The case of the moving bolster

Greetings my friends, I have often said that Spirit is around us more when we are in states of change and/or in need of guidance along our paths. Spirit hears our questions and our pleas, and will do all they can to help us—assuming that what we are asking for is in our highest good … Continue reading The case of the moving bolster

When Spirit Teaches Children

As I was sorting through my files, I came upon a story I’d written in 2004, which illustrated how Spirit works with us in teaching children, and decided to share it again here in this forum. There are various names for the Natural Laws at work in this story, but whether you call it the … Continue reading When Spirit Teaches Children

What is the Spiritual Significance of 11.11.11?

I was first introduced to numerology in 2003, and was surprised at how accurately it tracked to my life and the lives of others close to me. In numerology, 11 is a Master number and carries with it the power and energy of a higher calling.  Today, we have three master numbers in our date—what … Continue reading What is the Spiritual Significance of 11.11.11?