Part II: Life Plans and Soul Agreements

Welcome back my friends, As I began working on Part II of the Series on Life Plans, I was reflecting on the fact that I started the discussion of Life Plans with two stories that illustrated how the soul chooses the means and timing of its death, or more accurately, its passing from an incarnation … Continue reading Part II: Life Plans and Soul Agreements

Moms will be Moms

On Sunday, I received a message from my mother, Elva, in Spirit. It was delivered by Marilyn, an excellent Medium at the Spiritualist Church I attend. The evidence was spot on: her cause of death (lung cancer), how quickly she passed after she was diagnosed, her love of the holidays and how it brought family … Continue reading Moms will be Moms

Welcome to Whispers From the Light

Congratulations. You found me. You found me because it was time to find me. Perhaps you have questions about what happens after life on Earth. Or maybe you're missing a loved one who's passed into Spirit, and are wondering if contact is possible. Or could you be seeking insights into your own soul's journey and … Continue reading Welcome to Whispers From the Light