The Adoption Pact

A man, whom I’ll call Paul, recently came to me for a Messages from Loved Ones reading. He’d never had such a reading before, and admitted some doubt about the process itself, but the opportunity presented itself, and so he was going to take it. His open-minded attitude was enough for me to feel comfortable … Continue reading The Adoption Pact

What’s in a Message?

Welcome back, my friends. People often ask me “how it works,” the receiving of messages from Spirit. So, today I want to provide a behind-the-scenes view of message work, describe some of my experiences as a Medium, and finally share with you how wonderfully creative Spirit can be in the pursuit of clear Spirit-to-Human communications. … Continue reading What’s in a Message?

Welcome to Whispers From the Light

Congratulations. You found me. You found me because it was time to find me. Perhaps you have questions about what happens after life on Earth. Or maybe you're missing a loved one who's passed into Spirit, and are wondering if contact is possible. Or could you be seeking insights into your own soul's journey and … Continue reading Welcome to Whispers From the Light