(!) NOTICE: DUE TO COVID-19, all workshops are cancelled until further notice. Thank you and Stay Safe!

Whispers From the Light is pleased to offer a variety of workshops to further guide your inner journey.

The Offerings include:

  • Introduction to Evidential Mediumship (for Beginners)
  • Mediumship Development Circle (Introduction to EM is a pre-requisite)
  • Soul’s Journey Through Past Life Regression
  • Inward, Outward, and Upward! Mind, Body, and Spirit—A Metaphysical Journey through the Chakras 

Note: All offerings are taught by Renee Buck, Forever Family Foundation Certified Medium. See below for more information and links to registration page.

>Introduction to Evidential Mediumship – REGISTRATION CLOSED
(8 week class)

woodenPathHave you always been aware of your psychic connections to others? Do you sometimes connect with Loved Ones in Spirit through your dreams? Perhaps you sense Spirit around you? If you’ve been thinking about developing your natural abilities to tap into the wisdom of your higher self, to meet your Spirit Guides, or to learn to bring messages from Spirit in the Light, then you’ve come to the right place.

What you’ll learn:

1. What are chakras and why is it important to balance them?
2. How are we energetically connected to others and to the Divine?
3. How to distinguish between self-talk and Spirit communication.
4. How to develop or “unfold” your innate  psychic and mediumistic abilities.
5. How to open and close your psychic center safely.

What you’ll experience:

1. Sensing auras and chakras in workshop style
2. Psychic development exercises
3. One-on-One partner readings
4. Spirit Circle (practice bringing Spirit messages to circle participants)

Weekly commitment: in addition to weekly classes, you will have reading homework (30-40 minutes) and an experiential assignment. As in all study, good preparation and diving deeply into the work will translate into a more rapid development of your psychic and mediumistic abilities. Trust me, it will be worth it!

Things to bring: journal or notebook (for recording lecture notes, personal reflections, and your messages from Spirit), your favorite water bottle, and a positive state of mind!


  • $275 (includes text book and materials, to be distributed in the first class)
  • $225 (for repeat students who have text book and binder)

Dates & Times

  • Session 1:  TBD

Where: Near Franklin & Highland in Hollywood, CA (directions will be emailed to all participants)

Registration info:

  • Deadline is TBD
  • Limited to the first 8 registered students. So don’t delay!
  • A minimum of five students is required to hold class.  (Registered students will be notified in the event of class cancellation and fees refunded.)

(!) Must be 18 years old, or accompanied by a parent or guardian (as a paid student)
(!) My cat, Sampson, will be joining us, so if you’re allergic, consider your decision carefully.

Refund policy: If you must cancel prior to class beginning, please do so via email by March 1 for full refund.  Any cancellations within a week of class and prior to second class meeting, will receive 75% of registration fee. Sorry, no refunds after that point.

Parking: There’s free two-hour parking available on the streets near class . Or take the subway! The Hollywood & Highland Red line station is just two blocks away.

Testimonials: Read what former students said about this class.


>Development Circle 

Prerequisite: An Introduction to Psychic Development & Experiential Mediumship

This is a weekly development class for students who have successfully completed the Introductory Course in Mediumship. The concepts and strategies learned in the prior class will be built upon and expanded. Each student will unfold at his or her own rate, and this forum allows for that opportunity. Increasingly difficult challenges are presented in an enjoyable and lively manner.

When: TBD
Meeting Time: TBD
Cost: $160

NOTE: Respond to Renee’s email invitation to register for this class.

>Soul’s Journey through Past Life Regression

When: TBD  (6 weeks)
Meeting Time: TBD
Seeking location to accommodate 12-14 students with yoga mats – can you recommend a space in Hollywood/West Hollywood? If so, write me!

Past-Life-Regression-Therapy-w270Past life regression therapy can be a powerful tool to explore our soul’s purpose in this lifetime, or even to discover themes across lifetimes. Through this form of light hypnosis, we are able to “unlock” information in our minds that is not normally accessible during full consciousness.

