The Story of Bobby and Gail

It doesn’t matter how many years one practices as a medium, the experience of bringing through evidential messages, and the healing that follows are always awe-inspiring and deeply humbling. But even so, every so often, there is a reading and related spirit phenomena that stand out from the rest, teaching us and reminding us that we’ve only just begun to understand the potential of  Spirit communication.

Waking up

Wake up to the reality of it.

Through the medium of Spirit Communication, we come to the understanding that life is continuous and our souls immortal.  We also come to the realization that communication through the veil—that dimensional split between Earth plane and The Other Side—is not only possible, but happens every minute of every day, if only we wake up to the reality of it.

I’m not talking just about those of us who have chosen the path of the Medium. I’m talking about you; indeed, about every person on this planet.  Spirit is continuously, consistently, and tirelessly working with us, communicating with us, in one way or another – whether just to say “Hey, I love you and I’m here for you!”  or via energetic promptings that we feel in our gut or in our heart to guide us in our journey here on Earth.

The truth is, you don’t need a Medium to know that Spirit is with you. You have the ability right now to receive communications, but you may need a system and an implicit agreement with those in Spirit for it to be recognizable as such. Now that I am aware of this reality, I think of the decades of my life during which my Loved Ones in Spirit must have tried to communicate with me but to no avail. I never doubted they were alive on The Other Side, and I took for granted that they could hear me when I spoke to them in my nightly prayers, but I never once considered that they could be communicating back with me. Now, it’s a matter of course that I see evidence of their communications, but I needed a clear system, with some agreed-upon rules.

To illustrate what I mean by this type of communication, I’m going to tell you a story that began with recent reading for a woman named Gail. However, of greatest significance in this story is the amazing outcome and solace that came mostly from what happened after the reading.  You see, the reading became in part, merely a means by which an agreement for further communication could be set forth between mother and son.

Gail has given me her permission to share this truly remarkable story, for the powerful lesson it holds for us all.

The Story of Bobby and Gail

The story begins on September 30th of this year, with the following email from a woman named Kay: “My sister Gail tragically and suddenly lost her only son this week and, as you can imagine, is inconsolable. He was just found dead and we do not know if it was accidental, suicide or other. They were very close and she cannot imagine he would not say goodbye. We just had the services yesterday. Would it be too soon to get any message from him as to what happened or anything else that would give my sister peace? Gail is here in Southern California, Simi Valley, for a few more weeks and could speak with you by phone as early as today. They normally live in Turkey.”

The email took my breath away – how well I understood the sudden loss, the crippling heartache, the need for answers, the quest for the truth, proof that a Loved One in Spirit is okay.

I connected with Gail via email. She said that she just wanted to know what happened and to try to connect with her son. She also shared 3 pieces of information: Her son’s name was Bobby, he was just 30 years old, and was living with bi-polar disorder, a fact she felt might be relevant to his passing.

I explained to Gail that I could not guarantee that Bobby would be ready to come through in a reading, but that I would do what I could to bring her answers if not from him directly, then from other Loved Ones in Spirit. She understood and agreed to the reading, so we set it up for a few days later.

October 2:  The Reading

Bobby and Gail
Bobby and his mother, Gail

It turns out that my standard disclaimer was not necessary, for Bobby came in very easily and clearly the moment I invited Spirit to come close and work with me. He explained what happened to bring about his death with clarity and specificity, how one thing led to another, all out of his control, and undetectable until too late. Gail understood and accepted the explanation. Bobby did go further and explain however, that “cause of death” aside, it was his chosen time to pass, and he took the opportunity as it came to him. He asked me to explain to his mother how pre-life planning works, and how we chose not only our birth, our body, our family and significant relationships, but also the means and time of our passing. Gail was familiar with the concept, and again accepted this information.

