Kitchen Capers

Hello my friends, Last week I told you a story about my sister Laura, in Spirit, “swinging by” to say hello on the porch glider. If you missed the post, you can still catch up here. This week, I’m going to share another story about what happened the following Sunday.  I know, right? Sunday, again. I’ve … Continue reading Kitchen Capers

The Mystery of the Porch Glider

Hello my friends! Last week, I promised to tell you a little bit about the increasing frequency of Spirit phenomenon I've been experiencing here at my new home on an icy lake in Minnesota. There's a lot of open space in the area—the large lake of course, farm lands, forests and forest animals. A small fraction … Continue reading The Mystery of the Porch Glider

The journey home

Greetings, my friends! If you read my last post, you'll recall that I've been on the move, literally, in recent months. In mid January 2014, I sold my house on the North Shore of Massachusetts, stored most of my belongings, shared tearful goodbyes with dear friends, and set out on a 5-day trek to Minnesota with my sister Connie … Continue reading The journey home

If you missed my Moll Pitcher presentation…

You've got another opportunity to hear it—and this time, it's FREE! The Lynn Museum has asked me to speak at their lunchtime MESA (Museum Enrichment Series for Adults) next Wednesday, Dec. 11th from noon to 1:00pm.  Once again, I'll be giving a presentation on Lynn’s Moll Pitcher, an 18th century clairvoyant who read the fortunes of sea … Continue reading If you missed my Moll Pitcher presentation…

The Story of Bobby and Gail

It doesn’t matter how many years one practices as a medium, the experience of bringing through evidential messages, and the healing that follows are always awe-inspiring and deeply humbling. But even so, every so often, there is a reading and related spirit phenomena that stand out from the rest, teaching us and reminding us that … Continue reading The Story of Bobby and Gail

October 5th is “Moll Pitcher Day at the Museum”

Greetings my friends! The legacy of Moll Pitcher lives on! Our August 2nd "Medium's Night at the Museum" was so successful, that Whispers From the Light is again collaborating with the Lynn Museum, here in Lynn, Massachusetts. Lynn is among the oldest cities in America, founded in 1629 on Boston's North Shore, and has a … Continue reading October 5th is “Moll Pitcher Day at the Museum”

Moll Pitcher Night and Fall workshops!

Greetings to my friends and readers around the globe! Last Friday night's Moll Pitcher Night, aka Medium's Night at the Museum, was a great success by all measures. With nearly 60 people in attendance, and many more in Spirit (!), the night held plenty of surprises, laughter, and a few happy tears as Mediums connected … Continue reading Moll Pitcher Night and Fall workshops!