In addition to exploring the soul’s purpose, past life regression often provides valuable insights into current relationships in our lives, chronic health issues, and even career paths. For many, these new insights bring a greater appreciation for the life we live, and for all those who participate in our lives for the benefit of our mutual learning and evolution.

Each class will offer a topic for reflection and intent-setting, a past life regression experience, and time to write about the experience and share with the class if desired and time permits.

Things to bring: Jacket or sweater, water bottle, and a journal to record your experiences.

Cost: $195

Registration info: Deadline is TBD.  Limited to 12 participants. A five student minimum is required to hold class.  (Registered students will be notified in the event of class cancellation.)

Refund policy: If you must cancel prior to class beginning, please do so via email at least one week prior to first class for full refund.  Any cancellations within a week of class and prior to second class meeting, will receive 75% of registration fee. Sorry, no refunds after that point.


>INWARD, OUTWARD & UPWARD: Mind, Body, and Spirit—Metaphysical Healing Journey through the Chakras

When: 8 weeks
Meeting Time: 2.5 hours/week
Seeking location to accommodate 12 students with yoga mats – can you recommend a space? If so, write me!

Chakra Energy System

Every so often, we benefit from a full-spectrum energy tune-up, and this workshop is designed to do just that. Through directed focus on the seven major energy centers (chakras) that make up our auric energy system, we come to recognize how integrally mind, body and spirit work together to enable our well-being. In this class, we’ll assess, explore, clear and energize each chakra through such diverse methods as energy reading, meditation, hypnosis, reflection and journaling, chanting and aromatherapy. The final 40 minutes of each class will be dedicated to yoga postures that energize the chakra of the day.

All levels of yoga practitioners, welcome!

Things to bring: yoga mat, water bottle, and a journal to record your experiences. Dress for yoga; bring long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt for meditation or hypnosis sessions.

Cost: $295

Registration info: Deadline TBD.  Limited to 12 participants; five student minimum is required to hold class.  (Registered students will be notified in the event of class cancellation.)

Refund policy: If you must cancel prior to class beginning, please do so one week prior to first class for full refund. Any cancellations prior to second class  meeting, will receive 75% of registration fee. No refunds after that point.


10 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Hi Renee,
    I just met you and still am thinking about my friend “B” and the silly two part heart necklace. Kind of spooky and cool all at the same time. The lady at the desk somehow knew I wanted a medium and specifically made sure I saw you. I said to the lady that I felt like I was being directed to you and she said I was and that we’d talk later. She wasn’t there when I left, so I wish I knew what she wanted to talk to me about. But maybe it was so I could take your workshops?
    I have had psychic experiences my whole life. If you ever have a medium/psychic workshop, I’d be really interested.
    Thanks so much, Nanny


    1. Hello Nanny! I was looking for you after our reading, to ask you about “B” but you must have left. I’m so happy to see you found me here! I will be offering a few types of workshop in the coming months: psychic/mediumship development, and past life exploration. I am working on the logistics of them currently. I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I post details. Warm regards, Renee (aka Neenee!)


  2. Hi Renee,

    I am so glad my sister found your web site. She knew I would really like what you have to say. I love reading about your family and friends. Not sure you would remember me, Cindy D. from our NUHS track days.
    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more. Cindy


  3. Renee,

    I know you’re likely busy as can be, but I was hoping you could contact me via email. I have good reason to believe I’ve had some gifts all my life that I’m just beginning to recognize (like adding 2 and 2 together and the light bulb suddenly turns on in your head). However, I have many questions and wish to consult with an expert. I see you’ll be running some workshops too, and I have some questions about those. I live down the road in the Mankato area here in good old Minnesota. I truly do hope to hear from you. Many thanks!


    1. Hello Aaron,

      Thank you for commenting. It sounds like you may be ready to unfold your spiritual gifts! I am working on some workshop possibilities – will respond to you on email.

      In love and light, Renee


  4. Just what I’ve been needing! I had decided to work on strengthening my mediumship abilities but, life is busy and I’ve got a whole barrage of excuses! I will keep checking your site to see when classes will be available.


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