Bobby brings a yellow rose to strengthen and heal Gail’s 3rd chakra

Next, Bobby presented her with a yellow rose. In my mind’s eye, I could see Bobby: he was sitting to his mother’s right, facing the side of her body, and whispering into her ear (something she later told me he would often do on the Earth plane). As he did so, he held the yellow rose to her solar plexus, or 3rd Chakra, a point just a few inches above the belly button. The solar plexus is the energetic center for our sense of self, our self-identity, our personal life force or power center—and is represented and empowered by the color yellow, like the sun. Bobby said that with his passing, her identity as a mother had taken a big hit, and he was there to soothe the blow, to help her to know that she is and will always be – in this lifetime, his mother. He talked quite a bit about energy balancing and clearing – as it was a significant theme in his life, always striving to balance his bipolar disorder, and stressed the importance of his mother’s own life force being balanced as well. He urged her to take care of herself.

Toward the end of the reading, I asked if she had any further questions for Bobby, to which she responded with a crack in her voice, “But how will I know for sure he’s ok? I feel him at times, but how will I know he’s with me?” To this, Bobby showed me two things: the number 4 and again, the yellow rose. I shared this with Gail, saying that the number “4” is the number I ask my Loved Ones in Spirit to show me as a reminder of their presence and support, so she could choose another number if she wanted. Her reply was, “Actually, the number 4 is my favorite number and Bobby knows that.” Bobby repeated that yellow roses would also be a theme of communication, and so I asked her to watch for them. So there it was – the number 4 and yellow roses – we now had a system by which Bobby would make himself known. Gail still expressed some doubts about the yellow rose, not recognizing any significant link to her or to Bobby. I said, “Just watch for the yellow roses; you’ll begin to see them. He’s offering the power of yellow to strengthen you and calm you as well.”

Bobby works the system

It was time to close the reading and we said our good byes. I asked her to stay in touch and if any significant validations of the information from the reading came up or signs of communication from Bobby, I would love to hear about them. Unexpectedly however, the message validation began with me! As soon as I hung up, I looked at my iPhone: it was 1:44pm and there was 44% battery remaining. So, Bobby was already using his 4’s!  I sent off a quick text to Gail to let her know.

Yep, I really do wear this apron.
Yep, I really do wear this apron.

Two hour later, while working on house renovations, I was wearing my handy cloth tool apron. I put my hand into the apron pocket looking for a pencil, and pulled out a business card from a contractor I had met at the Home Depot a few days prior. I looked at it briefly and was about to throw it away, when the email caught my eye: gforce444@gm–

Not one, not two, but three 4’s! There are also two G’s for Gail, and remember the discussion around life force balancing? gforce444. Beautiful.  So, I shot another text to Gail to let her know.

Gail’s response was, “Wow – he’s really workin’ it. That’s my boy!” The lightness in her tone made my heart skip just a bit.

“C’mon Bobby – let’s keep it coming!” I said aloud. And he did.

4 yellow paper
The 4 on the right was found face down in my foyer. The number cards on the left were upstairs in my office.

That same day, around 6pm, I walked into my front foyer (which I had just cleaned earlier in the day) and saw a bright yellow piece of paper about 4 inches square face down on the carpet. I picked it up, turned it over and the only thing printed on it was a 4. Ha! Bobby again. I assumed that it was from a stack of numbers I had prepared for a mediumship event I had run a few weeks prior, and I looked about for the folder in which the numbered papers were held. It was nowhere to be seen. I later found the folder in a bag in my office upstairs. Furthermore, when I checked the folder, the size of the numbers and the paper were different; there were no small numbers or paper of this size. There seemed to be no other explanation than Bobby.

So – wow! All that in an afternoon. Yes, in his mother’s words, Bobby was definitely workin’ it! When I shared with Gail this latest piece of communication from Bobby, I asked her again about the yellow roses. “Does yellow and/or yellow roses have any other significance for you beyond the chakra strengthening Bobby spoke of?”

She replied, “Unfortunately, there is nothing about the color yellow or a rose that means anything to us, but please continue to share with me whatever he shares with you. It brings happiness to my heart.”

