The Persistent Spirit

Have you seen the new TV drama, A Gifted Man? It’s on Friday nights on CBS. If you haven’t seen it, the story line goes like this: Outside a swanky New York restaurant, a brilliant and somewhat arrogant neurosurgeon, Michael Holt, runs into his ex-wife, Anna Paul, the idealistic director of Clinica Sanando, a free clinic for the underprivileged. They catch up over dinner together, and the romance seems to be rekindling. Later that night, Michael tells his sister about his chance meeting with Anna.

The next day, Michael tries to call Anna, only to be told that Anna died two weeks prior. The stunned Michael immediately seeks a medical explanation for his experience the night before: schizophrenia? brain tumor?  hallucinations? Michael’s sister, who happens to be very plugged into the metaphysical circuit, suggests that Anna’s spirit visited him, an idea that Michael quickly discounts, and even goes so far as to deny he ever had dinner with Anna.

When Anna shows up again, Michael thinks he’s going crazy, but eventually listens to Anna (because what else can you do when your ex-wife’s spirit won’t stop following you?). She appeals to Michael to help Clinica Sanando. He agrees, begrudgingly at first. But…little by little, episode after episode (with Anna’s gentle but persistent nudging), he willingly give more and more of himself and his time to those in need of his services at the Clinica.

I like the show because it’s uplifting, and is one more mainstream example of positive Spirit communication, of which there is a dearth in our TV media. There are clearly aspects of this show, like most, that are “made for TV,” but overall, the presentation of the metaphysical realm is on target. I love that it introduces Shamanism (practiced by a regular guy who happens to be a carpenter), Spirit visits to normal people (like a healthy, young neurosurgeon), and metaphysical aspects of life on the Other Side (like a different sense of time and space).

And now, a real life story: Tonight’s show is a repeat of the debut episode, which I’ve already seen, but I feel compelled to watch it again. As I do, I’m reminded of how persistent Spirit can be when they know that you can help them. Last Sunday I had the lovely opportunity to provide readings for five people at the home of a client. In three of the five readings, a young soldier came through, but none of the three could identify him.  To have a Spirit come into a reading “early” is not always unusual in situations where I have multiple readings in a row. But this situation was a little bit different. By the end of the afternoon, he had still not been identified, and yet I could see him very clearly, and sense his strong desire to be recognized.

I left my client’s home around 6:00pm, and while driving I again thought of this young soldier, and again over dinner, and again while relaxing that evening, and again while falling asleep. Every idle moment of mine was an opportunity for him to redirect my attention to the fact that he was still with me, and still wanted my help connecting with his family. It was a restless night, and his presence persisted throughout the following day. That said, this soldier’s energy was always positive and not at all threatening to me. He just wanted my help; he wanted to try again with the same group of people.  So, I agreed and I meditated to find out more about him and learned that this brave young man died in combat operations in the Middle East in recent years, and didn’t have a chance to say Goodbye to family.  From Spirit, he sees his mother grieving his death, and having trouble coming to terms with it. He believes, as I do, that if he could just make the connection through me, to help his mother understand that her son is alive in Spirit and that he regularly touches in with her, then she can release some of her grief and move forward with her life.

To that end, I wrote to my client again late Monday night, described the soldier with all the detail he’d provided me, and I asked if she would mind sending it out again to those who came for readings. My client graciously passed on my email, and since then, I’ve not felt his presence. The energy is in motion to find his mother and to pass on his message of love, and that’s all he wanted of me. I do hope to hear from his mother someday, so that a more complete connection can be made, but even if it doesn’t happen, I know that this soldier, who gave his life so bravely, is satisfied with my efforts and those of my gracious client.

Just as others have helped me in my periods of sadness and loss, I feel blessed to be able to help those on the Earth plane and in Spirit connect through Mediumship. But what I’d love everyone to understand is that, even without the help of a Medium, our loved ones in Spirit are as close as a thought, a prayer, or a memory relived.  They are there for us in so many, many ways, and are amazingly creative in their demonstration of support. All we need to do is to keep our eyes and our hearts open, and wait—joyfully and expectantly—for their loving communications!

With Love and Light ~ Renee Buck

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