Journey Home

Hello, my friends.

David Howell Today, I share a parting gift from David Howell, a lovely soul who recently found his way to The Other Side. I met David last summer at Kripalu Yoga Retreat in western Massachusetts. I was attending a 7-day “Psychology of the Chakras” workshop led by Anodea Judith and Selene Kumin Vega. On Heart Chakra Day, David was invited to play piano during our 30 minute trance meditation, and when I tell you it was other-worldly inspired and tremendously healing, that’s no exaggeration! Please, take a moment to listen to his beautiful song, “Journey Home,” and when you listen to it, imagine David on his own journey Home, surrounded by love, light, family and friends on The Other Side.  Thank you!

In love and light,

~ Renee Buck

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