October 6:  So there they are!

Photo of Bobby at the Celebration of Life

A few days later, Gail’s email held the missing piece of evidence. “Looking at some pictures of Bobby’s Celebration of Life, I realized that the flowers that I picked out for his picture were all yellow or yellow roses. Just thought I would share that.” She sent a picture of the large display photo of Bobby, surrounded by yellow roses – and I could see such light in his smile and eyes. It’s no wonder he comes through so easily.

October 12:  “Hey Mom, just calling to say I love you.”

A week later, and the story just keeps getting better. Gail wrote, “Firstly, the address of the mortuary we used for Bobby is 4444 Cochran Street! Amazing, right? Secondly, I haven’t been sleeping well. I stay up all night reading whatever I can about life after death and grieving, etc. Two nights ago I was talking to Bobby, and I said that I just wanted to hear his voice again. I wanted to hear him tell me he loved me one more time. I was lying on my couch just looking at the TV but not really seeing it and a thought popped into my head to check my deleted messages on my phone. I did and I found 4 (!) different voice mails from him all telling me ‘Hey Mom…just calling to say I love you!'” Gail went on, “I was in the best mood all day and had the best night’s sleep since I learned of his passing.” 

There are truly no words…

October 14:  I Love to Tell His Story

Gail wrote, “I received another sign from Bobby yesterday at church. At our church, they have a film screen where they project the opening song. It shows the page number and name of the song. Yesterday’s song was Road to Zion, pg 177. Kevin and I opened our book when all of a sudden, we looked up and the Pastor changed the song to I love to tell his story on pg 444. Can you believe it! I cried with joy…my boy is letting me know he is ok.”

October 29:  Bobby lights up Gail’s life

"The flashlight on my iPhone suddenly went on!"
“My iPhone was sitting on the table and the flashlight  just turned on.”

Last week, when I checked in with Gail, now in Turkey, she had one more episode in her story to share: “Yesterday was a very hard day for me. Kevin and I went out to have a drink and to just get out of the house. We were sitting outside; it was about 5:15 pm. It gets dark here very early. Anyway, my iPhone was sitting on the table and the flashlight just turned on. It took me five minutes to find out how to turn it off because I have never used it…about 10 min later it came on again. I think it was Bobby. Like I said, it was a very hard day. I thought I was losing my mind until I got that sign.”

Oh yeah.  If you haven’t realized it yet, Spirit is pretty good with electronic devices. Bobby clearly knew his mother needed a big boost and brought some lightness to her heart—literally. I have no doubt that Bobby will continue to communicate regularly throughout his mother’s life, for she is wide awake to the reality of it.

Bobby’s 30th birthday with Gail in Turkey

I hope you were able to take some comfort in this moving story of young Bobby and his mother, Gail. It is through experiences like this, that we are reminded of the extraordinary power that resides within this very personal gift of Spirit communication—the power to bring about acceptance and hope, to heal our broken hearts, to replace grief and sadness with heartwarming and uplifting comfort and joy, to shift from a sense of loss, to one of knowing that death is but a transition, and that life and love are eternal.

Gail shared this song, Dancing in the Sky, that was played at Bobby’s Celebration of Life ceremony. Lovely…

What will be your system?

If you want to become more aware of communications from your Loved Ones in Spirit, it’s simple. Take a quiet moment alone, speak aloud to your Loved Ones, envision them in love and joy, and suggest a means by which they demonstrate their presence and support in your life. It could be numbers, colors, songs, flowers, coins, birds, or some combination of things – whatever holds significance for you and them. And then just open your eyes and hold your heart in a state of positive loving expectation. Trust me, they’ll be there and will be so excited to reveal their presence in your life. And if you already have a system of communication that works—and many of you do—share it with us in the comments section below!

