besides all the merrymaking, we found the time to sit for a reading, in which Laura and Sarah’s father, Guy, came through from Spirit–full of energy, vitality, wit and love. It was a beautiful and healing experience for both Sarah and me, and most certainly for Laura and Guy.

The joy we all felt in being together, sharing stories, food and laughter was like a gentle balm that eased the lingering sadness we felt in our hearts. And, to think it all began with an unexpected message from my mother through a medium at church. A magical Christmas, indeed. Thanks, Mom!

What messages are waiting for you from your Loved Ones in Spirit? Consider sitting for a reading with me, and see how it changes your life.

*You are not confused. I do have two brothers named Jim. How cool is that?

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