In love and light ~ Renee

5 thoughts on “The Story of Bobby and Gail

  1. The love of my life, Charles knew of my intense love of flowers, namely white Daisies. He never had the means on earth to buy me flowers, and besides that, he lived in FL and I lived in MN. But after his passing, I came across more Daisies than I could have ever imagined. For months they were EVERYWHERE I looked…in pots sitting outside stores, huge fields growing along a highway, growing on the corners of a street intersection, in pictures I innocently passed in stores, in stories I read, in crossword puzzles, bouquets of Daisies showing up outside my door when I got home from work, etc. There was even one time I took a DATE on a tour of our local brewery here in the town where I live. When we walked into the gift shop, it took my breath away. Every inch of that shop was filled with Daisies!! They were sitting in pots on the floor and on shelves, and hanging from shelves up above. I just stood there in awe, trying not to cry, because I knew my Charles was with me. (About 2 weeks later, a friend of mine went into the same shop, and she told me there wasn’t a Daisy in sight!) I have always known that Charles hasn’t left me, but some days he knows I need a little reassurance, and I get that tenfold. Thank you Charles. I will always love you.


  2. Hi Renee, I am Bobby’s paternal grandmother (re: Bobby and Gail story) and I have also had a healing, from Bobby communicating with me during dreams. The theme of Bobby’s life was that he made others feel so loved and valued. People from all walks of life. It was the reason that 350 people attended his memorial service and many more wanted to be there. He is a remarkable being.

    I am a person that doesn’t like the word death. It has such a negative feeling in this world. I always say, ‘There is no such thing as ‘death’, only the body dies.’ And I don’t like using the word. I was grieving Bobby, deeply grieving. So the part of the dream that I remember was one of Bobby laughing, he was finding something REALLY funny, and the words ‘arrested development’. In my mind, I was trying to find some deep, hidden meaning and I was thinking, ‘I never watch the TV show by that name.’ Should I get the tapes? What’s the message. I just kept getting the words, ‘arrested development’ and he just kept laughing at me. Finally, a couple days later, I realized he was giving a name to his new condition, ‘arrested development’. It was a name I could accept. So, he isn’t dead, just arrested development. On the earth plane he will be eternally 30 years old in our memory.

    So let me say, he was not only my GrandSUN, but a friend. He ‘got’ me, he really understood my humor. We enjoyed our interaction through text messaging (he lived in California and I had moved to Indiana) or the few times, in his adult years, we were able to get together in person. We spent many hours together as he was growing up. I would pick him up in Simi Valley and drive him to Bakersfield to visit his dad. It was a 3 1/2 hour drive. We would talk, get caught up on what was going on in each other’s lives, then we would sing, at the top of our lungs, while driving through the mountains. Often it was with the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ music.

    I am so glad that his mother, Gail, is getting some relief. They were very close. They are each other’s BFF. Of course, Bobby had that quality that made us all feel like his BFF and we all are!

    One more thing, I have a niece who’s name is Renee Buck (a deputy coroner and psych nurse). She was friends with Bobby too. When she saw him last, she was visiting Simi Valley and he and his friends took her and her friends to an 80’s club to party. Renee ask one of Bobby’s friends, ‘How do you know Bobby?’ He said when he moved to Simi Valley and went to the grade school Bobby attended, he was bullied. Bobby stepped forward and told the perpetrators to ‘back off’. A brave stance, defending the new kid, and they had been friends ever since. That’s our Bobby!


    1. Hello Donna – thank you so much for sharing this story. How wonderful that he has visited you in your dreams as well. One of the gifts of mediumship for me personally is that I can “feel” the energy of the Spirit coming through – and Bobby’s energy was so light and beautiful. I’m not surprised that he would touch so many lives so fully during his brief stay on the Earth Plane, and from Spirit continues to do so.

      And, the synchronicity of his cousin being another Renee Buck! Now, I didn’t see that coming. We actually spoke on the phone today, and had a very interesting conversation on so many fronts. Renee also sent me a beautiful photo of herself and Bobby from last summer, which was very special.

      The story just keeps getting better. 🙂 Thanks, again Donna!

      In love and light, Renee


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